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Hello everyone,  I thought this would be good time to jump in and introduce myself.  I’m the Director of Marketing and Planning for MacBU – a longtime ‘softie and closing in on my first anniversary in the Macintosh Business Unit. Like most of us in MacBU, I’m a long time Mac user – and this will date me – I set up and staffed the original Mac lab in college, finally saving enough to buy a “Fat Mac” of my own.  As they say, the rest is history.
Speaking of history, we announced earlier this week RTM of the English version of Office 2008, with additional languages following right on schedule.  What does that mean for my team?  Well, we helped the dev teams celebrate (yes, that was me cranking the air raid siren Geoff was hearing.)  Beyond that, there’s a lot more cranking to do before we launch January 15th – advertising, PR, launch events, and of course, getting ready for Macworld!
Ah, Macworld. It’s going to be a great show and we’re planning a big presence.  First, A Day at the Office – a day-long conference at the Moscone on Monday, January 14th, dedicated to extensive user training on the new Office 2008 for Mac. Tickets are close to sold out, but if you’re quick you might still be able to grab one. We also have conference sessions  and hands-on labs where attendees can get great training on the new Office 2008 for Mac.

You won’t miss our big booth on the show floor where we’ll have demo stations set up for you to test drive the new product and theatre presentations every half hour highlighting the most popular new features. Even better, most of MacBU and some of our most knowledgeable MVPs will be on hand to answer your questions. We’ll be hanging out again with the community in our new and improved Blogger Lounge (wireless access this year!)  Best of all, the product will be available at retail (and online) starting January 15th in North America (including at that swanky Apple Store close to the Moscone.)
And since this is a year to celebrate - we’re the exclusive sponsors of the Macworld Blast at the Warfield Theatre this year, where we’ll have our blow-out launch party Tuesday, January 15th.

This will be a fun night. Long before Office 2008 was on the drawing board, before Mark Mothersbaugh contributed to Art of Office and way before Craig published his “Ship It” lyrics. I was a big fan of our surprise musical guests for the evening…DEVO! (Well, not such a surprise anymore. Sherjo couldn’t keep it from Shawn King on Your Mac Life during an interview with Paul Kent from IDG Wednesday night.)

Now we’re all excited, but I’m not your casual spudboy; there’s ample evidence of my devotion even back in college, as one look at my senior yearbook photo will prove. If you don’t know the band or have never seen DEVO live, do yourself a favor and get one of the few tickets left. The first 300 attendees will get a special gift bag with some limited edition goodies cooked up by Mark Mothersbaugh and my team, so get there early!

This will be a party to remember – and I hope to see  you there!  Look for the guy wearing the energy dome...

Pat O

Pat O Energy Dome

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  1. mat says:

    is there an ETA for the international versions?

  2. JonYo says:

    You won’t be the only one wearing your energy dome, trust me!  I’ll be wearing mine, and I know a whole bunch of other excited Devo fans that will be wearing theirs!  I might have to go an extra step and wear my yellow Devo Tyvek® radiation suit, circa 1978…

  3. I always thought the Radiation Domes were flower pots. Anyway, I am from Jamaica, don’t know a lot about DEVO except for the Whip It song.

    Congrats on successfully completing the release of Office 2008. Sounds like your launch festivities will be a blast, wish I could be there.

  4. netguy says:

    Can’t wait for the new products to land on the shelves and with any luck Entourage will take on more of MS Outlooks characteristics and then SOME I’m sure. Thanks for the hard work and listening.

    KUDOS – Mac Mojo

  5. R. Perrier says:

    Hi There,

    We’re pretty excited to see Office 2008 for Mac get released. I am wondering whether January 15 is also the release date for Office 2008 for Mac in Canada? or just the US?


    R. Perrier

    Thunder Bay, ON

  6. R. Waldram says:

    Office 2008 is on for pre-order from 16th-great!




  7. Devo Fan says:

    Excellent – I am so chuffed to of finally met someone who knows a lot about macs. Being an avid mac fan, may I ask you what enterprise level exchange client you can recommend me?

    I hear entourage is great, Can you give me the low-down? This Mac Mojo blog has not mentioned it very much at all.

    Thankyou, and look forward to your reply.

    Devo Fan

  8. Jim says:

    How can this be shipped without VBA support?

    I’ve been looking forward to moving from a PowerPC version to an Intel-native version of Office, but it looks like I’m stuck with the old version for the foreseeable future, because Office without VBA is useless. If I was to switch to Office 2008, I wouldn’t be able to use many of the documents that are part of our daily workflow.

  9. Emma (MacBU-er not logged in) says:

    R. Perrier

    Hello, Office 2008 for Mac will be available on January 16th in Canada (both French and English).

  10. cg says:


    Will PowerPoint get path-based animation anytime soon?  This feature is really really useful and has been on the Windows PowerPoint since around 2000.


  11. Now here’s a fan if I ever saw one. I’m not really familiar with their songs but I do know the band and I think anyone would recognize that head gear thing. Anyway, 2008 sounds like an exciting year for everybody who loves mac. I can’t wait to see what these next few months are going to reveal.

  12. Chris George says:

    Any update as to a firm date that we will be able to download from the Licensing website?

    (Please say "January 16," not "sometime in first quarter" or "on or after February 1")

  13. NotHappyAboutEntourage says:

    …or in the case of Entourage 2008 it could be "Ship it, Ship it mediocre… with no support for server-based notes, tasks, categories, read receipts, etc., etc., etc…"

  14. Wagner Tavares says:

    This could be a great product. Unfortunatelly without VBA macro support I will not get it. I can`t believe how could you do such mistake!

  15. Steve says:

    Looking forward to Office 08, but any chance you guys can port MICROSOFT MONEY to the Mac?  Quicken for the Mac might be the least attractive of any application ever ported to the platform, and MONEY looks to be pretty self-contained within a dhtml-like framework.  There are more Mac/Parallels-or-VMWare/Money users than you can possibly imagine.

  16. Spudboy says:

    Salutations Pat.

    Are you able to use your Devolved powers to get Devo to play in Australia at a similar spudtacular function?

    Now that would be spudlicious.

  17. Shirey says:

    Hi Is there a way that I can upgrade to Office 2008 since I just bought Office 2004 in December, 2007 for my new macbook? I didn’t know a new version was coming out so soon. I am disappointed that I bought in December.  

  18. macmanwa says:

    what in the heck did you do to the Mactopia site!!!! It is horrible! All the content is gone!!!

  19. W Lane says:

    Many/most of the links on the MS Mac home page are broken. What is up with that?

  20. I just bought the iMAC, an expensive but beautiful machine.

    I got the test version of Office with it.

    What a disappointment, this version does not allow me to print my documents.




  21. Daisy Meeker says:

    I bought a new mac and office mac 2004. I was told about the Super Sweet deal. I would like to receive the 2008 Office but am having trouble finding the info so that I can sign up for it.  Can you give me the link for the form? Thanks!

  22. WayneWalczak says:

    Is this  Office 2008 the replacement or is it something new which will be required???  The test version has expired and am about to buy some or all of the things in the office package, but am confused about what I need to do now.  Thank you

  23. Dave says:

    Hey All!  I have seen the official release date for Office 2008 for Mac, and I am wondering if this release date is applicable for all of the various channels that Mac Office will be available through, i.e. OEM, Retail, and Volume Licensing.  Can anyone speak to whether or not Mac Office 2008 will be made available to all of these channels on the 15th?  Thanks!

  24. Pat Fox says:

    Thanks for all the comments and questions!  Clearly some of you have devolved faster than others!

    A few general responses and a few specific ones, too.

    Office 2008 for Mac – this is a *new version* of Office for Mac.  It is an upgrade to Office 2004 for Mac.  Retail availability in Japan and parts of Europe will be January 15th and January 16th.  Other parts of Europe and the world for that matter will be later in January and into February and March.  Look for details on the local Microsoft web site or consult your local reseller.

    If you own a previous version of Office for Mac (or any of the standalone apps), you likely qualify for upgrade pricing.  If you purchased Office 2004 for Mac in the last two months, you likely qualify for our technology guarantee program that will enable to you to get Office 2008 for a nominal fee, and in some cases Office 2008 Special Media Edition!  See here for details for North America.  For Europe, details can be found here

    Apologies for broken links recently on the Mactopia home page (  We have a significant update to the site in the works and our great web team is in the middle of the transition.  Hopefully the links to the redemption forms above will address most of the urgent issues.

    The test drive version of Office 2004 that comes free with some Macs has some features disabled (i.e. printing) and a timeout to prevent spuds from using it indefinitely.  The advanced marketing theory behind this is "free trial" with the hope that people will like it enough to purchase their very own copy.  My apologies if this has lead to some disappointment.

    Hope to see you all at Macworld!

    Pat O

  25. Niels says:

    For a trail, why can’t you do it like Apple does with it’s Office Suite? Give a 30 day full trail version? Isn’t that simpler? In that way we could test the office suite completely!

    Kind regards!

  26. Generallud says:

    OK: I just got a mac mini with the 2004 test drive on it. When you are willing to tell me up front how much it costs without having to jump thru hoops, i may consider it.

    The General

  27. jose ceo says:

    at the moment i’m not interested im buying this. thank you j

  28. Brian Hunt says:

    As previous posters have enquired, will this be available for download via MSDN Volume Licensing from Jan 15/16?  I can’t find any solid information anywhere as to an exact date for this.


    Brian J. Hunt

    London, UK

  29. My problem is the same one as "Shame on you"by Hans.

    Please tell me how to buy Office 2004 after using Test version.

    I cannot access to a shopping page?


  30. UK Sheffield says:

    being a loyal Mac addict I do appreciate Microsoft’s minor contribution to the computing age. However I find it insulting having to pay TWICE as much for it in the UK. Can anyone please give me a valid reason for this?

  31. M.alali says:

    I am very disappointed again, that the new Office 2008 which is made for mac os DOES NOT SUPPORT ARABIC 🙁

    What a shame by MS and MAC.

    Although MS office versions on Win always supports arabic.

    and even though Mac os supports arabic third parties application fluently.

    I really need the an answer, why ?????

  32. Stephen Dane says:

    I must say I am extremely disappointed in your customer service and website(s).  I find hardly any information about Microsoft Office for the mac and it appears it’s impossible to order a trial version.  Also, I can’t find how you can purchase and download this new product.  Do I have to order it and have it shipped.  I think in this day and age that is plain stupid.  I’ve given up on the purchase of this product.  

    Stephen Dane, Sr. Vice-President and General Manager

    Brill USA

  33. macmend says:

    I imagine I will get a copy so I can keep ahead of all the problems it will cause.

    Is it lighter, faster, takes up less room? Has entourage improved?

    we’ll see


  34. Jordan Burger says:

    In regards to purchasing a copy you will need to visit for the time being the Apple online store and search for Microsoft Office:mac 2004 or if your interested in the 2008 model, which due to the fact that it will be available by the time your 2004 copy arrives, unless you buy it from a Apple Store, 2008 would already be available why not wait for 2008’s release.

    Hope this helps,

    Jordan B.

  35. sherjo says:

    Devo-Obsesso has posted a great review of the party at with tons of pictures.

    This was one Macworld party not to be missed or forgotten. Hope some of you had a chance to join us!

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