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Thanks to a lot of hard work from a lot of people, I'm happy to let you all know that the new Mac Office updaters are now available.

You can download them for Office 2004 and for Office v. X (and the Office 2004 updater should be available via Microsoft AutoUpdate as well).  These updates can be applied whether or not you installed the pre-release updaters that were briefly available last week.

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  1. Carroll Wills says:

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    Is there any way we could get a little more detail on the specific improvements contained within the upgrade?

  2. Sketch says:

    Request for the future:

    An easy way for enterprise admins to manage and deploy Mac Office 2007 updates.

  3. dagaz says:

    In your previous post I wrote how I had to re-install Office after applying the 10.3.1 update because Word was continually quitting unexpectedly when opening certain files.

    This morning I updated to 10.3.2 and now my PowerPoint icon looks like this:

    It was fine beforehand as before applying the update I went into the Office folder to double-check that Office was already at 10.3.0.

  4. Rob says:

    What is the go NO WORD Fix in this update which is extremely critical and makes life rather hard. I have now been forced to use another word processing app to help avoid the issues I would be getting using word until it is finallt fixed.

    Not good enough and very very slack

  5. Jeremy says:

    Small glitch on the French Update, it creates a "Enkel Installation" folder and put inside the French "update log"…

    Seems fine so far.

  6. Jason says:

    It appears the update has either corrupted my Entourage database or has changed Entourage not to work with my database or … the phase of the moon changed on at the wrong time.

    Error on Entourage startup is along the lines of ‘Database is corrupted…’.  Successful repair of database using Database Utility results in Entourage reporting the same error.  Rename of the  ‘Microsoft User Data’ folder to permit Entourage to create a new folder results in the folder being recreated but the same error being reported.

    Just an FYI.

  7. Brett_x says:

    I second Sketch’s request.

    Mac BU: Please please please start bundling your applications and patches with Packagemaker instead of VISE X…. VISE X costs you money (bad for you) and costs system administrators (bad for everyone else) a lot of aggravation when you use it for enterprise-level applications.

    I just don’t get why you continue to use it. Packagemaker is free, and fully supported by the Apple Dev team. There’s nothing you can do with VISE X that you can’t do with Packagemaker.

    While I’m on that kick… here’s another benefit… for you and for our licensing compliance:  I can restrict users from installing things (even the few admin users we have) that are bundled with Packagemaker because I can restrict the "Installer" application that it relies on. When you use VISE X, each installer has a different signature, so I can’t deny the application from launching.

  8. TjL says:

    @ Brett_x: If your "security" can be broken that easily, is it really security at all or just a minor annoyance?

    @ MacBU: Any word on the Word fix for this

  9. Schwieb says:

    TjL, we’re working in conjunction with the WinOffice team on the Word issue.

    As for folks problems with Erage and PowerPoint, I haven’t heard of any of those issues in-house.  Perhaps you still have an old copy of the Entourage Database Daemon running?

  10. DL Byron says:

    if possible, in this version, before the new version, plz fix the massive CPU spike when syncing with sync services. I had to stop syncing my calendars as it eventuall would time out and corrupt the entourage db.


  11. J.Lewis says:

    Hi. I’m hoping you can answer this…I’ve looked all over MacTopia, MacFixit, etc. for a very simple question:

    Will Office X (not 2004) run on my new Intel iMac under Rosetta? Thanks in advance.

  12. Amir says:

    Carroll Wills,

    Here is a KB Article which provides full details on what’s included in this update. Plus, I think you can also download the dmg file of the update and then extract it, there should be a ‘ReadMe’ in there with all this info.

    Description of the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.2.3 Update



  13. Jeff says:

    I had an update for my Microsoft Office 2004 (teacher/student) for my Mac appear on my screen. About halfway through, i decided to cancel it and save the update for another day (short on time). However, I can no longer access any of my previos Word, Excel, Entourage work. As a matter of fact, when i click on the icons….the icon is covered with a question mark. I have since downloaded Mac 11.3.2 Update and the 11.2.0, when i try to run these..I am given the following message: "The installer could not locate the correct version of the software required to install this update".

    Can anyone lend a helping hand on this?


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