Hello from Paris Expo!

Amanda Lefebvre and I are here at Paris Expo - we're just ready to go over to the show floor now for the first time,and today we'll be talking to folks from Macworld UK, MacUser, MacFormat, ZDNet France and some other French outlets too, not to mention lots of customers.! Nous ne parlons pas beaucoup de Francais, so we'll probably stick to mostly English :-), and we finally get to talk about our new product line-ups (we've added a Special Media Edition, which includes Microsoft Expression Media digital asset management system) as well as the addition of three new languages - Danish, Finnish & Norwegian (the "Nordic Pack".) We're also announcing for many countries our Technology Guarantee: starting today (September 25th), if you buy Office 2004 for Mac, you will get Office 2008 for Mac after it launches in January for the cost of shipping and handling, so no risk if you're upgrading your Mac this week and want to make sure you're getting the latest!

We've already gotten some coverage from some of the pre-briefings that Amanda and Craig Eisler did last week, and Eric Pacquin from our Dublin subsidiary will be blogging live from the floor today in between presentations. Viva la France - today the Expo, tonight a stroll on the Champs-élysées tonight - I can't wait to meet up with all of our friends from our subsidiaries and other folks we haven't seen for ages. Watch for Eric's post later today!

Bonjour! Sheridan

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  1. sherjo says:

    FIXED THE LINKS I hope – slowww connection from France

  2. Teejay says:

    The MacBU is the only microsoft team that I actually like.. they’re prolly the artists and the most creative people out of the entire microsoft family… I adore your non-windows-like look to office 2008.. makes me want to buy it! The pricing is decent for a considerable upgrade.. great job on the software guys! Thanks for keeping office -not- a "port" of the windows version! I love it!

  3. alex says:

    Norwegian language at last 🙂

    Will it the interface (gui) be in norwegian or is it just additional dictionaries ?

  4. eric.paquin says:

    alex: the UI is indeed in Norwegian! However, the help system will remain in English. This will also be the case for Danish and Finnish.

  5. Fauntleroy says:

    You might prefer a stroll along the Champs-Élysées tonight. It’s much nicer than the Champs de Lysee.


  6. Gareth says:

    As a student whose university uses Exchange for its email I am astounded that the Student and Teacher version does not include Exchange support in Entourage! That is completely unacceptable. Thanks a lot. Do you actually understand the education market?

  7. Corentin says:

    Well Sheridan, I hope you’ll have some time for some siteseeing indeed 🙂


  8. Daniel says:

    I second the disappointment about dropping Entourage from the Student/Teachers edition.  You just lost a customer because there is no way I’m spending $399 as a student.  

    Does anyone else think it is completely stupid that MS is now including a media organization application? Your on a Mac use iLife like every other decent App, though I have heard great things about iView this is descended from I still don’t see the point.

  9. michael says:

    What about the OEM version?

  10. Jeffsters says:

    I want to verify that BOTH the standard and the student editions DO NOT contain Exchange capabilities. The only version that can connect is the Media edition?  Correct?   If so is this the only way you could :

    A. Create enough value in the Media edition to justify the $100 price delta.

    B. Charge a toll for Exchange connectivity, (aka, hit companies for more $$$) without raising the price of the standard offering


    As has been said there are many students and teachers that need this functionality.  I think you would have been MUCH better off dropping the media edition and simply including the other product as part of the standard suite, kinda make up for Access, VB, etc., and create a reasonably priced "Exchange Connection Pack" SKU for say $50 or so that can be installed with any version. This will also provide a cleaner path for users that later move to Exchange.

    Not sure why you felt this was the way to go but if I were the PM I would  have fought against this. I think students that needed it would have shelled out the $50 now they’ll just buy the Student/Teacher edition and pirate the other and feel justified doing it.  What can you expect with a $350 price delta simply to connect to Exchange?

    Sorry…it’s like Chubakka, why does an 8ft Wookie live with a bunch of 4ft Ewoks?  It DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

  11. Gareth, you should be able to get education pricing on Office 2008 from your University which is usually around $80. You should also be able to get one of the SKU’s too with Exchange support. Then there is the option of upgrade pricing for either Standard or Special Edition.

    Hey Sheridan, I linked about the Office 2008 pricing on ActiveWin.com, how come we didn’t get linked in your article? Although I know that its the same article from news.com, lol!

  12. Phillip Roncoroni says:

    $150 for Student Edition, while Office 2007 Windows users can get it for $60?


    Screw you guys.

  13. Greg says:

    I’m really UNIMPRESSED that the student-teacher version does not support exchange.  Exchange is the only email protocol my university allows.

  14. a_finn says:

    That Nordic Pack should really include Swedish, since Sweden has the biggest population in scandinavia. It must be a mistake, it doesn’t make sense to exclude 40% of nordic population.

  15. si says:

    Does the Technology Gaurantee apply to Canada and if I purchase it today at my university store?

  16. William says:

    Will the Nordic pack contain all languages, plus English, as Apple does with it’s iLife package, for example? (So I can run iLife in English on my user account, and other users in Norwegian).  Or will it be in one language only?

  17. eponymous says:

    "I am astounded that the Student and Teacher version does not include Exchange support in Entourage!"

    Get used to it.

  18. Bruxced says:

    Have a nice time in Paris then. Apart from the obvious Champs-Elysées and Eiffel Tower, don’t forget the Louvre Museum which is open until 10pm on wednesdays and fridays.

    About the different editions, will the Special Media Edition be include version 2 of Expression Media when it comes out next year ?

    Thanks !

  19. Tobbe says:

    Won’t the Nordic pack include Swedish?

  20. CodeClimber says:

    Mac OS X Leopard Final Candidate and Office:mac2008

  21. LyleHM says:

    Great news on the buyer protection, thanks! Looking forward to what promises to be an excellent product.

    Is it asking too much to grandfather in the last couple of months of purchases too?  🙂

  22. MacManX says:

    Of course there will be a Swedish version… it has to be a mistake!

  23. Michael says:

    I will NOT be buying Office:mac2008.  Not adding Exchange connectivity when its included in the Windows version get real.  I need it as a home/student user and I do not see why non business i.e. non corp users should pay extra for features they do not need.

    iWork 2008 for me and alternative ways to sync my exchange service.

  24. Jeffsters says:

    Andre Da Costa you’re missing the point of the HUGE price delta just to get what Office Windows users get as part of the price. And let’s not forget there are A LOT of other Windows only features and applications in the Windows version of the Office Suite.  While I can understand a need to recoup the investment and make $$$ I think it could have been handled far better and what was lost in margin more than made up in volume.

  25. Jeffsters, I am a licensed owner of Office 2007 Home  and Student edition, on the front of the package it says it includes the following applications:

    Word 2007

    Excel 2007

    PowerPoint 2007

    OneNote 2007

    Outlook is not included, Office 2008 Home and Student users at least get Entourage as part of their purchase. If they or I wanted Exchange support, we would have to upgrade to the Standard edition SKU of our respective version suites.

  26. Jeffsters says:

    Andre, sorry I’m still running XP and Microsoft Office XP 2002 Standard which includes:

    Word XP

    Excel XP

    Outlook XP

    PowerPoint XP

    I will say that you are correct that 2007 does NOT come with Outlook but 99% of the PCs do come with Outlook Express which is what we’re getting (POP, IMAP) with Entourage. However we are not getting VB and other Windows only tool, so would it have killed MS to provide it as compensation?

  27. Stephen Webb says:

    Its gets worse, in order to ‘encourage’ uptake, it seems Leopard does not work very well with Office 2004. Forcing us to pay again for what we had before!

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