Bay Area Mac users needed again!

You responded in droves when we last asked for usability test participants!  We have another usability study that Bay Area Mac users will be interested in. We’re doing another usability test of new features in both Entourage and PowerPoint. We need users who use Entourage at least once per week and PowerPoint once per month. The study will be conducted at our lab in Mountain View, California.  

If this describes you and if you’re in the Bay Area, please sign up to participate in our study!  You can do so in one of two ways:

  • Sign up on our usability participant webpage, and make sure that you indicate that you use both Entourage and PowerPoint.  Don’t forget to fill out your contact details, otherwise we won’t know that you’re in the Bay Area!
  • Call our usability test recruiters at (888) 261 8488.  They’ll take you through a questionnaire and get you into our database of potential participants.  If you leave a message, don’t forget to specify your name, phone number, and that you are a Mac user.

If you’re in the database and are selected as a potential participant, you will get a call or an email from someone at Microsoft.  They’ll ask you some additional questions to make sure that you qualify for this particular study.  If you don’t qualify, or you’re not available this time around, don’t worry!  We’re doing lots of usability studies in the next few months, so you might hear from us later.

We’re doing lots of other work as well, so if you’re interested in participating in our other usability studies in the Bay Area, Redmond, and around the world, sign up on our webpage.  And don’t forget to tell your other Mac-loving friends and family!

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  1. StuFF mc says:

    Hi !

    I don’t live in the Bay Area, but I will be around from Jan. 2 to Jan 13 for the MacWorld. I do a podcast in 4 languages about the Mac, I would love to 1. Do those tests 2. Conduct an interview with you guys, for the podcast… Could you please get in touch with me at “stuffmc at pomcast dot com” ? Thanks !

  2. nadyne says:

    Stuff — Your dates don’t quite correspond to the dates of my study.  Sorry ’bout that.  🙁  But I’m doing a lot of research in the upcoming months, and am currently working on planning out more research that isn’t in either the Bay Area or Seattle.  You can use the link above to get into our database or update your information.

  3. Entourage and Powerpoint.  I don’t suppose there are any Access for Mac usability studies coming up anytime soon?  😉

    I can always hope, I guess!

  4. shades says:

    Just curious… do you ever conduct tests outside those two areas? It seems that the "real world" use reflects a much broader audience than what Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley North present.

  5. nadyne says:

    shades – Yes, we do conduct tests outside those two areas.  I’ve just needed to do a couple of reasonably quick studies (where ‘reasonably quick’ is longer than usual for this particular study, given that I’m on holiday right now and will be going back into the lab right after Macworld Expo) in the Bay Area.  As I said in my previous comment in this thread, I’m doing a lot of research in the upcoming months, and I’m planning on doing some of it outside Redmond and Silicon Valley.  

    You can use the link above to get into our database or update your information.  If I’m going to be in your area, the database is my first stop to try to find potential users for a study.  If you’re selected as a potential participant, you’ll get either a call or an email from someone at Microsoft to ask you some additional questions and ensure that you’re available.  

  6. shades says:

    Thanks, nadyne for the explanation and the encouragement to sign up.

    I hope you can also relax on your vacation.

  7. You should do a usability test in KC.

    No, there’s no real technical reason other than my own selfish curiosity.

    Besides, how often do you get to stay in a city with giant cows and Ernies Car:

  8. realityking says:

    I would really like to see a study done here in Germany (again for no technical reason)

    However it would have to be in the afternoon too 😉

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