The Times They Are A Changin’

For many Entourage users prior to today, March 2007 was a month to lose sleep over. The United States Energy Policy Act of 2005 shifted the observation of Daylight Savings Time from the first Sunday in April to the second Sunday in March. As a result, a majority of us living in the United States lose an extra hour of sleep in the month of March. Further, many software applications and gadgets simply didn’t know about the new DST rules as they were designed and developed before the law was passed, Entourage among them.

Today’s release of the 11.3.3 update delivers a significant change to Entourage’s time zone support, including support for the new DST dates. Prior to this fix, events in the month of March 2007 (starting 3/11) were off by an hour for the majority of US customers. I highly recommend customers update to this release of Entourage prior to the beginning of Daylight Savings observation in 2007. The update seamlessy ensures that your calendar is updated to reflect the new DST rules and improves overall time zone reliability.

Behind the scenes, the issue stemmed from Entourage’s inability to support multiple daylight savings rules. The last major change in daylight savings across the United States was in 1987, well before the creation of Entourage. Our calendaring engine assumed that daylight savings would always be observed at the same time year after year. We’ve fixed these issues in this update.  Entourage now supports multiple daylight savings rules and improves compatibility with the Mac OS’ time zone and daylight savings functions (support for the DST change was included in Mac OS 10.4.6).

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  1. Tristan says:

    I’ve installed this update and now my MSN Messenger doesn’t allow me to sign in. Any ideas?

    "Sign in to Microsoft Messenger failed because the service is not responding. The service is not available or you may not be connected to the Internet."

    I’ve never had any problems with connecting to MSN prior to this update and there isn’t any other installation or update yesterday.

  2. Vermyndax says:

    I don’t suppose you know if this update includes the fix to the Azores/West Central Africa issue, do you?

  3. Brian G. says:

    Hopefully in the 2008 Mac Office, you can utilize the system knowledge of when daylight savings time is such that you don’t need a maintenance release for something that is bound to change again (due to the political nature of time-zones in general).

  4. Matthew Smith says:

    What about Western Australia? It started daylight savings this year for the first time in a very long time. It started on 7 December I think. Next year and the year after it will start the same time as the other Australian states which have daylight saving, but the years following that it is undecided if they will continue with daylight saving.

    Here in New South Wales we have changed several times. We did it in 1996, moving the end of DST from beginning of March to the end of March. Of course Windows 95 couldn’t handle it. We did it again in 2000. We started DST in August instead of October just for that year, so that the Olympic games in September were in DST. And we might change again in the coming years.

  5. AndyRuff says:

    While the DST changes in the United States were a key driver of this effort, this update enhances Entourage support for time zones and DST rules around the world.

    In the past, we handled time zones using our internal mechanism that we designed to maintain the best compatiability with Outlook.  However, with this change, we now leverage the OS time zone and DST capabilities and then map this to how Outlook and other key calendaring clients when there is a difference.  Generally, if the OS supports your time zone’s DST rules, then Entourage should be supporting it as well.


  6. scifibri says:

    where are the release notes or readme for this update?

  7. Richard Kingsley says:

    Thanks for a Welcome upate, but what about KB 926521 where activsync sent items are not displayed correctly in entourage. I cant be the only person using wm5 and entourage surely.



  8. Jaharmi says:

    You can get the release notes from the "Learn More" button in Microsoft AutoUpdate, which is part of Office 2004.

  9. RochesterMacIT says:

    What if you’re using OS 10.3, since it does not have support for DST changes?  Will the patch still solve the issue?

  10. Shane Palmer says:

    Andy,  I have found an issue with this DST fix that may be a timing issue with your Exchange group.  We use Entourage in an Exchange environment and after I applied this patch, my appointments show up correctly in Entourage, but when using Outlook Web Access or Outlook for the PC it now shows up an hour EARLY instead of an hour late.  We believe this may be because our Exchange server does not have the patch yet, and since it is not out of beta yet our Exchange Admins will not apply it in a production environment for obvious reasons.  I hope you will have somebody check into this as it could cause some confusion.


    Shane Palmer

  11. AndyRuff says:

    I do not believe that Outlook and Exchange have yet been updated to support the new DST changes.  For details regarding their updates, check out this article:

  12. Shane Palmer says:

    I understand the updates are not available for Exchange and Outlook yet, but I guess it would have been nice if the Mac Business Unit would have tested this and given some kind of warning that if you are in an Exchange environment that you should not install this until your Exchange server has been updated.  Better yet it would have been nice if you could have timed this to be released at the same time the DST patches for Outlook and Exchange.

    It is hard to prevent our Mac users from installing this update when I don’t have control over there Macs and a majority of them have the Microsoft AutoUpdate utility automatically prompting them to install the 11.3.3 update.

    Due to this release and my accidental discovery of the problem we had to scramble to get the word out to everyone not to install this update.


    Shane Palmer

  13. Satisfy Me says:

    Great to hear from an old friend in Silicon Valley who works for a certain company in Cupertino, who

  14. Richard says:

    For meeting invites sent out prior to the 11.3.3 update and in the new DST window, Entourage will not send meeting updates to announce the adjusted times. As long as the Outlook attendees apply the upcoming patch and Entourage users are up to date, this should not be an issue. They will all have their events adjusted consistently. For attendees using an application unaware of the new DST rules, the meeting times will be off for these events.

  15. Jay P. says:

    Any idea when someone is going to offer a MAPI email client for Exchange?

    I’ve asked this question several times, but there hasn’t ever been a real answer besides corporatespeakbabble.

    It just makes sense to finally give Mac users a comprable Exchange Email client that rivals Outlook 2003 on the Windows platform, right?

    Technically, it’s possible since Outlook 2001 sported it.

    In an enterprise environment, Entourage 2004 just doesn’t cut it. Entourage 2004 is just great right now if all you are doing is getting your Hotmail joke lists from uncle Bob, but for those of us who support or use Macs daily in the workplace, we continue to be taunted by our Windows co-workers riding the MAPI wave of goodness.

    I posted the long boring details in the newsgroup in case you want to know the specifics:

    Best wishes,


  16. John P says:

    Appreciate the update. While I’m on Entourage, is there any way an update or the next release can allow inline complex html links not to be parsed? I understand the security benefits of parsing it as default but a user switch to turn it off would be great.

  17. Electroscribe says:

    Either in Entourage 2008, or in the next update to 2004, would be great if you could change the behavior in New Rules to match Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 so that:

    1. The filterning <<execute>> criteria was set to <From:>> by default instead of to <<All Messages>> as it is now and has been since Office 2001.  (How many times has all of my e-mail suddenly started going to my Mac User Group box instead of the Inbox)

    2. Before saving the new rule, the user has the opportunity to apply it to all messages in the open mailbox.

  18. Kilch says:

    Will the "08 Office suite – especially Entourage –  be more business oriented? I recently started using Daylite because I need better Contact Management and activity tracking / linking capability in the application. The app, as it is, is definately for personal use and any heavy business use ends up a frustrating experience. Please give me some idea of what to expect.  Thanks.

  19. REGN says:

    We are kicking off a major Sharepoint Portal Server 2007 project, and currently have about 200 Mac machines.  We are experiencing many issues with the Mac browsers, since MS considers any Mac browers Level 2.  Our beta testers for the product are leveraging the product a great deal across the enterprise, and we keep running into issues due to the limitation of the Mac browser.  My question becomes is there a plan to release a new version of Explorer for Mac (doubtful), or is there a plan for SharePoint to fully support ANY of the Mac browsers?

  20. REGN says:

    Just to clarify my last comment:

    We have about 200 Mac machines, and 400 Windows Machine.

    We have roughly 25 beta testers, who are actual business groups testing the functionality.  They all operate on Windows machines, and are starting to really like the product.  They have been contacting us to start expanding out the capabilities to many of the users in the environment, who have Mac machines.  The Office integration is among the largest problem, where many people are starting to leverage InfoPath forms, etc.  

    I am just wondering is anyone is experiencing the same issues, or if anyone knows what the plan is for Office 2008 and SharePoint compatability.

  21. Adam C. Engst says:

    Is there a similar fix for anyone still using Entourage X?

    cheers… -Adam

  22. don montalvo says:

    i don’t suppose this update fixes the spinning beachball issue with entourage…of course not.


    don montalvo, nyc

    curmudgeon at large

  23. Joe says:

    "i don’t suppose this update fixes the spinning beachball issue with entourage…of course not."

    This is my single biggest issue with Entourage – having a calendar with hundreds of items and an inbox with thousands of email messages I get the beach ball every 10 min or so.

    Synchronizaion shouldn’t be so task intensive to generate a spinning beachball on a dual 2.5Ghz G5 or really on any system.

  24. Mike says:

    For reasons too lengthy to discuss here, we’re still using Outlook: mac 2001 classic application under Mac OS X 10.3.9. I’m wondering if a DST 2007 fix is required for that version of Outlook on the Mac.

  25. Rob Batey says:

    Is there going to be an update to Entourage X soon that covers this problem?



  26. Schwieb says:

    The Entourage MVP page has a good summary of this topic:

    Entourage X will not be updated, as the calendar engine changed significantly between Erage X, Erage 2004, and Erage 2004 SP2.  The new code in Erage 11.3.3 now relies on the OS, and Apple is not making changes to OS X 10.2 and earlier to support the code we need.  These two issues make it infeasible to do the work, especially since Office X has reached the end of its support lifecycle.

    As for Outlook 2001 for Mac, that product was owned and developed by the Outlook team (not by MacBU) and I believe they no longer support it.  Thus, I doubt there will be any fixes for it.

  27. ucantcme says:

    “i don’t suppose this update fixes the spinning beachball issue with entourage…of course not.”

    When I had this problem, it was related to attachments left in calendar items. The calendar folder was about 23 MB. Clearing the attachments out of old calendar items sped things up nicely, and kept me from running out of mailbox space on the server.

    Regards, Phil

  28. sfrench says:

    Since I’ve installed Apple’s Daylight Savings Time Update (for Panther), events in Entourage 2004 (fully updated to 11.3.4) are displaying an hour off.  For some reason, the Apple update shifted my Entourage time-zone preference to Perth (which is an hour earlier).  I live in Hong Kong (which does not use daylight-saving time).  I have reset the Entourage time-zone preference to Hong Kong, and this seems to have taken care of the problem for newly created events but not preexisting ones.  Any idea how I can get preexisting events to display properly?  Thanks.

  29. Willie says:

    Try downloading the script titled "Update DST Display v1.0". It is supposed to update these items in Entourage so that times are correct.

  30. Wesley says:

    Repeating events that start before the time change and continue after the time change remain an hour late for the three weeks from March 12 to April 2. They are correct before and after this three week period, though. Is there any way to fix this?

  31. Matt Funk says:

    Does anyone know if MS is releasing a patch for outlook 2001:mac? I know that they sometimes offer a paid patch for older software. I am supporting a mixed environment with an Exchange server, PCs on Outlook 2003, Macs on Outlook 2001:mac in Classic, and Intel Macs on Entourage. With everything patched, the Outlook 2001 clients are populating new meetings an hour off during the DST period.

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