Office 2008 for Mac: BFD!

BFD! Big Friday Deals. Best Friday Destinations. The mall, online - wherever I can find them, I love a bargain. And there is no better bargain-hunting day than Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. En masse, we will drag our L-tryptophan dosed selves off of our couches and into the crowds in search of the ultimate deal. This year, in the giddy frenzy that is the road to Macworld and the worldwide launch of Office 2008 for Mac, we wanted to do something BIG. Bigger than big. The BFD-biggest deal out there.

So, for ONE DAY – if you purchase this coming Friday November 23rd – you can get an additional $100 mail-in rebate from us on any qualifying Office 2004 for Mac product (Standard Edition, Standard Edition Upgrade, EVEN Student & Teacher Edition!) AND, you can combine it with our Super Suite Deal, which means you can get Office 2008 Special Media Edition (about $500 street price) for under sixty bucks, if you include the $6.99 shipping and handling fee for Office 2008 (which we’ll send to you after it launches in January.)

Whoa. That is our BFD – Best. Friday. Deal. EVER. Never seen before. Unlikely to be repeated. Hope you like it. Get the full details and download the rebate coupon here.

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  1. John Duffner says:

    With Office 2004, three license keys were provided for members of my household. If I took advantage of this deal by buying Office 2004 Student and Teacher Edition, would I end up with three license keys for Office 2008? Or would I only have one?

  2. tim says:

    So this applies to online purchases as well? If I order at Amazon on Friday?

  3. Jack says:

    Thanks (for nothing!) guys. This makes the fact that Office 2004 costs over $600 USD here in Canada all the more irritating. Hope you can achieve parity on the new version.

  4. Mark says:

    Unless you don’t live in the USA.  Thanks for that.

  5. MikeW says:

    What a wonderfully customer-friendly and intuitive offer!

    Buy this old version. Mail this in, wait, get $100 bucks back then buy this new version for $60 and then you end up the new version for $160.

    Do your marketing people ever go out into the real world?

    Would it not have been easier to just say One day only – Friday. Pre-Order 2008 for $200?

    Why make it easy and straightforward for the customer? They are just the ones paying for all this stuff.

    It’s really funny that you thought it was such a good idea you should brag about it.  

  6. Lawrence says:

    I think this is a very, very nice deal… but I see a problem: reading the conditions for the "Super Suite Deal", it seems that my copy of Office 2008 would be delivered "6-8 weeks after general availability".

    After waiting this long, I can’t wait two months after January!

    Is there a way to download a copy immediately after release, before receiving the boxed one?

    Do you guys plan on offering a 60-day trial like for Win Office?

    And – since RTM is in December – will electronic delivery be available before the official launch in January?



  7. Helge Grimm says:

    Cool, you can get Office 2008 Special Media Edition for under sixty bucks! That’s fantastic. Except if you can’t.

    In Europe, you’ll pay 129 Euros for Office 2004 Student & Teacher Edition and another 20 Euros to get an upgrade to Office 2008 Home & Student Edition. That’s 140 Euros or about $170 if you subtract VAT, so you pay about three times(!) as much money and instead of

    Office 2004 Student & Teacher Edition AND

    Office 2008 Special Media Edition

    you get only Office 2008 Home & Student.


    I think it would be fair to extend at least the "Super Suite Deal" to Europe.

  8. Edward Carter says:

    If we place an order for Office 2004 on this Friday but don’t receive it until several days later, are we still eligible for this rebate?

  9. Patrick says:

    Will this deal be available outside of the U.S.??

  10. joe c says:

    I know the Home/Student edition won’t support Automator, but will it still be AppleScript-able? This is the last point that will determine whether or not I buy Office 2008.

  11. Joe Kish says:

    So for the rest of us who recently bought Office 2004, we’re out of luck?

  12. Anders says:

    So I guess I can get the special media version which supports MS Exchange through an upgrade from the teaacher and student version, which does not? Correct?

  13. Anders says:

    so even if I upgrade from the student version to teh special media version I will now get MS exchange support, correct?

  14. Thomas says:

    I would love to see the SuperDeal in Europe too. Especially in Germany, please….

  15. JelleOSX says:

    Hello there… do you guys know that there are some other countries in the world who also want to have this rebate… thank you for forgetting us AGAIN !

  16. lame says:

    Wow, I really hope people consider not purchasing this product.  What is the advantage?    You all deserve to lose your jobs.

  17. Mark Lomas says:

    To those asking about extending the ‘Super Suite Deal’ to countries outside the US – check your country-localised Microsoft Office Website.  Microsoft UK are running a similar deal for us here.

    It would be great to see more deals of this sort happen outside the US – so often I see ‘giveaways’ and rebates and offers that apply in the States, and whilst I don’t expect a post-thanksgiving deal to be occuring everywhere at the same time outside the states, I rarely see a similar number of offers happening in other countries.

  18. Jeffsters says:

    Gawd, this is pretty simple guys!  

    On Friday at 12:01 AM go  to Amazon and  buy the Student and Teacher Edition which is $129.  Your card WILL be charged and it will ship that day, just in case you were worried. Or just go to your local Apple store! Download the rebate form and send it in for the $100. Your net cost with shipping and tax maybe $50?  Then upgrade to the Full $500 version of office for $6.99 shipping!  Total for you $60 and you get a $500 product!  So you have to wait, so it’s a pain, you all don’t seem to really want the product anyway so why are you complaining?  Look, I don’t like a lot of things MS does but this is good for them (get rid of inventory in the channel, increase adoption, etc) and customers get a GREAT deal, IF your willing to jump through hoops. But as they say, nothing is free in this world!

    So quit being jerks, read the coupon, and go for it if it works for you, if not, save us having to read your tears,  If you can’t afford $60 for Office I suggest, rather than posting here, you get a second job.


  19. Canadians may not get the $100 rebate, but we are eligible to buy Office 2004 student edition now and get Office 2008 special media edition for $10 shipping.

    <a href=""></a&gt; currently offers Office 2004 student edition for $179 (with free shipping) and has details about the $10 upgrade.

  20. Sherjo says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, All!

    John Duffner: We’ve got you covered either way. You have a choice on the Super Suite Deal form of either Student & Teacher (3 non-commercial licenses, no Exchange support) + Expression Media, OR Special Media Edition (1 license, Exchange support, additional Automator actions, Expression Media);

    tim: Yes, online or offline purchases qualify as long as the purchase was made on Friday, 23rd November, 2007;

    Jack & Mark: The Super Suite Deal is also available in Canada, although you are correct, the rebate is only available in the U.S.;

    MikeW: There’s a little work involved but we’ve tried to make it simple for customers and partners, and it is an extraordinary deal. We hope everyone takes advantage of it!

    Lawrence: This deal is only available on Fully Packaged Product (FPP) – there are no downloads available on Office 2008 for Mac. 6-8 weeks is a conservative estimate, and you could get your software faster.

    Helge Grimm & Patrick: Regions run their own promotions. To see what is being offered in a specific region, go to

    joe c: Although Home & Student won’t include the more than 70 additional Automator Actions for Office shipped with Office 2008 for Mac and the Special Media Edition, it is still Applescriptable.  

    Joe: If you bought Office 2004 for Mac after November 1st, you are eligible for the Super Suite Deal – a free upgrade to Special Media Edition. The $100 rebate is a day-after Thanksgiving promotion only.

    Anders: That is correct (See answer to John Duffner’s question, above.)

  21. Anders says:

    Thanks, this really is a great deal. I intend to buy the student/teacher and upgrade to an exchange supported version when the 08 is launched.

  22. D. Figman says:

    Alright one more technical question. I noticed this is one per person….not household….?

    So me and my wife could both get this rebate since we each have computers?

    Just let me know and all this sooooo rocks!

  23. sherjo says:

    That’s right – one per person, so  you and your wife can both get the rebate. Buy two copies, get two rebates. πŸ™‚

  24. TjL says:

    So wait… you can EITHER get the 2008 upgrade OR the Special Media Edition?

    I’m really confused.

  25. jesus says:

    people…. you use macs! and your fighting over a microsoft product! i know, iknow….. office…. office the almighty! you can get iwork and ilife combine for less! get over it….. think different , remember?

  26. MikroData says:

    It’s Black Friday…Where’s the extra $100 rebate?

  27. fran says:

    I already have Office 2004:Mac, and have had it for two years.  Will there be comparable upgrade pricing, or do I actually have to buy a <b>second</b> copy of a program I already own to get this deal?

  28. joe c says:

    Thanks for answering my question, Sherjo. This is a fantastic offer and I’m off to buy it right now. I can finally live the dream of an all Universal apps system πŸ™‚

  29. W. Scott Whitlock says: Office 2004 Student and Teacher Edition…$129.00 (free two day shipping if you have Prime, free Super Saver Shipping if not)

    Mail in Rebate: $100

    Total Cost for Office 2004 (which I already own, but I just rebought): 29.00

    Cost to Upgrade to Special Media Edition (normally almost $500): 6.99

    Total Upgrade cost to Special Media Edition from STE: 35.99

    Savings: $464

    Now, I’ve been hard on you guys lately, but this is a nice deal.


  30. Jason Cardoso says:

    Awesome deal!  Walked into CompUSA looking for something else, found this instead.  

    One question.  In the rebate form for the Office 2008 upgrade it states for proof of purchase you must provide "ORIGINAL product box top with the product name and barcode clearly identified."  The CompUSA packaging on the Student & Teacher Edition is a shrink wrapped DVD case with no box.  There is no box top.   So will I just need to send in the DVD case insert with the barcode?  I’ve seen the other boxed retail packaging elsewhere.  Should I pick one of those up instead so I won’t run into a problem redeeming the Office 2008 upgrade?  

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I don’t want to pop it open if there are any question about being able to redeem the upgrade.  

  31. sherjo says:

    Is it SKU# BD6-00039? This is an eligible SKU, so as long as the DVD insert has the SKU number on it, you should be okay by just sending in the insert. Great question!

  32. Blaine says:

    I notice the MS web site states that the Teacher & Student Edition is for teachers or students (makes sense), but this sounds like it is open to all.

    The Apple Store has T&S on sale today (even in Canada), so I am tempted to get this, but as I an neither a teacher nor student I don’t want to buy it only to find out I’m ineligible when I try to do the upgrade deal.

    Can you confirm whether non-students are truly eligible for this deal.


  33. Travis says:

    That’ll be great if I can choose the new Student and Teacher (or Home and Student, whatever it’s called) edition. I’m guessing we have to use the mail-in form for that? The online redemption form doesn’t give you a choice – it’s Special Media Edition or nothing.

  34. Christina Warren says:

    Awesome, awesome deal! I just ordered from Amazon ($124.99 – w/free shipping!) and their site explicitly said they are getting more copies in stock and will have it out to customers before the rebate post-mark date. Office 2008 Special Media (I only have 1 Mac and only need 1 license) for $31? AWESOME. I can totally wait a few weeks for Office ’08.

    As for the guy who said "get iLife and iWork" together for less, well, that’s not really true. I mean, I got iLife ’08 for free when I got my Mac, but it retails or $50 and had to pay $72 for iWork (and that was with student discount) – so together that’s $132 – which is the same as Office 2004 Student Teacher edition, not including the rebate. And today – there is a $100 rebate.

    iWork isn’t bad, I got it because I wanted to be able to natively open my Word ’07 files on my Mac, but Numbers is no Excel; it’s not even close.

  35. Will Office 2008 have a license similar to the current Windows version of office where you can install a second copy of the software on a laptop used by the same person who uses the desktop?

  36. sherjo says:

    Travis: yes, use the mail-in form to get the Home & Student + Expression Media option.

  37. JDG says:

    I don’t get it.  So the following rebate is clearly labelled "U.S. Rebate Form" in the upper right:

    But then on line 3 and 4 of the fine print at the bottom, it reads as follows:  "Offer not valid in any U.S. territory except Puerto Rico."

    Was this a typo?  Or am I missing something about how rebates work?  I’m kind of baffled, but maybe I’m just derfing.


  38. Travis says:

    Great – thank you for the information, Sherjo.

  39. sherjo says:

    JDG – Territories of the United States and U.S. states are different. This offer is available in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia (a commonwealth), and Puerto Rico, which according to the very informative is not in fact not a territory, but also a commonwealth. Thanks for helping me learn that!

  40. Christopher says:

    A simple thank you. Really, it made a difference this year. I (and thousands of others) are grateful…

  41. Blaine says:

    Hi sherjo,

    Since you seemed to skip over my question about eligibility for non-students, can I assume that my original assumption was correct and I’m not eligible?  

    It was such a good deal that I would have liked to have gone for it, but it certainly isn’t worth it if it isn’t a legitimate license.



  42. sherjo says:

    Hi Blaine – sorry I missed your question. The Student & Teacher eligibility is listed here:

    In the U.S. and Puerto Rico, there is a $100 rebate on all of the SKUs, and in the U.S., Puerto Rica and Canada, Student & Teacher is eligible to an upgrade to either Home & Student + Expression Media or Special Media Edition (which includes Expression Media).

  43. Brett says:

    I am just making sure that I understand. If I purchased Office 2004 Student and Teacher edition retail package at on the 23rd then I qualify for the $100.00 rebate and the Office 2008 Special Media Edition? They have different shipping addresses so I am also assuming you file for the offers separately.?

    Thanks for your help and this great offer!


  44. Sam says:

    I just ordered from Amazon and the confirmation said my order may not arrive until January, but the rebate has to be postmarked by Dec 23.  How can I include the front cover of the manual if I don’t receive the product until after the postmark is due.  Do you know if Amazon will ship the product sooner to allow people to take advantage of the rebate?

  45. Blaine says:

    Hi sherjo,

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Yeah, that was the document I had read that made me think I was not eligible.  

    But everyone here sounding like they were eligible confused me, and that, along with the info I had heard that the new Office 2008 Home and Student edition doesn’t have any eligiblity requirements at all, made me think that perhaps the eligibility had been dropped for the current version since the Super Suite Deal was now in place.

    Oh well, thanks for your help anyway!

  46. sherjo says:

    Brett and Sam,

    Yes, you qualify for both. One requires the box top, one requires the manual cover from Office 2004. If you ordered Office 2004 yesterday, you should be getting it in a few days. Once you return the redemption & rebate form, you will get Office 2008 in January, when it is released to the general public, and your $100 rebate within 6-8 weeks of receipt of your forms (hopefully sooner :-).

  47. Jimmy says:

    Hi Sherjo,

    Just 2 quick questions,  

    1.  Bought a copy of office 2004 and I don’t even own a Mac (am getting one after new years though!)  Will the Office 2008 be the standalone version, or upgrade.  ie. Will I have to install office 2004 on my Mac first than upgrade to 2008?  

    2. I filled out the submission form online for the Office 2008 promo, and in my excited state, I forgot to print out the address to send the box top and receipt to.  Is it the same address as the one on the coupon form?


  48. sherjo says:

    Hi Jimmy –

    1) Good question. I believe it is the Standalone version (I can confirm this on Monday.)

    2) Yes, it is the same address as on the coupon, but note, there are TWO addresses (one for each promotion, even though you can combine them; they require different proofs of purchase):

    A) for the BFD $100 rebate, send Office 2004 product manual front cover and dated receipt to:

    Microsoft Office for Mac BFD: Best Friday Deal

    PO Box 758937, Promotion number 497-08-450

    El Paso, TX 88575-8937

    B)for the Super Suite Deal Special Media Edition, send product box top and copy of dated receipt to:

    Microsoft Corporation

    Super Suite Deal – Office for Mac 2008

    PO Box 1096

    Buffalo, NY 14240

  49. Elaine says:

    I have the same question as Sam, and was wondering if the situation w/Amazon could be clarified. If, as Amazon says, that purchases of Office we made yesterday will arrive after December 24, will there be a special extension for those of us affected by the delay in shipping Office to us to redeem the $100 rebate form (which is supposed to be postmarked by December 23rd), or will we be out of luck? Maybe something like postmarked within 2 weeks of shipment date or Dec 23rd, whichever is later?

    Also, I understand that the new Office 2008 Home edition does not come with predefined Automator Actions. However, does it work with Automator? That is, can we make our own Automator Actions and does it come with the regular documentation for Automator support (that is, a Library that can be loaded)?

    Thanks for any help/clarification!

  50. sherjo says:

    I will check with Amazon early next week to get a clarification on shipping times for Office 2004, and my team will work with our fulfillment team to make sure that customers who purchased within the parameters of this promotion are able to redeem without additional hassle. πŸ™‚

    You’re right – Office 2008 Home and Student Edition does not come with the additional Automator Actions, but my understanding is that you are able create your own actions and workflows in Office 2008 for Mac Home and Student. I will confirm this with our development team next week and let everyone know for sure.

    Thanks for the great questions!

  51. lensovet says:

    sherjo, in your first comment here ( ), you said:

    «You have a choice on the Super Suite Deal form of either Student & Teacher (3 non-commercial licenses, no Exchange support) + Expression Media, OR Special Media Edition (1 license, Exchange support, additional Automator actions, Expression Media)»

    However, on when you choose the "Redeem online" option, it seems to only offer you the latter of those two choices. I would rather keep my 3 licenses, since I don’t need Exchange support, so how can I do that?


  52. sherjo says:

    Hi Lensovet,

    The choice is on the downloadable coupon. I’m checking into getting it added to the online redemption form also, but for now, I recommend using the .pdf form at

  53. TjL says:

    OK, so I’ve done this.

    Now how can I get the Office 2008 beta?  Launch time is still terrible on Intel.

  54. jpg_in_LV says:


    Just purchased Office 2004 Teacher & Student Edition (along with my new MacBookPro!). Cool box, but the rebate form requires the cover of the Users Guide, but I didn’t get one of those; all I got was the CD and the Getting Started booklet. Is this what they want to qualify for the rebate? Thanks!

  55. jh says:

    @sherjo : thanks very much for looking into the Amazon thing… I didn’t realize til after I’d made the purchase and they tell me it’s out of their hands but I can cancel the order if I like.  I’d like to keep it but it was the BFD discount that made it worthwhile to me.  Looking forward to anything you can do.. thanks much!

  56. jpg_in_LV says:


    Just purchased Office 2004 Teacher & Student Edition (along with my new MacBookPro!). Cool box, but the rebate form requires the cover of the Users Guide, but I didn’t get one of those; all I got was the CD and the Getting Started booklet. Is this what they want to qualify for the rebate? Thanks!

  57. Will Office 2008 Sync with my iPhone without a lot of "hoop jumping", or should I just go ahead and dump my office now and migrate over to the mac tools included in Leopard and iLife ’08?

  58. Andre says:

    Amazon (US) sent a message that shipping for Office ’04 S&T edition is now shipping on Dec 5, so for folks who ordered via Amazon check those emails! A Festivus Miracle!

  59. gerry says:

    I’ve got no mail from Amazon and my order delivery status shows: "Shipping estimate: December 24, 2007 – January 2, 2008"  πŸ™

  60. Jeff says:

    I didn’t receive any similar email from Amazon, and the order status still says shipping after December 24th. Amazon was pretty confusing, because they did say the item would arrive after December 25th, but the description said more units were arriving soon, but that may have been for a third party seller. Didn’t realize until after purchase that the rebate had to be submitted by December 23rd; I’d have just ordered from the Apple Store if it was clear.

    Anything MS can do to make this smoother would be much appreciated!

  61. Jason says:

    I’m not clear what Microsoft means by the "product manual front cover" used as proof of purchase.  Are they asking me to tear off the front page of the "Getting Started" guide or is there another user manual?

  62. Kazooless says:

    I ordered about 8:00am Pacific time from Amazon and it shipped the next day. USPS tracking shows it is in Los Angeles (I live in SD) and estimated arrival is November 30th.

    Maybe there is hope for the rest of you with late estimated dates…

  63. TjL says:

    FWIW Amazon delivered mine today, however I suspect I was one of the earliest purchasers on late Thursday/early Friday morning.

    Now on to the paperwork!


    I love how the sticker on the front of the box reads:

    Great for Intel &reg; and

    PowerPC-based Macs

    (smaller font)

    To learn more visit

    Yeah, it’s GREAT for Intel based Macs, as long as you’re not too worried about that whole “speed” thing those kids are always talking about.  I can make a sandwich in the time it takes Entourage to launch on my MacBook with 2gb of RAM, and eat it in the time it takes Word to launch.

  64. 60six says:

    oh at last, all the information about entourage i ever wanted, and more!

    just tell us it will be as bad as the current version and i won’t post any more.

  65. Toby says:

    Yes, clarification on what the "product user manual" is would be greatly appreciated.

    I’m fairly confident it’s the "Getting Started" guide/manual as I’ve checked the box to make sure it qualifies (BD6-00001, to be exact) and the "Getting Started" booklet is the only piece of bound paper product in the whole box.

    Nonetheless, official confirmation would be reassuring before I start to rip things apart for the rebate.

  66. MacElder says:

    Is Microsoft asking that we send in the "Getting Started" front cover for Proof of Purchase?  Like others on this board, I have no clue what they’re asking for. I’d hate to lose $100 for some dumb rebate technicality.  

  67. sherjo says:

    Hi all,

    1) Yes, I can confirm – the cover of the "Getting Started Guide" is correct for the rebate (sorry we weren’t clear enough on this);

    2) I should have more specific detail on Amazon shipping tomorrow, but we’ll make sure that everyone qualified for the promotion is able to take advantage of it! πŸ™‚

  68. sherjo says:

    We got a confirmation from Amazon: they are getting more stock immediately and all customers will receive their products in time for the 12/23 MIR cutoff.  

    Thanks all for your patience while we got this confirmed!

  69. Stan says:

    I missed it. πŸ™  Any chance this might be offered again in the near future?

  70. jh says:

    excellent news sherjo, thank you so much!! Will watch my order status

  71. MacElder says:

    Sherjo- Thanks for the confirmation regarding the proof of purchase!  This is one terrific deal.

  72. TjL says:

    According to TUAW (*), Apple is going to have an "International Black Friday" on <del>11/30</del> err… I mean, <del>30/11</del>…. the 30th day of November.

    Seems like a good opportunity for Microsoft to make this offer worldwide (including the USA for folks who missed it πŸ˜‰

  73. Jimmy says:


    Have you had a chance to check if the promo is for the standalone office or upgrade? BTW I read your bio in your profile, it’s really cool that you used to work in the recording industry.

  74. Brian says:

    When sending in the box top of Office 2004…

    The box top is actually plastic with the top under the plastic and the bar code sticker is stuck to the top of the plastic. So…

    Do I need to send the box top under the plastic and the sticker attached to the plastic top too?


  75. Dave says:

    Thank you to Microsoft for making a fantastic offer – and to Sherjo for all the fast responses!  I bought Office 2004 a long time ago – but bought a new copy last Friday.  I elected to receive the 3-license version of 2008 – since my wife and I will be replacing her Vaio laptop with a MacBook (she’s been envious of my MB Pro for almost a year now!).

  76. Brian says:

    The box top of Office 2004 is plastic. The top is underneath that plastic in paper. Do they need that top or the sticker that is affixed to the plastic?


  77. Edward Van Malden says:


  78. Another Brian says:

    I too am wondering about the question posted by Brian above. The box top requirement is pretty strange, do we cut out the plastic portion of the box top with the sku and product information on it (cut it out, meaning, so it will fit in an envelope) and include the piece of paper under the plastic portion of the box top as well? Please clarify this requirement.

    Brian (not the same as the previous)

  79. sherjo says:

    Hi all. Brian, and another Brian: just take the whole box top off (include the certificate of authenticity/barcode on the top – that’s really important) and send it in. We’ll take it, plastic and all.

    I know it seems a little strange, but it is the best way to confirm the authenticity and make it really simple for you – just pop  it off, stick it in an envelope with the rest of your stuff (completed form, payment for shipping)and you’re done.

  80. sherjo says:

    Jimmy – I will have that answer for you this morning on standalone vs. VUP – I’m *almost* positive that it is the standalone that you will get, but triple-checking to make sure. πŸ™‚

  81. sherjo says:

    Jimmy and all – I can confirm that this is the Standalone (i.e. no previous edition installed on machine required) of Microsoft® Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition FPP (SKU FWA-00013)

    thanks for your patience and excellent question!

  82. Karl says:

    sherjo: can we at least cut the edges off the plastic and tape the cardboard underneath to the plastic? It would take a huge envelope to hold the whole 3D thing. Or maybe we can cut out the barcode and tape it to just the cardboard insert, without the plastic?

    Also, I bought my copy from Tiger Direct via Amazon. I didn’t get a paper receipt in the box – only a packing confirmation and email order confirmation. Can I print off the email and send that in as valid proof?

    Thanks again!

  83. TjL says:

    > I know it seems a little strange, but it is the best way to confirm the

    > authenticity and make it really simple for you

    Oh please, sherjo.  Let’s not make any bones about the fact that this is *Not* in any way shape or form about making it easier for *us*.

    If you wanted to make it easier for us, you’d drop the damn price by $100.  You use rebates because you know that a large percentage of the people won’t turn in their rebates (40-60% is the usual estimate).

    Add to that the number of picky exclusions ("Oh well you transposed two numbers, sorry, you can’t get your rebate") and now "Well you included the sticker but not the plastic.

    > just pop  it off, stick it

    > in an envelope with the rest of your stuff (completed form, payment

    > for shipping) and you’re done.

    Have you ever actually dealt with the US Post Office?

    How many rebates now will never get there because they end up in some Dead Letter Office after the packaging gets mauled going through the USPS machinery because you all want the plastic pieces?

    Plus with the built in "Wait 2 months for us to get back to you" clause, it’s all the more likely that people A) won’t be able to win an argument if something goes wrong ("What do you mean you never received the rebate, I sent it 2 months ago?") and B) they are less likely to fight about it because the time has passed.

    Take my word for it, this isn’t easier for us.

    There are places (Circuit City, if I recall correctly) which have figured out ways to do rebates entirely online, where I don’t have to send in anything.  Other places have done away with them entirely.

    Here we have to rip off the cover of the manual, except there is no manual, there’s a getting started guide (even Microsoft can’t keep it straight, could they get their own rebate?).

    You setup a website, you ask us to enter in the codes that you are looking for, we enter an order number from the Apple Store or or wherever, and boom, it’s done, we’ve filed our return and can track its acceptance and processing as it goes along.

    But Microsoft, the world’s largest and richest software company, has us ripping off the front cover of the getting started guide and now the giant plastic top from the box.

    Why?  Because the more hassle it is, the fewer people who will do it.




    For $100 I’ll jump through the hoops, but please don’t tell me that the  exercise is for my own good out of your concern for my health.

    My return will go registered mail with a tracking number, and I’ll have digital pictures and xerox copies of everything.  I encourage everyone else who wants to actually get their rebate to do something similar.  You’ll spend $5 to ensure $100.

  84. sherjo says:


    Ouch. I hear your frustration. We really have tried to offer a great deal, something exciting as we head toward the launch of Office 2008 in January, and worked to make it as simple as we could, while offering it through all partners and also being able to check for proof of purchase. We decided on this approach after much investigation of other options with our promotions team and with our channel partners.

    We measure the success of a promotion like this by how many people take advantage of it, not how many who don’t, and by customer satisfaction. I hope that we earn yours by doing a great job with the fulfillment of the rebate and the upgrade to Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition. We’re striving for it.

  85. sherjo says:

    Hi Karl,

    We only need the top, not the entire 3-D box, but I’ll check tomorrow to see if we could accept them if they are cut down to fit in a smaller envelope.

    If you send the packing slip as well as the email receipt from Tiger, that should satisfy the receipt requirement.

    Thank you!

  86. Daiya says:

    The point Karl was making is that the box top itself is 3-D and a hassle to mail. It’s a lid, with edges.

    By the way, demanding the box top undermines the little "environmentally friendly because reusable!" note hiding under the overlap of the paper insert.

  87. wertoo says:

    So is there a mechanism for changing the product chosen *after* making a purchase if we’re waylaid by the difference between the two choice redemption pdf and the Special Media only web entry?

    I bought Student Teacher 2004 from Amazon and wanted the equivalent in 2008 since we have two edu users.  Looked at the redemption pdf and thought it would be better to use the equivalent web form to avoid the address transcription errors that happen with paper form re-entry. More than somewhat on autopilot at midnight, I filled out your web form and only realized at the receipt that there never was an option to choose the 2008 edu version.

    Is there a chance of changing the product chosen through the contact e-mail in the order acknowledgment?


  88. jh says:

    ugh, Amazon still tells me mine isn’t shipping til after 12/25 πŸ™  It was worth it to me with the BFD discount but not so much w/o

  89. Kevin says:

    What’s the status with your work w/Amazon?  Mine is also still showing a ship date after Christmas, which makes this much less of a deal than it would be.  I don’t even want the Office 2k4 media; I’d be just as happy to have my card charged the $35 and get shipped Office 2k8 when it becomes available.  Is there any way you can make this a possibility for those of us who ordered too late in the day to get the shipment on time?

  90. sherjo says:


    I have confirmed – you can cut the Certificate of Authenticity from the plastic (the COA is approx 1.25 x 3.75 – leave a little space around all four edges; we need the complete COA.) You don’t need to include the 2.25 x 7.5 oval cardboard insert.

    This will easily fit in a standard business envelope. Hope this helps!


  91. Lea Ward says:

    I need an answer to this question, too–please?

    <<Friday, November 23, 2007 6:53 AM by fran

    # re: Office 2008 for Mac: BFD!

    I already have Office 2004:Mac, and have had it for two years.  Will there be comparable upgrade pricing, or do I actually have to buy a <b>second</b> copy of a program I already own to get this deal?>>

    Thanks, Lea

  92. AN says:

    This is such a good deal.  Thanks for doing this Microsoft!!! Even without the $100 mib its a good deal. I didn’t have any problems getting the whole box top/lid in a slightly larger envelope from OfficeMax and taping it up.  It did take a bit of extra postage but it worth it. πŸ™‚

  93. davej147 says:


    I’ve owned Office 2004 for almost a year – but that didn’t stop me from purchasing another copy last Friday.  I purchased ANOTHER copy of 2004 last Friday – and for my less than $40.00 investment (including shipping from J&R and Microsoft), I get THREE keys to 2008 for around $13.00 each!  

    I look at it this way – I purchased my first laser-quality printer (first edition DeskWriter) for exactly $800.00 over 15 years ago.  My best friend picked one up a year later for $600.00.  However, I felt strongly that I had gotten more than the $200.00 value out of it during that time.  Same thing with Office.  I bought a copy a year ago – and have certainly gotten my value out of it.  As much as I dislike some things about MS, I do not feel that they owe me anything now for something I bought a year ago.  (But I am THRILLED I could obtain three legitimate) licenses to Office 2008 for under $40.00!)

  94. Karl says:

    sherjo: Thanks! This helps a lot! πŸ™‚

  95. Chris Kelly says:

    Is there any update on getting the home and student edition upgrade offer on the online order form?

    Thanks for the great offer!

  96. Kevin says:

    I notice that the Special Media Edition comes with 1 license while the H&S Edition comes with 3.  Are the product activation keys that come with Mac reusable?

    In other words, if I were to choose the Special Media Edition, install it on my Macbook, then buy another Mac next year, can I uninstall the Special Media Edition from my Macbook and then install it on my new Mac with the same product activation key?  Or are the keys valid only one time and essentially wedded to the computer that inputs them?  Thanks.

  97. jh says:

    yay, my amazon status just changed from ‘shipping after december 25’ to ‘shipped’.  Thanks again sherjo and for all the helpful tips with the submit process.

  98. sherjo says:

    Hi all – thanks for your questions & feedback.

    Chris: We’re working on getting the Home and Student option added to the online form; I expect that will go live next week, but in the meantime, using the downloadable form is the best bet;

    Kevin: You can transfer to another machine: according to the EULA, you may “transfer Your copy of the Software Product to a different device. After the transfer, You must completely remove the Software Product from the former device.” (see for EULA for current products – this particular condition will be the same in Office 2008); Also, you have the option of using the downloadable coupon having your choice on the Super Suite Deal form of either Student & Teacher (3 non-commercial licenses, no Exchange support) + Expression Media, OR Special Media Edition (1 license, Exchange support, additional Automator actions, Expression Media.)

    Lea: we do have Version Upgrade Pricing which enables current owners of Office 2004 for Mac to purchase Office 2008 for a lower price (i.e. those who purchased before September 25th, 2007 and therefore not eligible for Technology Guarantee or Super Suite Deal, which became available Nov. 1st, 2007) Office 2008 for Mac retails for $399.95, and is $239.95 for an upgrade license. Special Media Edition will retail for $499.95, and is $299.95 for a version upgrade. You are eligible for upgrade pricing if you currently own Office 2004, Office v. X, Office 2001, Office 98 or any of the individual applications in these product suites. I really encourage any current owners of Office for Mac to take advantage of upgrade pricing! You do need to have the software currently installed on your machine as Office 2008 upgrade versions will check for your previously installed software to ensure it’s really an upgrade :-).

  99. sherjo says:

    JH – Yea! Thanks for the update. I think most people who purchased from Amazon on Black Friday should be seeing this now.

  100. sherjo says:

    Hi Wertoo: Sorry you were waylaid! πŸ™‚ We’re working to get the online redemption form updated – thanks for the feedback.

    You can email our order processing center at and specify the change you want made. The customer service rep can adjust your order.


  101. sherjo says:

    Hi all,

    Just got word that the online form will be updated on Tuesday – yea! Thanks for the feedback and for helping us to make this a better experience for all. If you want to use the online form instead of the downloadable form, and you do want to have the option of choosing Home and Student + Expression Media rather than Special Media Edition, wait until Wednesday morning.

    Have a great weekend!


  102. wertoo says:


    Thanks for the help and overall responsiveness. This is certainly so far the best rebate experience I can recall

  103. Karl says:

    sherjo: has a spot to print off invoices.. will it count if I print that invoice out and send that in as the "receipt", since I didn’t get any receipt in the box?


  104. sherjo says:


    Checking on this for you. Will have an answer tomorrow. Thanks!

  105. Andy says:

    Echoing Karl’s question, but for Newegg instead of Amazon.  All I got in the box was a packing slip (and the copy of Office, of course)  but I can view/print an invoice from their web site.  Would this printed invoice be acceptable as a receipt?  If not, what should I provide?

  106. Lawrence says:

    Same situation and question as Karl and Andy, but for the Apple store — I got the copy of Office and the packing list, but the Apple store allows me to print an invoice from the website. Does that count? Thanks!

  107. amar says:

    if we use the online form do we have to include a paper form in the enveloped when we send the proof of purchase?

    the website said to send the receipt and the original COA from the box but it did not mention anything about sending a form or a confirmation number. I think I might have missed something. How can you tell that the COA in the envelope corresponds to the online redemption form that was filed?

  108. macguru says:

    hi, i ordered using the online system (for 2008 office for Mac)

    i received an order confirmation and a URL to check my ‘status’

    Unfortunately when you try to goto the link provided it asks you to login..but of course there was no login setup when placing the order…is there a workaround to find out order status?  thanks in advance

  109. Eddie says:

    I was unaware of this sale and missed it. Will there be an additional sale? Maybe offer this just one more time?

    I know this has been asked before but I found no answer.

    What will the upgrade price be for the Student Edition?


  110. Koya says:

    I opted for the Home/Student edition + Expression Media option, and was wondering whether the Expression Media that will be sent to me is an academic version, or a normal version that’s allowed for commercial use. Thanks!

  111. Jeff says:

    My order shipped from Amazon today, so looks like they will in fact deliver before the deadline as promised. Thanks!

  112. Brett says:

    Hello again…

    Will there be an update soon on these questions about including the invoice for online purchases and what to send in when using the online form? I want to get my information mailed but I also want to make sure everything required is included.

    Thanks again!

  113. Joe Dijon says:

    Will Home and Student Entourage connect to Exchange at all?  I use paid exchange hosting ( for email only, so don’t care about the calendar and contact stuff.  I could use imap, but exchange is better.

    I have an iMac and a Powerbook and use office on both (I’m in grad. school working towards my MBA).

    Do I get home version and risk not getting my exchange email or the special media version and only install on 1 machine??

    Please help!

  114. Office for Mac says:

    Hi Karl,

    Sherjo is traveling this week, but she asked that I post the answer to the question:

    Q: Does the printable invoice/receipt from an online retailer qualify as a proof of purchase?

    A: Yes. In some instances an invoice did not ship with the box of Office for Mac. In this case, customers can use the printable invoice available from the retailer’s website as proof of purchase to qualify for the Office for Mac Super Suite Deal and BFD.

  115. davej147 says:


    I can’t answer your question – but I opted for the three license Home version because I’m able to send and receive Exchange mail just fine using Entourage 2004.  I do *not* have access to the full company directory of names and email addresses using Entourage – and I have to click Send/Receive to actually get the mail (as opposed to Outlook on my PC, where the mail arrives automatically), but it does everything I need it to.  When setting up my email accounts, I was able to enter my client’s exchange server information…and it seems to work fine (including the options to accept or not accept invitations to meetings, with our without comments).

    Still – I, too, would like to hear what either Sherjo or Office for Mac has to say on the subject.

  116. Joe Dijon says:


    Thanks for your thoughts. Β In looking at the license agreements for MS Office (PC) I see I can install the full version on a desktop and a laptop. Β Since Microsoft haven’t stated whether the Home version will connect to Exchange as a simple email client, I went for the full version to be sure.

    I just hope the license will allow me to install on my iMac and my Powerbook.

  117. jh says:

    Hi Sherjo:

    I’m packaging up my stuff to send in and have a quick question/concern for you;

    The SKU on my box top (which will be used for the "Super Suite Deal" portion) matches one of the required ones for both discounts but there is nothing matching this SKU on the "Getting Started" guide cover (required for the BFD discount.)  The closest thing to a SKU is on the outer side of the back page but it isn’t right.. instead it’s:  0204 Part No. X10-26370.  I presume this is acceptable and somehow correlates with the required SKU but wanted to make sure before sending everything in.

    Thanks so much in advance!

  118. Peter says:


    I’m writing this to warn others of a potential problem at COMPUSA, so others may avoid the problem altogether, and so others may obtain the MAC BFD rebate offers.

    On November 23, 2007, I purchased Mac Office 2004 student teacher edition.  However, the only way to  obtain the software was through COMPPUSA’s business counter. When you purchase through the business counter, they provide you with a PACKING SLIP and not a RECEIPT.

    I pointed this out to the salesclerk, who said this was standard.  I then asked for the manager, who said this was a bona fide receipt

    and that Microsoft will accept it.

    I just received word today via email that Microsoft will not accept the packing slip, and I should ask for a receipt.

    Here is the sad part. It took almost two weeks to receive that reply, and in the interim, I mailed all my rebate materials already (thinking that everything must be ok).  It looks like I may not receive the rebate offer.

    Microsoft, if there is anyway to remedy this situation I will do it.  CompUSA has made it crystal clear that this packing slip is a receipt and refuses to give me a receipt.  I will provide a copy of of my credit card statement if that will suffice.

    -Peter H.

    Sherwood, Oregon

  119. Office for Mac says:

    Hi Peter H. – Thanks for your post. We’re looking into this now….more details soon.

  120. TjL says:

    Given that CompUSA is getting ready to close its doors entirely (*), I’d be

    a) on the lookout for good deals at your local store

    b) concerned about getting any customer service if anything goes wrong

    (*) widely reported, including here:

  121. Jez says:

    Slightly different question (didn’t have a UK BFD):

    I’ve had a copy of 2004 (upgrade) for a few years. Amazon (UK) are advertising a pre-order 2008 Special Media Edition Upgrade for £262.99.


    I buy another copy of 2004 (upgrade) for £149.99 from Apple store and pay £15.90 in Jan to get the 2008 Special Media Edition Upgrade and save myself £98…

    Am I missing something?

  122. marlwin says:

    It looks like you were spammed

  123. sherjo says:

    Hi Peter,

    In addition to a copy of a receipt we would also accept packing slips as a valid proof of purchase, as long as it is officially from the retailer. Hope this helps!


  124. sherjo says:

    Hi JH,

    The "Getting Started" guide cover, as long as original, is correct and correlates with the required SKU.



  125. TjL says:

    I have to say that

    a) I find it odd that we are being asked to give away our Certificate of Authenticity.  Isn’t that a bit like giving away the pink slip to your car but keeping the keys?

    b) I still don’t understand why the "Super Suite Deal" website doesn’t just ask us for the Product Codes from our Office 2004 product.  You’ve got these ridiculously long registration numbers which are supposed to uniquely identify your product.  So why not use them?  Or, as a corollary, if they don’t work (at least not enough for you to trust them) why are you hassling me into typing them into my computer?

    The very idea that in 2007 the world’s largest computer company is still requiring us to use postal mail strikes me as reason to either laugh or cry.  This is the same company that, if I recall correctly, automatically converts voicemail into email.  If this rebate/upgrade process was applied to voicemail, it would be some sort of system where voicemail messages are converted into interoffice memos sent via those manilla envelopes with the little string around back.

    Maybe I’m just cranky because I tried to fill out the Super Suite Deal form online and I got 4 pages into the process and suddenly the next page said "Error" and that was it (have you considered switching to PHP & MySQL ;-?  

    At that point my wife said "Why don’t you just print out the form?"  Given that I apparently have to mail in the box top even if I fill out the SSD online, I guess I might as well.

  126. Colin says:

    Sherjo is showing superhuman patience to even the surliest of writers and deserves a raise!

  127. Eugene says:

    If you purchased MS Office 2004 before Nov. 1 (as I did) expecting a free upgrade to Office 2008 when it came out, you maybe in for a surprise.’s new redemption form now says you are no longer eligible. You must have purchased from Nov.1 onward in order to receive the new version. I was scammed, along with countless other buyers! Check out the difference in these two forms:

    Old One:

    New One:

  128. sherjo says:

    Hi Eugene,

    There is no scam here. If you purchased between September 25th 2007 and November 1st,2007 you are eligible for our Technology Guarantee program, which means you will receive the equivalent version of Office 2008 as the Office 2004 version you purchased. The redemption form is at: The URL to the Apple Store that you mention above is also still perfectly acceptable.

    Starting Nov. 1st and available through January 14th, those who purchase Office 2004 for Mac (any edition) are eligible for a free upgrade to Office 2008 Special Media Edition. This is a holiday promotion, and the rebate form is available on the Apple website mentioned above, as well as on our own website at

    Hope this clears up any misunderstanding. May you all have a great weekend!


  129. wertoo says:

    If we opted for the online CC charge early in this offer, do we submit the mail in PDF redemption form with the proof of purchase materials, then  cross out the payment step and attach a copy of the MS web payment receipt?

    Thanks for your help.

  130. sherjo says:

    Hi Wertoo,

    If you send an email over to, they should be able to help you. There is also an 800 # on the pdf redemption form for immediate assistance. They’ll take your specific information and make sure you get the correct information. I’m not certain of the answer to this question myself. πŸ™‚


  131. sherjo says:

    Wertoo – I have an official answer on this

    "Yes, this is sufficient. What the customers is proposing is perfectly fine.

    All the data for the customer is stored in their database, so we’ll know that payment has been received."

    So there you are! πŸ™‚


  132. davej147 says:


    I just wanted to say thanks for all of your fast responses…I’m sure everyone reading this blog appreciates it.  In this age of off-shoring "customer service," it’s really nice to have a member of the MacBU respond so quickly.  What may sound trivial to one person is important to someone else – so it’s great that you’re here to answer any/all!  Thanks.

  133. Bill says:

    While I am not at all related to MS, I find it hard to believe they won’t take the packing slip you got from CompUSA. It has the purchase date, item and price on it. Everything you’d expect of a receipt. Yes, CompUSA was stupid for calling it that (a dead issue at this point, but they always called it that) but I’ve used it for other rebates and it worked fine.

    When most people think of a packing slip they don’t think of something like the receipt you got.

  134. Karl says:

    I was just wondering if there is a website we can check the status of the rebate?

    Thanks again!

  135. JB says:

    I purchased Mac Office on Black Friday 11-23-07.   As of today 12-23-07 I have received confirmation that my upgrade will be mailed Jan 7 and my rebate form was received and check should be mailed 1-13-08.  Kudos to Microsoft for this offer.  Best purchase I made in 2007!

  136. Rich says:

    Am I correct in that there was no limit to two persons living at the same address (My wife and I) making 2 separate purchases of Teacher and Student Edition and applying for this rebate with 2 separate forms each with the Invoice and COA. My wife and I both work at universities and have school aged children. I never did receive an email telling me my submission was denied (my wife’s was approved) I only found out by going to the young-america site on the form and finding out today. I will call the number on the form to find out if I can resubmit or something to fix this. I carefully read every form before I purchased to avoid any multiple offers issues that might have occurred.

    Text of BFD rules follows:

    Your rebate must be postmarked by December 23, 2007. In the United States and Puerto Rico if you have questions about this offer, call (800) 622-4445 (8:00 A.M. to

    8:00 P.M. Eastern time, except weekends and holidays.) No rebates will be authorized over the phone. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your rebate. To check

    the status of your rebate submission, please visit Offer void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law. Offer not

    valid in any U.S. territory except Puerto Rico. The following do not qualify for this offer: Not-For-Resale products; Microsoft products preinstalled or supplied by a

    manufacturer (OEM) products. Microsoft is not responsible for incomplete, illegible, late, lost, mutilated, misdirected or postage-due requests. Fraudulent submission of

    multiple requests and/or providing false information disqualifies this rebate request. Microsoft reserves the right to deny and/or disregard any rebate request deemed

    to be false or fraudulent. Only original rebate forms supplied by Microsoft or an authorized retailer will be accepted. This form may not be reproduced or redistributed

    without the express written permission of Microsoft Corporation. Cash redemption value 1/100 of 1¢. A proportionately valued rebate is available on Office 2004 for

    Mac individual applications acquired on November 23, 2007. Please contact for details.

    The part about fraudulent requests is the part that is not clear to me, can you explain it to me?

    Thanks for any help

  137. sherjo says:

    That’s right, Rich – you are able to submit for a rebate for each of you, so that shouldn’t be a problem. It was limited to one per person, not one per household. Please call the 800 number (they can help you the most quickly and accurately) and let us know when you get it cleared up; I’m sure they will help you to get it sorted out ASAP. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help:

    Happy New Year!

  138. Rich says:

    Just got off the phone at the 800 number. They say they have corrected the issue  and gave me a confirmation number. It does seem to have something to do with having two rebates under the same address but different names. I did mail in two separate forms, COAs and invoices. so I am not sure why it happened. I hope it does not affect someone else.

    Thanks for the help and have a Happy New Year!

  139. davej147 says:


    I assume I shouldn’t be worried – but when I just checked on my status at the URL mentioned above, I was told that my information is not in the system (nor have I received a notice pertaining to either my rebate check or 2008).  I mailed everything (in two different envelopes) a couple of days after Thanksgiving – which would be more than 30 days ago.

    Our homeowner’s association alerted us that some of the resident’s mail was pilfered around the beginning of December – luckily I have copies of what I mailed, just in case I need to resubmit.

    Many thanks,  Dave

  140. arcam says:

    I currently own Office for Mac 2001 – am I be eligible for the Upgrade pricing directly to the 2008 version? or is this upgrade pricing ONLY from the 2004 version?

    re: previous Nov 30th posting:

    <Office 2008 for Mac retails for $399.95, and is $239.95 for an upgrade license. Special Media Edition will retail for $499.95, and is $299.95 for a version upgrade. You are eligible for upgrade pricing if you currently own Office 2004, Office v. X, Office 2001, Office 98 or any of the individual applications in these product suites. I really encourage any current owners of Office for Mac to take advantage of upgrade pricing! You do need to have the software currently installed on your machine as Office 2008 upgrade versions will check for your previously installed software to ensure it’s really an upgrade :-).>

    In Canada, for me to now Upgrade to 2004 (from 2001) the cheapest I can find it is $329.99.

    If I do this – then add the $10 shipping, PLUS the "applicable taxes" $??? from the Super Suite Deal, the overall cost may be MORE, than if I just wait and Upgrade directly to 2008 from 2001.

    Any info would be appreciated…


  141. arcam says:

    To Clarify my previous post – Office for Mac 2001 STANDARD edition  is what I own.

    I’m neither a Teacher nor a Student so I’m not eligible to purchase That version, although I really only need Office for the ocassional home use (mainly use just Word & Excel).

    Does the New 2008 HOME & STUDENT edition have any purchasing/licencing restrictions like the previous TEACHER & Student editions had? ie. must be in or work for a school?  As the Price point on this version seems to be a good less than even the standard editions.

    Thanks in advance for any clarification…

  142. Hi. Last week I ordered Office 2004 for Mac Student and Teacher Edition from an online store. The store showed a picture of the full retail packing, including the tin box and also stated that the software was full retail version. Today I got it in the mail and it was just a DVD-style case with the CD inside and a Getting Started guide.

    The Super Suite deal says I need to send in the box top, but I have no box top since I got different packaging. The store I bought it from also won’t accept software returns after they’ve been opened.

    I have all of the other proofs of purchase except for the box top. I made sure I was buying an eligible version of Office 2004 so I could take advantage of the Super Suite deal.

    Am I still eligible? I can also include printed-out pictures with the proofs I mail out. Will this help?

    I’m beginning to feel like I just wasted over $100 for nothing. I don’t want to be stuck with Office 2004.

  143. sherjo says:

    Hi Jared,

    No waste of $100 – you are still eligible if you bought new (which I assume you did.) Is it SKU# BD6-00039? This is an eligible SKU, so as long as the DVD insert has the SKU number on it, you should be okay by just sending in the insert. See response to Jason Cardoso, above. You can send an email to to find out exactly what they want you to send in if you’re still in doubt, or call the 800# listed on your form.

    Hope that answers your concern. Have a great weekend!

  144. sherjo says:


    You are eligible for upgrade pricing from Office 2001 to Office 2008; the pricing differs slightly in Canadian dollars but ERP of Office Mac 2008 English VUP DVD is about $319.95CDN.

    However, you may also be eligible to purchase Office 2004 Student & Teacher Edition at a lower price and then upgrade via the Super Suite Deal to the Special Media Edition – if you are the parent of a student, for example, you are eligible. But you need to hurry; the offer ends January 14th.

    The new Home and Student version is only limited to non-commercial use in a household; it does not stipulate that you are a student, parent of a student, or teacher.



  145. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, the whole product number thing is confusing for me. On the disc and back of the DVD case I see the Part No. X10-29580. On the website I purchased it from and the sales receipt the product number is shown as BD6-00001, which I remember reading somewhere is an eligible number.

    Here’s a link to the product page on the store I bought it from:

    I’m really afraid that I’m not going to be able to be eligible for the Super Suite deal. I hope this can all be figured out, because I can’t return this version of Office 2004 that I bought.

  146. sherjo says:

    Don’t fear – you’re fine.That number is the Student & Teacher Edition, and is eligible. Is there a certificate of authenticity anywhere on the packaging?

    The paper insert from the DVD case and the front page of the getting started guide, along with your proof of purchase, is what you will need to provide along with the rebate form. It would be a good idea to call the customer service number to make sure you provide everything they need to handle the order (they are really nice, I promise!): 1-888-285-6247. Customer service hours are Monday thru

    Friday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST. You can also send them an email at; it takes about 48 hours for a response, but they will walk you through exactly what you need to provide.

    Hope that puts your mind at ease!


  147. There’s no certificate of authenticity that I can see, but there are some weird holograms on the inside ring of the disc, which makes me think that the disc is genuine.

    Here’s a couple pictures of what my copy of Office 2004 looks like:

  148. sherjo says:

    Okay. I will check into this next week, but you can also call the customer service number or email the support alias, I think they will have a quick answer to your question and all will be well. πŸ™‚

  149. Well, I called the number you gave me today and the person I spoke with told me that I needed the certificate of authenticity to be eligible for the Super Suite Deal. He did tell me that Microsoft has a 45-day money back guarantee, so I will be sending my copy of Office 2004 to the address he gave me to get a refund.

    I think later today I’m going to go out to a physical store and buy another copy of Office 2004. I’ll make sure it’s in the tin box and has a certificate of authenticity.

    I just wish I could still get it at the price I originally bought it for. Oh well. Goes to show you that you get what you pay for.

  150. sherjo says:

    Jared, would you mind emailing me at Have you contacted the reseller as to why they dismantled the package or to find out if they would take a return? I’m interested in finding out more.



  151. jh says:

    Hey Sherjo,

    Check arrived today (yay) so just wanted to come back and offer my thanks for all of your help to us, really appreciate it πŸ™‚  Anxiously awaiting the software now πŸ™‚

  152. sherjo says:

    Hey all,

    I’ve gotten some of your questions that I haven’t been able to answer yet because I’m at Macworld, but I wanted to let you know that I’m looking into all of them and will give you an updated answer next week. We really want you to have a great experience in addition to a great deal, and I am personally working with our fulfillment house to try and remedy any problems or confusion. Thank you so much for your patience, and I apologize for any inconvenience – although the reports of issues have been very few, I want each of you to have a great customer service experience with BFD and Super Suite Deal, because I own them, and I committed that to you.

  153. Ubence Quevedo says:

    Hi Sherjo,

    Thanx for your response, and any help you can give.  It is greatly appreciated. :^)

  154. David Connolly says:

    Thanks, Sherjo.  Just to add to the stack of good experience reports, I got my BFD rebate last week, and the email about the software backorder until approximately 3/3.  That’s right in the timeframe promised, so while I did, of course, secretly hope for a nice surprise and an earlier than expected ship date, but I can live with getting what I was promised.  Thanks!

  155. sherjo says:

    Hi there – sorry it took me some time to track the issues down. I’m on the road right now doing launch events (see to see where I’ll be next – I’m in NY today and Chicago tomorrow! Join if you can and be sure to introduce yourself.)

    We’ve tracked down some hidden issues in the process, and the details you provided really helped us to pinpoint and fix things FAST. Please read the following to find out what happened, and what steps we’ve taken to fix it. Rest assured, if you sent in the proper materials and are qualified for Super Suite Deal and/or BFD, we’re working overtime to make sure you get your order fulfilled. We’re all committed to your having a great experience with this promotion and with the product!

    Here’s the scoop:

    ISSUE #1 REBATE REJECTIONS ISSUES: Some of you had your BFD (Best Friday Deal) $100 rebate submission rejected – even in cases where you were sure you provided all the correct proof of purchase materials. Not cool! We jumped on it, and it turns out that there was a hiccup in our system; there is a discrepancy with how our product was named on some sales receipts which didn’t match the product name in our system.  For example, Office 2004 for Mac Student & Teacher Edition is also referred to as ”Microsoft Office2004 ACAD-USA” on some purchase receipts.  This caused claims that should have been qualified to get rejected. Once we discovered this, we immediately started re-processing rejected submissions for second review.  If you provided your email address in your rebate submission form you will be notified via automated email that your submission has been received (again). If your submission meets the necessary rebate proof of purchase requirements (per the original terms – did we originally get it on time, did you provide the right stuff, etc.) you’ll be notified via email when you rebate check is mailed. If you didn’t provide an email address, you’ll just get a check in the mail with our best wishes. πŸ™‚ We expect checks to be mailed by 2/5/08.”

    ISSUE #2 NO ADDITIONAL STEPS FOR SUPER SUITE DEAL OFFICE 2008 FULFILLMENT: There has been a bunch of discussion and confusion in newsgroups and on some news outlets that Microsoft sent an  email to Super Suite Deal participants requiring them to reply to the communication to get their copy of Office 2008. NOT SO – although the email in question could have been worded a little more carefully to avoid the confusion. πŸ™‚

    Now, I want to assure Super Suite Deal participants that there are NO ADDITIONAL STEPS required to getting your copy of Office 2008.  If you completed your redemption form and sent in proof of purchase and shipping payment, that’s all you need to do. Product is expected to ship shortly,  no later than March 11, 2008 and within the 6-8 weeks from availability indicated on the promotion rebate form.

    Thank you all for participating in our offer, I hope this answers many of your questions and resolves your issues. Happy Thursday!


  156. TjL says:

    I still haven’t heard a real explanation for why I can get this from TODAY but it’s going to take at least another two weeks to get it from Microsoft.

    Why are people who pre-order put on the back burner?

  157. sherjo says:

    Hey there TjL,

    I think it’s just you and me left on this thread – the blog has moved over to Mactopia. You bought as part of Super Suite Deal, right? (and it is a good deal, isn’t it? Maybe you even got the BFD, which made it a stunningly good deal. πŸ™‚ Anyway, the terms on the deal were that we’re shipping product 6-8 weeks after general release; you’re not getting product from Amazon, you’re getting it from the promotion fulfillment house. It takes longer to ship to customers than a simple sale because of additional processing: verification of eligibility, taking in of product from supply chain, batch shipments, etc. That is the reason why we stipulate the 6-8 weeks, even though we strive to beat that timeframe by as large a margin as we can.

    I’m really happy that almost everyone will get their product much earlier than the 6-8 weeks we promise, but you bring up a really important point for people to always remember with special promos, whether it is one from us or another company: make sure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions before you pursue the deal. One thing that impressed me in your earlier posts was that you had obviously really clearly read and internalized those terms, so I at least feel good that you weren’t taken by surprise.

    However, I know this deal and process has been a little frustrating for you, I can see that by your posts – but I sincerely hope in the end you are pleased at your purchase and savings, and your work is simplified using Office 2008 for Mac.


  158. sherjo says:

    David – THANK YOU for visiting the Apple store during my presentation last week – it was fantastic to get a chance to meet you!

  159. Sherjo –

    There’s still at least two of us then that are checking this blog!  I’ve bookmarked the new area, and check it often.  I also looked at the Apple site, but didn’t see any mention of your upcoming schedule.  Can you either refine the URL – or let me know if you’ll be at one of the Atlanta locations?  I, too, would like to drop by and introduce myself.

    My Super Suite Deal hasn’t arrived yet – but my cc was charged for shipping a few days ago, so I expect it soon.



  160. sherjo says:

    Oh, I’m glad! I hope you do receive it soon – let me know when it gets to you and what you think. I haven’t got plans yet for Atlanta, but if I do get out there, I will definitely post the schedule on the blog – I’d love to meet you! I was so happy to meet David Connolly on my last trip.

    I’m also hoping to get out to some MUGs around the country as well – these events are always popular amongst our devs, UX, marketing and other teams in the MacBU, so I may have to fight for those opportunities, but getting out and meeting our users is absolutely the best part of my job. πŸ™‚

  161. TjL says:

    OK, now I’m frustrated.

    I got a shipping notice and the package came today, but it’s just Office:Mac 2008 Home and Student Edition.

    Why didn’t I get the Office 2008 Special Media Edition I had asked for?


  162. David Connolly says:

    I’m still checking this blog, too!  Was very nice to meet you, too, Sheridan!  I’m totally tickled that you called me out on this (defunct LOL) blog!  I did enjoy the presentation and learned a few things already.  Still looking forward to getting my copy, so I can dig in myself!

    Safe travels.

  163. sherjo says:

    TjL – can you send me an email at In order to figure out why you got the wrong edition, I need to get the specifics of your order – it sounds like your promotion was fulfilled under Technology Guarantee instead of Super Suite Deal. Not to worry, we will get it sorted out, but please do email me so I can assist you. Thanks!

  164. sherjo says:

    Update on TjL issue with getting Home and Student instead of Special Media Edition – we were able to figure out the problem and get TjL what he ordered; it wasn’t a problem in the system or anything that would have affected other customers. Hope you enjoy, TjL!

  165. David says:


    I received my copy this afternoon- I’ve installed it on two of our three Macs – here are my thoughts so far (not worth much, but here you go anyway)…

    I thought that I would be receiving one copy of the Home and Student edition (three keys) and one copy of Expression Media (one key).  Obviously I received the first – but not the second.  I wasn’t planning on using it personally (I use Aperture), but my wife was.

    As for the TOTAL lack of Exchange support – that caught me by surprise.  I read that Exchange wouldn’t be supported in this edition – but I figured, incorrectly, that the limited support in 2004 would still be available.  That is, the ability to receive email.  I wasn’t concerned about notes, tasks, events, etc. – I was used to not having that in 2004, and figured that you were only making that available to people willing to spend the big bucks (presumably people in the business world).  Personally, I’m in the "business world," so Microsoft might assume that I should be purchasing the full-blown version.  However, the reality is that I don’t ever use Excel or PowerPoint, I only use Word occasionaly – and use Entourage daily.  Most of what I do involves web-design work – be it Dreamweaver or RapidWeaver on my Mac – or SharePoint Expressive Web running under XP (Parallels).  I do, however, have one client that added me to their Exchange server so that their employees can easily find me.  Up until now, it hasn’t been an issue – and I guess going forward I’ll just use their web-version.  But it still strikes me as very odd that Microsoft pulled the limited Exchange support from 2008.  

    I DO, however, really like the overall appearance of the new Entourage!

    Thanks,   Dave

  166. TjL says:

    a further update: Sherjo went way above and beyond to help me get the right product in time for me to take it with me on a 2 week trip Sunday.

    Best guess is that it was a problem with my credit card that is very unlikely to happen to anyone else πŸ™‚

  167. Marc says:


    i got both of the promos, i already received my check long ago but i am still waiting for office 2008. when i check my status here

    then it shows the check, but i doesnt say anything about the supersuite deal, although I have send in the letter by certified mail about two weeks ago.

  168. David Connolly says:

    Thanks for the update, TjL.  Nice to hear that everything worked out for you!  After all the bi***ing and complaining I hear on the Net, on every possible company and topic, it’s always good to know that somebody appreciated something going right.  Just sayin’.

  169. newtomacs13 says:

    Hi All,

    Not sure if there’s an answer to this or not. Unfortunately, the clear plastic box that my office for mac came was tossed in the garbage.  I have the cd and the case and the getting started guide and the original receipt from the apple store.  Can I send in the entire cd box, or the manual, or a copy of the product keys to get my office 2008 for mac?  any ideas?  

  170. sherjo says:

    Newtomacs13 – please email me at and I will help you to figure out what components you can provide instead of the box top to prove authenticity.


    Sheridan Jones

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