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PowerPoint is a communications platform at its core. We communicate ideas powerfully using PowerPoint in the board room, on the desktop, in the classroom, in the elevator, and on the go.

Wait. Did he say "In the elevator?" Sure, let me just pull out my Mac Book real quick and fire up PowerPoint for you here on the elevator. Oh wait, this is your floor? Elevator pitch is over? But I hadn't gotten to my killer slide yet to close the deal!

Back up. Let's try that elevator pitch again, this time using my iPhone. Now we're talking! Not only do you see that I'm a person of refined taste for using my iPhone, but I just showed you my killer deal-closing slide with just a few flicks of my finger. Bang, bang! You're sold, and we haven't even hit your floor yet. How about sashimi later? Great doing business with you, iPod!

Getting presentations from PowerPoint 2008 for Mac to your iPod or iPhone* is easy. PowerPoint exports your presentation as a series of pictures directly to iPhoto**, or saves those same slide images as pictures to your Pictures folder. From there, sync pictures to your iPod or iPhone through iTunes as usual, then use the built-in Photos or slide show program on your iPod or iPhone to show your presentation. No sweat!

Presentations look great on the big wide screens of iPhone and iPod Touch, but they look even better on a big screen TV or projected. Plug your iPod into a television or projector using the Apple Component AV or Composite AV cable and leave your laptop in the case.

Once your presentation is saved as pictures on your iPod or iPhone, there's really no limit to where you can communicate. At the karaoke bar, on a train, on the beach, or in a ski lodge. These are just a few ideas. Where do you want to go today?

* Works with any iPhone or iPod model that supports pictures, like the iPod Touch, iPod Classic or current generation iPod Nano.
** Requires iPhoto ‘06 or later.

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  1. Ross says:

    That’s pretty neat, but is there a reason you don’t generate a movie instead of a collection of pictures?

    I hesitate to say it, but Keynote does this.

  2. Haven’t previous versions of PowerPoint done this? We’ve been able to export slides as images forever, I think.

  3. Kevin says:

    Now that is cool. I’ve been thinking of getting an iPhone as a central communication device on the go and this just makes it even better.

    Now if you could let slip PowerPoint’s support for Flash media in the next version, it would make this user very happy. I’m already committed to buying the next version, BTW.

  4. monica says:

    Really helpful!

    But, i don’t want images , i want my ppt to video to make powerpoint on the go .

    I use PPT to iPod/iPhone which is developed by Wondershare Software:


  5. 60six says:

    "hello? Is that IT support? I am stuck in this Microsoft(r) Lift(r) and my phone based edition of powerpoint is saying to me ‘QuickTime(TM) and a Photo – JPEG decompressor are needed to see this picture. ‘ – Is this normal?"

  6. Bob-O says:

    Ain’t 60six right on target? And now with MS’s new file format, things can get even more interesting.

  7. dabrace1984 says:

    PowerPoint 2004 has the ability to export as a QuickTime movie.  This means that you could, in theory, import the QuickTime movie into iTunes, and then sync with your iPhone/iPod.  I don’t have an iPod or an iPhone (that must be a shock to everyone reading this) to test this but at least seem possible.

    Will PowerPoint 2008 allow me to export as a QuickTime movie?  If not, doesn’t iPhoto ’08 (I know that iPhoto ’06 does but I don’t have iPhoto ’08) allow you to make QuickTime movies of the images that are in an iPhoto library.  Just another way to make your images into an actual movie.

    FYI, the QuickTime movies that are exported from PowerPoint 2004 do not have transitions.

  8. 来年1月下旬に発売予定の「Office 2008 for Mac」の"Power…

  9. disapointing says:

    I am so disappointed with the previews you guys have offered. It is mostly marking BS.  I fail to understand why you can’t even address any of the real issues that Office 2008 needs to address in order to be viable product.  Do you guys have any real interest in this being an adopted product?  

  10. Dude says:

    Good God.

    Is there anyone out there that after reading this "update" said to themselves: "Oh Thank God the MBU finally just answered all my questions I had regarding PowerPoint".

    I don’t know about others, but I don’t know if I could have gone another night of fitful sleep without some sort of post regarding PowerPoint. Now I can sleep secure in the knowledge that the MBU has finally answered this most pressing of questions…

    Yes, I am being snarky.

  11. 60six says:

    Oh, Blairn it’s a MacBook not a ‘Mac Book’.


  12. Enterprise Mac User says:

    Screwing around with Apple products. Not a good idea at this point. There still isn’t answers about cross platform support for Windows and Mac Office suites. What about interoperability with Windows PPT files and have same templates that both can read 100% natively. Again, if people want  presentations on their stupid iPod or iPhone, thats Apple’s job, not yours. I’m buying Fusion so I can create real slide shows that the real world can see.

    I also think Microsoft shouldn’t be pretending to be "anti Windows" with the Mac Division. I went to the Mac to get away from the games Windows plays (ie lagging apps, random errors, etc). If Windows worked the way the Mac works, I would stay. I really hate the Mac UI, because its hard to learn, and its just not standard like Windows, Xwindow and Linux. To tell you the truth, pre Mac OS 10 OSes is easier to learn over Windows to Mac OS X.

    But when I got my Mac this year, I assumed the Office ’04 was going to be great. But what did I encounter? Compatibility issues between Windows and Macs. I cannot put a template anywhere on the Mac as new unless I put it in the My Templates (or whatever it is). I have a cheap PIM called Entourage (and there is a reason why they call it Entourage not Outlook), the stupid Project Gallery. I have issues adjusting images on my Mac Office because of the technical differences. The toolbar really sucks because it was designed  very poorly.

    I am disappointed that Office 08 won’t be like Office 07. Because you listen to the freaks (ie Mac users), you are making an "anti Windows" version of Office, in which you are going to alienate the enterprise Mac users as well. Then again, Office 07 appears to be a Mac like interface, but you don’t want to even port that on to a real Mac interface/system.

    I don’t understand why questions are not answered. Office 04 isn’t comparable to Office 2003. I hate the technical wall that is up because it brings a big barrier between the Mac and Windows systems. I don’t like how software and hardware companies throughout the tech sector puts barriers so things can’t interoperate.

    This is the time where things need to come together not be separate. If Microsoft can’t make a Mac version of a Windows variant of Office, then Microsoft wins the Windows Office war, because people will use virtualizers and  just install Windows Office licenses. Or even worse, Apple or the open source community may win the war for Mac office suites.

    I hope someone from Mac BU is reading this post.

    Enterprise Mac User

  13. haterade says:

    Just wondering if Office 2008 is still super charged for Leopard?  I hope so.

  14. Americo says:

    iWish that keynote and powerpoint were more compatible. And really, that power point was a better program too. Clearly, you have the developing power over there, maybe when no one else is around, the MDU can switch keynote with power point and no one will be the wiser, except you, me and anyone reading the apple/microsoft blog,


  15. Connectivity says:

    That’s pretty cool, but now if only I could get my MS Exchange email on my iPhone, that would be revolutionary.  How about that, Microsoft?  Apple’s opening up iPhone, soon — here’s a big vote in favor of developing real apps there!  Thanks!

  16. Ben says:

    Will Office 2008 support multiple footnote/endnote streams, like other Wordprocessing programs?

  17. Dude says:

    Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that buried somewhere in the "spaghetti code" that is Mac Office 2008, that a certain, err… gregarious CEO has embedded a command for "Order 66"…. ahhh it all makes perfect sense to me now…

    <queue music to Star Wars main title>

  18. steve says:

    As Ross mention Keynote does all of the above, in fact Keynote really go beyond PPT. Full interactive QT no loss of transitions and interactivity. If your on a Mac no reason to use PPT

  19. Ross P says:

    Steve: (… If you’re on Mac no reason to use PPT;) And if Apple would get is act together on a few Pages features, Mac users would nave no reason to put up with Word.

  20. You guys must be extremely busy finishing up Office 2008, there hasn’t been any significantly new information or tutorials for December so far.

    Wish everyone in the MacBU all the best and hope you have a successful release.

  21. Shawn says:


    Can you PLEASE make Mac Office 2008 and the Windows Office 2007 version work together.

    One of….no, THE reason I’d be buying Office 2008 is for compatibility.

  22. overtime says:

    You guys are really bending over backwards for these updates. Slow down.  

    I would like to know the answer to the previous question regarding Office 2008 being super charged for Leopard.  I know that it will be turbo charged on Tiger,but super charged is soooo much better.

  23. Jeffrey says:

    You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.

    Is it really blog-worthy that you can save ppt slides as images? Seriously?

    It’s no wonder your products suck.

  24. Chris says:

    Have you run out of new features to tell us about?

  25. DC says:

    Hey, Connectivity, if you knew what you were talking about, you’d be on Apple’s case, not the folks at MS, about iPhone compatibility. Currently, the only way the iPhone can talk to Exchange is via IMAP. That’s not Microsoft’s fault, it’s Apple’s because they left out a ton of cross-platform capability.

    Now, if you want to complain, complain about Mac PPT’s inability to see CMYK images that the Windows version can see fine. That’s one feature I’d sure like to see in 2008.

  26. Andy K says:

    Two weeks ago, I thought this post was cute.

    Fluff, but sort of fun fluff. Whilst waiting for some *real* information.

    Two weeks on, it’s the last thing we’ve heard so far. Nothing of substance whatsoever. And certainly nothing that addresses any of the questions that people are actually asking on here.

    Besides, from what I’ve seen of far too many PowerPoint presentations… people have enough problems making them legible on a full projection screen. Never mind a handheld gadget.

    So this is nothing more that a toy.

    Where the real news?

  27. Andrew says:

    I think what i’ve seen of PowerPoint, the effects and transitions are horribly lame compared to Keynote.  I had hoped that Microsoft could live up to the elegance of Apple products in their new Office Suite but it looks like again we’re going to have a sub-par application suite that just happens to be compatible with the rest of the world, but makes inferior presentations.

  28. Randy says:

    Will PowerPoint for Mac 2008 be able to open password protected PowerPoint files from Windows?  It’s the biggest compatibility issue we Mac users face in my office with PowerPoint.

  29. Jess says:

    Any one with info how to insert .swf with this new version of PPT 2008? Why can’t flash and ppt be friends????

  30. NYIM says:

    I’m frustrated with the fact that I can’t find a way to insert Flash swf files into the new version of PowerPoint 2008 for Mac. I looked for a control toolbox and did research online and couldn’t find an answer. If anyone knows, please get in touch. Thank!

  31. Layne says:

    Will PowerPoint 2008 for Mac import iTunes into slides?

  32. sherjo says:

    You can insert a song from your iTunes library into your slides: File > Insert Sound and Music > From File

    Note that you would have to send the file along with your presentation if you are playing on another computer, and if the iTunes file is one you purchased, the other computer would need to be authorized to play the file.

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