Announcing Art of Office

The MacBU is excited to announce a new user-generated community site, Art of Office. Art of Office is a place for people to submit artistic and/or useful content made using Office applications (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint). Whether it’s creating pixel art using Excel (a la our Post-it Notes) developing an animated short story in PowerPoint or artistic pieces in Word, this online community allows you to share, rate, remix and discuss user-submitted content with other Mac Office users around the world. It’s a fun way to show unique applications of our product and helps people think of Mac Office in ways they may not have thought of before.

Some amazing art already on the site includes:

- Really fun postcards from Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo fame

- A wonderful retelling of one of my favorite math stories (yes, I have more than one favorite math story.) by Zeus Jones

- And of course, an awesome use of Excel by Rene Hernandez Miranda aka ‘pixelfreak’, a design student from El Salvador.

- I created my own profile with the files I used to create the post-it icons as well as some funny charts, random art generator, and useful stuff.

We also have artwork from Phil Torrone, senior editor of Make magazine and many other contributors that you can check out. So go create a profile, look around at others’ artwork and add your own creations. We all use Office to work with the files we need to for business, school and day-to-day tasks. This is a great opportunity to show off your creative, unusual or useful documents.

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  1. sladuuch says:

    Us:  Where’s Office 2008 and what’s in it?

    You: Look at this nifty website we found!

    Say, didn’t iWork have OOXML import built in?  Time’s-a-wastin’!

  2. virek says:

    Jesus, have you guys got a product to ship deadline or not?

  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    Is this a joke?

  4. Harvey Dent says:

    I´d love to have a better tool to develop those "useful" and "creative" documents.

    I can imagine the meeting targeting the mac user:

    -What´s the profile of the mac user?

    -Creative and artsy, ain´t it?

    On the other hand that web 2.0 effort is well designed and could be lots of fun. If only this had been released prior to iWork 08…

    Congrats. I expect the best productivity suite ever released for a mac from you.

  5. I cannot believe there is time for this, yet Office 2008 gets pushed back to January.

    This is a joke, right?

    I am dreamin, right?

    Was that  a bad batch of extasis I just had?

  6. Geoff Price says:

    Please bear with us, lots more info on 2008 really is coming.

    Probably needless to say, if a project such as this one cost us even a day on shipping Office 2008, it wouldn’t be happening. We are pushing on the bug list today as we speak, and will be here late tonight.

    As a dev by background I think I can make the crack that the slick design of the site is pretty clear evidence that the developers weren’t in charge of it.

  7. OK so it was MacBU receptionist using Web Expresions.

  8. Steve Kirks says:

    Geoff and the MacBU:

    You could help yourself by writing these posts with a bit more slant to the "yes, we know we should ship MacOffice 2008" direction.  I like the site and the concept, but someone is sanitizing too much of your humanity on it’s way to the web.

    David Weiss did more for the MacBU in one personal weblog post than this weblog has done in a long time.

    Print that out next to your Mac and, before you write a weblog post, re-read it for inspiration.

  9. Mike W says:

    I am really curious what you guys thought the reaction would be to this?

    I am sympathetic of the challenges of moving code environments and to a new file format, but let’s call it like it is.

    Every single Adobe application has been re-written for Intel now. Did they not face similar challenges? Are their applications not as complex? Hardly.

    I am glad to see support for the Mac community but you should be sensitive to the fact that people have been waiting for a very long time. A post like this (without further explanation) does nothing to appease the customers that are patiently waiting for your next release.

  10. Brett says:

    Whether or not it took even five seconds of your time, it just looks bad and it sends the wrong message.

    Read the comments that follow nearly every post you guys put on this blog. Understand the very real frustrations people have with your product. Realize that people are very skeptical that you are going to do much of anything to resolve the issues in the next version of office.

    In that perceptual environment, does it make good PR sense to unveil some art site? Or, even though it took no staff resources, do you maybe just not go there. Don’t you think it makes it look like you have all the wrong priorities from the perspective of your customers?

    All we know is that while no one is willing to tell us much, if anything, about how our myriad problems with your product are getting solved in the next version, you sure found it important to let us know about some art site.

    The disconnect between you guys and your user base is truly stunning.

  11. Geoff Price says:

    I appreciate the comments and understand the frustration. Those who can shed the most light on the engineering and put the challenges around the release schedule in more context on the blog tend to be the people putting in the longest hours right now (getting back to the "what we should be doing" theme.) More info and commentary will come. Your patience is extremely appreciated.

  12. Patrick Wang says:

    Sorry, I’m with Mike W on this one.

    Since the beginning of 2007, you guys have talked about what you’re doing with Office 2008 5 times over about 30 posts, 1 of which is the delay announcement. I hate to be a whiner but at every opportunity, your users have told you very explicitly what they want to see for Office 2008 in comments. Instead we get a bunch of posts about side projects like this Art website, RDC, converters, and misc tools. It’s like all this user feedback is just going into a black hole. Now, the fact that you guys do these side projects doesn’t concern me at all (in fact, I think it’s pretty cool), but based on what we see from this blog, that’s about all we hear about. Not very confidence-inspiring. Want to reassure your eager users that you guys are making strides? Post about what you’re doing. Even if it’s an engineer writing about a new mathematical function in Excel or a designer writing about a shiny new icon. Tease us with a screenshot. Give us a quick outline of what we can expect to see in 2008. In other words, demonstrate OUTPUT.

    I have very high hopes for Office 2008. David Weiss talked about compatibility as the core value. I think this is no longer the correct approach. Mac users already have full compatibility in the form of Office for Windows via Parallels/Fusion. I am 100% satisfied with all the functionality I can get in virtualized Office and I think if Office 2008 can’t provide more than that, MacBU is going to have an uphill climb finding people who will upgrade. When Numbers was released, I was blown away because it was the first time in a long time that I saw the results of a team that really thought about the user’s end product. Office 2007’s Ribbon was nice but it’s just window dressing – Office documents designed with or without the Ribbon are exactly the same. But the flexible Canvas in Numbers – that’s a whole new level of ballgame.

  13. sherjo says:

    We hear you, and completely acknowledge that it has turned into a long product cycle. To underscore Geoff, the folks working on Office 2008 (late into the night tonight, as it is Workaholic Wednesday) are heads down, working to get a great product in your hands as quickly as possible. And that’s right where you want them to be, I expect, but leaves them with not as much time to spend here.

    The marketing team doesn’t post as much here (though we read and feel every word); it’s not a marketing blog and we don’t want it to turn into one, but we’re working hard too, on projects that are cool both for current and future users of Office for Mac. Things like Art of Office, which was inspired by the amazing things people do with Office for Mac. It wasn’t done because of the message it might send, or as a PR tactic (I guess you could argue that everything a marketing team does is a PR tactic, but we don’t see it that way) – it was done because every time we see something that blows our minds, like PixelFreak, we want to share it with everybody, because it’s so freakin’ cool and in alot of cases, very useful or thought-provoking. The Art of Office site gives us a way to let people inspire each other as much as they do us. And I hope the message it sends is that we are grateful for the passion people have for Office for Mac, because we are. Even when they’re hammering us. 🙂

    We’ve had a chance to talk alot about some of the new stuff in Office 2008, like Publishing Layout View and Ledger Sheets (Mac-first, Mac-only, to help you build even better, more useful and creative documents), and our new UI – not the Ribbon and based on extensive usability testing with Mac users; very soon we’ll be talking about and showing more, both here on the blog and out in the community.

    Right now I’m going to go downstairs to see if there are any left-overs from the Workaholics dinner.

  14. Ben Skelton says:

    The timing for the launch of this site couldn’t have been worse — you have an extremely late product and a lot of passionate users with questions that nobody seems to be answering. Right now EVERYTHING you do should be focused on one thing and one thing only — Office 2008.

    Every time I come to this blog I am less and less satisfied with the MacBU. One of Microsoft’s strengths is its open culture and transparency — something that is extremely lacking from this group.  I still don’t understand why anyone from the MacBU can’t answer a freakin’ question like "is Entourage going to be a real Exchange client with feature parity with Outlook?"…

    We just want some answers. I don’t think this is asking too much.

  15. none says:

    Thank God we finally have Art of Office.  Now that the important stuff is out of the way, do you think you can make a real Exchange client for the Mac?

  16. Naida says:

    From the looks of it, most requires Windows version of Office. So.. what does this got to do with Mac’s Office eh?

  17. Naida says:

    And if you are going to ask me why I said that, take a read at your main page ( It says: Unveiling masterful works of art created entirely with Office for Mac. Well, contradicting isn’t it? When most of the works are Windows version.

  18. Andy K says:

    "Mac-first, Mac-only" might sound good in principle, but in practice it just serves to add one more concern to Mac-users in a Windows environment.

    Instead of encouraging us that some Windows-only features are being added to Mac Office, we’re being told that Mac-only features are being added that don’t exist in the Windows version.

    However good the additions are, it just comes across as worrying because it’s adding to the problem from the other side.

    All a lot of us really want is feature parity between Windows and Mac versions of what is meant to be the same software suite. Being told what a Mac can do that Windows can’t using Office is no different really than knowing about the Windows-only features.

    That and the ongoing lack of integrated DOCX convertors for Office 2004 is becoming an increasing problem, as Office 2007 users (who don’t know any better) are saving in the default format, blissfully unaware that they might be creating something unreadable for other users.

    As a result, when we check the Blog pages for new news, and it’s an article about an art site…

  19. Dude says:

    This is no different then Adobe (rightly) being lambasted for introducing a Intel only audio app (Sound booth) when CS3 was not out the door.The MBU unit might to look at this as this for a cautionary tale:

    I mean who was thinking (or not, as the case may be) this stuff up? While cool this is not what people are requesting.

    I’ll reiterate it for the 9 millionth time, just in case the 8,999,999 times before did not sink in:

    Mac Art websites showing off what you can do in power point do not matter.

    Ribbon like interfaces do not matter.

    RDC does not matter.

    What does matter has been expressed multiple times, by multiple people:

    Full feature parity and true support for Entourage with Exchange! Not some lame Webdave connection like we are stuck with now.

    Until that happens everything else is putting lipstick on a pig.

    I do not fault the MBU I fault Mircosoft. It seems like the movie "Cold Mountain" to me in which Ruby states: "but they made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say, "S***! Its rainin’!"

    To draw the parallel: Microsoft dominated the Server/email collaborative environment eliminating all competition and are surprised that people are upset about Office for Mac slipping, and no details other then the usual vague Microsoft speak that Microsoft always does  always vaguely promising the world in the next version and one of two things happening: 1) it ships years late or 2) it creates more problems then it solves.

    PS: I do not envy you guys one bit. I can only guess at the shenanigans that MS puts you guys through as Mac users. And even if they don’t most of us don’t trust Microsoft farther then we can throw the collective company. And that is no  ones fault other then Microsoft… you have earned our collective mistrust.

  20. sladuuch says:

    This always happens.  We complain about no information, and you guys respond in the comments with "Please, just a little more patience!  We promise we’re working REALLY hard for you to deliver Mac-only features!  We’re working so hard!"

    I’m sorry, but why do you have to wait for the comments to do this?  You claim to be so busy working on the software itself that you don’t have time to post about it, but then where’s the time to comment coming from?  I followed the Office 2007 team’s blogs, and they were constantly talking about tough design decisions they had to make, showing juicy screenshots, and generally demonstrating their creative and productive output.  You guys aren’t.  Sure, you tell us you’re working hard, but why all the secrecy surrounding what you’re actually doing?  Tell us all about the minutiae of ledger sheets.  Wax poetic about how the publishing layout slays Pages’ attempt to muscle into DTP.  Talk about how your UI blends in better to the emerging unspoken interface conventions.

    Just say anything!  Show anything!  Demonstrate that you’re doing anything!  Anything!

  21. Jake says:

    > it’s not a marketing blog and we don’t want it to turn into one

    To be honest, I kind of wish you would overwhelm me with some marketing.  At this point, I want to be excited about Office 2008, but I’m not.  

    Considering your target RTM, the lack of a public feature list at this stage is kind of scary.  It makes me think that a lot of time is going into an explanation as to why features that people have been begging for over the years still won’t be included.

    And I get really concerned when you talk about "Mac-only" stuff.  I run a business and my business doesn’t involve bragging to my PC friends about features I have and they don’t.

    What I’d love to hear you say is that the feature set between PC Office and Mac Office is so similar, we’ll hardly notice a difference and files/formats won’t be an issue as we share things back and forth with PC users.

    Just so you know, I don’t get more business from my clients if I can claim my version of Office has features that PC users don’t have.  They don’t care, I don’t care.

    In a sense, I feel sorry for you guys…you take a real beating here, and having been on the Windows team in the past, I know what it’s like to be at this stage of the product cycle.

    But then I consider that you really bring this scorn on yourselves.  You say everyone is too busy working which doesn’t give them much time to be here, which is no-doubt true.  But how long would it take someone to post, "FYI, there will be (or won’t be if that’s the case) full Exchange support!"?  

    You already know whether it will be there or not along with a ton of other features.  And that’s what upsets people.  You know the answers, we’re needing the answers in some cases to make business decisions, but you can’t be bothered to write a few sentences to tell us. Yet you’ll write a few paragraphs telling us why you don’t have time to tell us.

    And that’s why people continue to dump on you when your post stuff like "Art of Office" when we come here daily looking for just one thing: concrete info about Office 2008.

    Please, for your own sanity and morale, don’t post anything here unless it’s a fact about Office 2008.  After it ships, knock yourselves out and give everyone all sorts of "Art of Office" types of posts.

  22. Jordan K says:

    I don’t know, I just feel like this post has been a sort of last straw for many of us.  It seems to be that out of many of the MacBU’s posts there is always the idea of ‘very soon’ and that very soon has been years in the coming.

    When are we actually going to get a tangible idea of what this version of Office is going to look like?

    I understand that many of you are working very hard on this release, and appreciate it.  But, show us something, excite us about what you are doing, bring us into the process.

    Don’t leave us out in the cold!

  23. Randywa says:

    I’d like to see some stuff for Entourage!

  24. Darren Rowse says:

    "I don’t know, I just feel like this post has been a sort of last straw for many of us."

    I think that really sums it up well Jordon.

    While I sympathize with the Mac team who are seemingly slaving away on this – it’s an embarrassment that Microsoft are still expecting Office users to use something that was released in 2004 when other options are coming out constantly that provide increasingly viable alternatives.

    I’m at a point where I’m sick of waiting and by the day am becoming more loyal to products made by others – products which innovate, update regularly and are so obviously software for now.

    I doubt I’ll bother to update Office – who can afford to wait another 4 years for an update?

  25. doughlaundry says:

    Um, I just created a pie-chart in Excel. The light grey area represents "hang out time", whereas the dark greay area represents just "kicking it".

    Just about to post this on Art of Office.

    Then I’m going to download NeoOffice because, clearly, you guys have LOST THE PLOT.

  26. Jon Moss says:

    Timing a little off chaps?

    There is obviously a HUGE amount of resentment being vented here, and honestly, it is valid.

    However, I am continually amazed that people are, and seem to enjoy being reliant on Office.

    There  are  other  options  out  there.

    The sooner corporates wake up and realise this, the better.

    I will look at 2008 with interest, when it arrives, but until then, I am not holding my breath, nor being non-productive.

  27. question says:

    If the product is so long overdue why are you only working late one night of the week?

  28. guy777 says:

    I kinda like Art of Office, seems cool and possibly even useful to get templates.  Give these guys a break, even the best developers can’t work 100% on the same thing every single day.

  29. SlickDealer says:

    Please….thats all you Mac users ever do…complain, bitch, and moan. Why would they make it a priority when Mac’s still don’t even touch 10% of the desktop market? You guys should feel blessed to have MS even consider a place for you complainers.

  30. marko says:

    Please don’t waste youre time MS!

    People need proper MSN and Office!

  31. paul says:

    Wow did April 1rst come early?

  32. Simon J says:

    Well I’ve just given up caring about whether Office 2008/9/whatever ever gets released, especially after getting iWork ’08 a couple of weeks ago.

    For a lot less money, Pages is soooo much easier & quicker to put together something like an advertising brochure than Word has ever been. I was really surprised by how much. It also opens & saves WinOffice 2007 documents right now. And everyone knows Keynote is superior to Powerpoint. Numbers is nice too; not as extensive as Excel but then again hardly anybody needs that much functionality.

    Time to move on people.

  33. 7月29日,微软的 Mac Team Blog 上发布了一篇 帖子 ,宣布 ArtofOffice 正式上线。这是一个专为Mac用户准备的网站,用户可以上传用Office制作的各类艺术作品,和其他用户相互分享、讨论,并对作品进行评价和评论。除了根据作品所用的Office程序(Word、Excel、Powerpoing)和创作者来对作品进行分类,网站还加入了Tag和搜索的功能。 这个 和 这个 是我找到的两个中文内容的Word作品。

  34. Russell says:

    This is the reason I just ran out and bought at copy of iWork ’08.  Sure it may be missing a feature here or there I like, but they aren’t wasting my time with stupid "art" sites when there product is WAY WAY overdue.  There is no reason a UB version of a productivity suite should take longer than Adobe’s CS3.  Drop the art site and ship a freaking good version of Office for Mac before the end of time.

  35. Former User of Mac Office says:

    Geoff and the MacBU:

    That’s it, really.  Sorry guys.  I’ve cut the cord.  Art of Office is just typical out-of-touch with the user nonsense from Redmond.

    I was very excited when I moved to mac OSX.  It’s a beautiful operating system. I figured I could keep using getting corporate email from Exchange through my office suite with entourage, powerpoint, etc…

    I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why it’s difficult for you to get a proper Outlook client on the Mac OSX. I’m sure there are a lot of politics within Microsoft.  I’m sure your team is top-notch.  I’m sure you’re working hard.

    But the reality of it is, I just don’t like the product you’ve given us.  I’ve waited…waited…and waited for a proper version of Outlook running in OSX.  

    In the meantime (note to others!):

    What I’ve discovered is that I don’t need your product anyway.

    I can use the native Mac OSX mail application to synchronize with Exchange no problem. I can use the native Mac OSX calendar application to synchronize with Exchange.  I can use iWork ’08 for virtually everything I do; it’s compatible with all of my coworkers who use MS products.  Occasionally I run parallels/Excel to do a few spreadsheets.

    [Note to others — I use a wonderful little program called GroupCal, see  which synchronizes OSX calendar with Exchange]

    Basically, I’m out of here. I won’t be purchasing Outlook for Macintosh ’08 (or ’09, or ’10…whenever you do release it) because I don’t have to.  Basically, you started with goodwill (or at least a great deal of inertia) and you’ve squandered it.

    The sad thing of it is, we’re probably moving our entire office with dozens of clients off of Exchange Server into Google. It’s just not worth dealing with MS anymore; we are so disappointed.  Your products don’t *feel* good to users.  Your development process is so sclerotic that you need to release nonsense like "ArtofOffice" so we feel like something human is up there in Redmond.

    Bye, good luck, don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave…

    -A former User of Office on the Macintosh

  36. Matt says:

    Geoff et al:

    (1) Showcasing the artistically significant work of Mac Office users on a Web site is a great idea. A great time to launch such a site would be in coordination with the launch of Office ’08 – NOT several months before it’s out.

    (2) In the meantime, if you want to great good will among Mac users, you should focus marketing time and effort on publishing Mac Office ’08 progress reports, rather than publishing artistic Web sites.

    (3) If you really want to serve the Mac Office brand in the most effective way, your marketing team should be spending part of every day lobbying within Microsoft to get money to hire additional software engineers for the MacBU. One press release announcing Mac Office’s surprise early release – or one two-minute presentation by a Mac BU rep announcing immediate Mac Office ’08 availability during Jobs’ January ’08 MacWorld Expo Keynote – will do more than 100 Web sites to promote the MacBU.

  37. Schwieb says:

    If I may be so bold as to quote from Craig’s immediately preceeding post:

    "Starting in September, we are planning a series of “sneak peeks” to show you more of the features and functionality of this release. I’m very pleased that we can soon start sharing more of what the team has been up to – stay tuned."

    September is just around the corner, so I’d expect to see some more info from us soon.

  38. GeneMaster says:

    So instead of wasting time with a web site to fix Office 2004 bugs and limitations, what about getting Office 2008 out of the door or at least an XML importer for mac that actually works and does not require crazy install with stupid expiration.

    And I don’t even touch on the lame MSN messenger version for mac that still does not support audio or video chat….

  39. David Graham says:

    I think that maybe the ship has already left the dock but Microsoft just hasn’t noticed and just doesn’t care. I mainly depend on Offiice for Mac to exchange word processing documents and increasingly find that the only useful way I have of doing so from some sources is to use NeoOffice 2 or (just recently) Pages ’08, both of which seamlessly open Word 2007 format documents, unlike the lame converter (beta or is it really alpha???)  that Microsoft supplies. Now I find that the big new deal is a place to post Art of Office! Talk about priorities!

  40. Peter Kazanjy says:

    Why wait for something MSFT clearly has little incentive to produce?

    Get VMware Fusion or Parallels, and run PC Office 2007 on a Windows XP VM.

    You think MSFT wants to enable you to have a compelling user experience without their OS?  

  41. says:

    With the release of Apple’s iWork08 and iLife 08 the need factor just isn’t that great anymore…

    I’ll just go with iLife 08 & iWork 08 and say money in the process…

    M$$$$ has missed the boat and that’s a very good thing…

    You guys have a hold on a sinking rock…

    If your thinking different at all… you should let go and seek employment elsewhere…

  42. Anonymous Coward says:

    Screw it, I`ll just stick with my old version of office and may even switch to NeoOffice.

  43. Neil Daniels says:

    Does anyone actually spend time designing stuff in Office for Mac, or just Office for Windows? If they do, I feel bad for them.

    Office in general has a practice of *encouraging* bad design. Seriously, when will Word finally throw out the default WordArt presets, or even better yet, WordArt altogether. You have to realize that people will use it because they _think_ it looks good.

    Please, tell the people at MacBU and at the Windows Office place: "REMOVE CRAPPY POWERPOINT ANIMATIONS AND SOUNDS." Or at least hide them *very* deeply (as in digging through 5 settings/preference menus).

    I really hope that Office 08 is what I hope it to be: a Mac application suite (I can’t wait for these "sneek peaks". I hope that you have made a suite that feels more like a Mac application that has great compatibility.

    However, Art of Office sounds like a joke. I’m sure the developers didn’t make it. However, I wouldn’t exactly call it a "slick interface" because a team of people can use Flash and know CSS. Maybe you should have used that group to re-design the MacBU site and blog (because your site design is so 2000).

  44. Tommy H says:

    Really fun postcards?

    This is a joke, right?

    (beating head against wall)

    You marketing guys sure have a lot of time on your hands since there’s no product for you to market. Since there won’t be an Office until 2008, perhaps one of you guys can use some of your ample free time to find out if Entourage is going to have all the functionality of Outlook. Maybe you could start working on how you’re going to spin whatever "Mac-only" features have been developed in order to take our minds off the fact that core components of Office like VB have been left out. Oh, here’s one… maybe you can stop making the developers code new UI components because you’re all worried about Mac users poking fun at the Ribbon. Nobody gives a rat’s backside about the Ribbon. We want to open docs made on Windows without missing features. We want to log on to Exchange without missing features. We want you to ship the product without missing features.

    No missing features. That’s not exactly a news flash, is it?

    (beating head against wall again)

  45. Jan Morren says:

    Oh my god! AGAIN pushed back to January ’08??!!

    How about those Mac users who really rely on this software?

    You know why are using your software do you? Because we have to live in a MS world (unfortunately, really, because in my opinion it is far from fun to use it, every upgrade is a failure. Did you actually USE Word or Powerpoint? Ever?).

    We do NOT need "Mac first, Mac this and that", we DO NEED a 100% compatible version on the Mac. Is that so hard to accomplish?

    The MBU is the biggest Mac developer in the world, and it is by far the slowest developer. Doesn’t these critics kick your selfrespect?

    The projectmanager of Office 2008 has already failed big time. Hope your product is a killer app, because if it will not, you will lose marketshare, simple as that.

    Normally I’m an optimist AND positivist, but everytime the Microsoft word/logo comes in, my dark side comes up. Please change this.

  46. Scott says:

    how about a *real* refresh for Mac Messenger too, boasting feature parity with that delicious 8.5 beta client floating around on Windows?

  47. Thomas says:

    "September is just around the corner, so I’d expect to see some more info from us soon."

    Well, most of us wouldn’t. Because judging from history, the sneak preview will come out September 30th – if we’re lucky and the deadline doesn’t slip.

    Please notice that one of the repeating requests in many of these posts:

    We do not want "Mac-only" features – we want FEATURE PARITY – please.

    Don’t turn Office for Mac into an artsy-design-layout-iWorklike package – I want a serious, professional office tool! Excel rules but I want is to work properly on Mac! Full exchange support on Mac! A rock-solid Word edition that seems light and responsive, even with 100+ page documents!

  48. John Livingston says:

    Not since the "Microsoft Empowerment Pack" during the long nightmare of Office 6 for Macintosh has this company released something as condescending and insulting to Macintosh users.

    No real product is being released here. And the release of Office 12’s Macintosh product (you can call it Office 2008 all you want) is being delayed a full year behind its Windows counterpart.

    Just look at the Mactopia website to see which products Microsoft no longer updates for Mac users: MediaPlayer, IE, etc.

    Try using Windows Live Mail (the successor to Hotmail) with Safari or other Mac Browsers.

    It appears obvious that whatever part of Microsoft that is higher up the food chain than the MBU is deliberately trying to erode market share for the Macintosh platform to try to drive serious office and enterprise users over to Windows. And frankly, Apple’s anemic spreadsheet competition ("Numbers") doesn’t help.

    Steve Jobs. Steve Ballmer. Same name. Same game.

  49. re:our new UI – not the Ribbon and based on extensive usability testing with Mac users; very soon we’ll be talking about and showing more, both here on the blog and out in the community.


    If Mac Office is NOT adopting the Ribbon then how will users react when forced to use Office with ribbon interface on their work PC then adapt to Mac Office on their home Mac? Surely there needs to be compatibilty in interface as well as file formats. PC users who consider switching to Macs or students who use Macs at school or university will look for familiarity in basic word processing apps, etc. I suggest that a ‘different mac centric’ interface for Office will NOT help Mac users – especially educators like me who deal with academics and students who switch to and fro PC and Mac throughout the day. Or does Microsoft quietly know this new Mac will cause consternation among PC users in a Mac environment (like a school or small business)? One louder message emanating loudly from the sidelines is OPEN SOURCE. Maybe this will push users of Macs and PCs to true compatible apps like OpenOffice, etc. Oh, they are free too. I look forward to MACBU response. Finally, Mac Office with no ribbon aka PC Office? Is it true? How about an option in Preferences?

  50. Hello – it’s September 3rd today. 40 minutes to Sept 4th. FYI

  51. Enrique García says:

    Ok so 10% of September is already in place….

  52. Adam says:

    Were is messenger for mac 7

  53. Enrique García says:

    Another September day goes by….

  54. Thomas says:

    September is here – where’s the sneak preview?

    Maybe the deadline’s been pushed…

  55. Schwieb says:

    Nope, no deadline change.  Craig just posted some information on what we’ll be showing you and when, and Andy just posted on the first new Entourage/Exchange integration feature we’re revealing.

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