RDC for Mac v2 Beta2 is Here!

From Mac Mojo Guest Blogger David Liu of the MacBU RDC team   Greetings from the MacBU RDC team! My name is David Liu and I am the program manager for Mac RDC 2.0. I am very excited to announce the availability of the public beta2 version of Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) Client for Mac 2.0….


There’s a new cat in town

+ Click here to enlarge Apple’s newest version of Mac OS X, called Leopard, was released into the wild at 6pm local time on October 26th. I’ve seen a number of people asking about how compatible Mac Office is with Leopard, and I thought I’d chime in to say a few words about it. One of my roles…


Welcome to London!

Another city, another expo! I’ve been travelling on and off since Apple Expo in Paris giving some Office 2008 training to Apple Store staff and key partners and resellers! It feels good to finally be able to show our new offering (well, part of it at least!). So far, the reception has been great and…


Object Palette

There is a new tool in town… the Object Palette.  This new tool lives in the Toolbox and allows you to quickly find and insert images into your document.  The OP, as it is nicknamed, is designed to provide quick access to the following commonly used objects: Shapes Clip Art Symbols Photos (from your iPhoto…


The Smart in SmartArt

I use Office every day to communicate – email, documents, presentations, spreadsheets. I like to use visual aids to improve my communication — it’s invaluable to reinforce your ideas with graphics, and if it looks cool, even better. How do you take a textual concept and quickly show your meaning in a graphic that is…


It’s About Time

During the planning and development of Entourage 2008, I’ve had a chance to meet with many Mac Exchange users and administrators to discuss the direction of Exchange in Entourage.  I’ve read the comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism from a variety of sources, including recently here at Mac Mojo.  One clear message has emerged from this…


Welcome to Word Publishing Layout View

In my previous post, the focus of attention was our new Office 2008 User Experience.  For this post, I will turn the focus to another area that I am deeply passionate about — Microsoft Word 2008.  At MacBU, many of us have the great fortune to work on multiple areas of interest. So when I’m…


Update on Office 2008 progress!

Last Wednesday was our general “ZBB” target for the Office 2008 project, a major milestone on the road to release and something we’ve been pushing hard for over the past several months. We saw some fantastic surging by the development team to clear out backlogged product issues late into Wednesday night. Thursday, we sat down…


Toolbox and Window Management

The Toolbox is a useful new collection of tools that was introduced in Office 2004.  The primary concept was to prevent the possibility of many palettes being opened at once causing a window management problem for users.  In general, it worked fairly well, however, it often collides with the Formatting Palette.  In such instances, users…


The Chart is the Message

Did you know that someone once wrote a book entitled How to Lie With Charts? It’s true; check it out. The book was a tongue-in-cheek welcome gift when I took over Excel program management. Truth be told, I haven’t read it. It could be quite good; the reviews on Amazon.com would suggest that it is….