Mac Mojo is Moving

As of January 15th, 2008 Mac Mojo has moved to We love bringing you the official blog of the Macintosh Business Unit (Mac BU) so you can read and discuss insights from the team here at Microsoft that creates Office for Mac. But with Office for Mac about to make its big debut and…


To Do or Not To Do… That is the Question

That really is the quintessential question and it’s one that people have to answer multiple times each day. The ability to quickly mark items for follow-up, to have easily accessible ToDo lists and to have clear and useful views into deliverables is essential for effective time management and productivity. To this end, I’d like to…

Take Note on Word

Greetings from MacBU and Happy New Year!  As you probably know by now, Office 2008 RTM’ed last month and we’re thrilled to start off 2008 with our product launch at Macworld Expo San Francisco.  Next week, we’ll be awaiting everyone at our Macworld booth with demo stations, theatre presentations, and insider tips-and-tricks on Office 2008….