Trouble signing in with Messenger for Mac 6.0?

Ah, weekends. Time off, down time from thinking about bugs.  Well, not if you’re Rebecca, one of our star Messenger testers. 

Starting on Friday night, September 29, Rebecca was casually checking out the Messenger Newsgroup.  (Hopefully this was after dinner and the kids were off to bed.) She’s seen posts from a few customers who upgraded to Messenger 6.0 and were having log-in problems. So she decided to check in with the newsgroup and see what was up.

Now, most of the time this happens, it’s a temporary issue on the server side, like too much traffic, and it sorts itself out quickly. Not this time. Rebecca checked the newsgroup again on Saturday and more and more people were seeing the same problem.

By the time I got to my desk Monday morning, Rebecca had worked individually with dozens of customers and had identified the problem. A fix was in the works that both the server team and our team thought would fix the issues. And we were fast tracking to release it. 

Thanks to Rebecca’s weekend work, the test and dev team’s hard work during this past week, and the help of some of the newsgroup posters who helped us test out the patch, today we’ve posted Messenger for Mac 6.0.1. For any of you who were seeing log in problems, please download the update here and enjoy the new features in Messenger.

A big THANKS to all of the newsgroup participants who worked with Rebecca over the weekend and throughout last week, and who helped us test the patch!

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  1. Rools says:

    Thats great. Thanks. One question. Why is the mac version of messenger always inferior? Why cant we also send a receive funky smileies, nudges and hold vc chats? Is it because you honestly believe that people will migrate to PC just to use them? Hope one day like office messenger is also universal. Many thanks, Rools

  2. Gonzie says:

    wonder if this update will have some of my ideas in

  3. Bradley says:

    You know how Skype and other Mac OS X programs have it set up so when the program is downloaded it pops up with a little window saying “Drag this icon into the applications folder to install” and then gives you an Application folder alias with an arrow point from the program?  I think that would be simpler for the end user when installing Microsoft Messenger, because when the plain window w/ the Microsoft Messenger app comes up I am never sure whether to drag that into the application folder or click it to install the program.

  4. Gonzie says:

    guess not *sigh* well here’s high hopes for version 6

  5. Gonzie – most probably not. It doesn’t include the fix for the bug I’ve cried about in all the possible places (US International keyboard not working), so I’m pretty sure it does not contain any enhancements either.

  6. Also, for me the 6.0.1 has the exact opposite effect – up to this point I have never had any login problems (apart of the global ones ofcourse), but now it takes 2-5 times of hitting “Retry” to the connection unavailable message until it finally manages to log itself in.

  7. Thomas says:

    Have just downloaded and installed 6.01 and still cannot sign in. Anyone else have this problem? HELP!!!!!

  8. Updates to Messenger 6, Office:Mac 2004, and Office:Mac X are available now.

  9. Jan Robert says:

    Still same problem – "..password inncorrect or the sign in name does not exist"

    Back to 5.1.1….

  10. Jerome says:

    I’ve been having troubles signing in with version 5 for a few days now and today I decided to look for a possible patch or upgrade when I found out that version 6 was released a few days ago. Anyway, now I am able to sign in but after less than a minute, I’m signed out and informed that the service is unavailable. It happens a few seconds only after each time I sign in. I’m running v6.0.1 and I don’t understand why would v5.1.1 stop working because of a new version. I would appreciate some help. Thank you.

  11. gord says:

    I too had trouble signing on with Messenger for Mac 6.0.  6.0.1 seems to have corrected that.  I too wonder why we have to keep upgrading to be allowed onto MSN.  Perhaps it is because our machines run so well we need a challenge… (ha-ha).  

    But I am used to the computers telling me that it is time to update something (usually at my convenience); I am not used to a program that is suddenly not working and which won’t work until I spend an hour or so trying to figure out the problem.

  12. Eduardo says:

    I don’t know why, but every time i click "Change My Display" the MSN freeze and I have to quit it and re-sign again.

  13. Tim says:

    For some reason it takes a long period of time for me to open the ‘change my display image’ box and after it is opened I can’t import new images.  Please let me know if this is a permanent problem! Thanks!!

  14. Jem says:

    I’m STILL having problems signing into 6.0.1, it’s really frustrating as my partner can access his fine! I run OSX 10.4.8, as does he, I asked for support from microsoft but still no response! It’s not my firewall, OSX is set to both read & write etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!  PLEAAAAAASE!!!

  15. Jem says:

    I’m STILL having problems signing into 6.0.1, it’s really frustrating as my partner can access his fine! I run OSX 10.4.8, as does he, I asked for support from microsoft but still no response! It’s not my firewall, OSX is set to both read & write etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!  PLEAAAAAASE!!!

  16. Jem says:

    I’m STILL having problems signing into 6.0.1, it’s really frustrating as my partner can access his fine! I run OSX 10.4.8, as does he, I asked for support from microsoft but still no response! It’s not my firewall, OSX is set to both read & write etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!  PLEAAAAAASE!!!

  17. Adam says:

    I too have downloaded 6.0.1 and still can’t sign in…. any ideas?

  18. Kelsey says:

    Whenever i go to sign in, it won’t sign in, and it just keeping trying and trying, even after i terminate the connection. Once i force quit, the MSN will close, but a Microsoft Error, will come up and ask me to send it.

  19. Tessa Davis says:

    this mac is osx is it to old for mac messenger 601?

  20. Kevin says:

    If my mac has resumed from sleep – it will not sign on.

    Error is incorrect username or password.

    The first, failed,  attempt is always from the button on the Personal Contact screen.

    If I then press login again, it presents the separate login window.  This usually works.

  21. Henry Gratwick says:

    This weekend my copy of MSN no longer lets me sign in  – no reason why this is happen, I emailed Microsoft about this and got a standard answer that didn’t help at all – this isn’t affecting any of my windows-using friends as far as i can tell and is extremely annoying – i’ve tried a third-party MSN client without luck.  what’s going on?

  22. Jan R. Johnsen says:

    So you HAD to force me to update today?

    Well since I had no choice, I hoped for something higher than 6.0.1 – because that didn’t work, but no..still the “sign-in/pwd message”

    Well it doesn’t work and I can no longer communicate efficiently with my co-workers on my “two hour to deadline” project! NIce…thanx

    And I was just starting to like you guys….

  23. Nina Vajagic says:

    My problem is this: I can sign in just fine (with the version 6.0.1) but the application QUITS every time I try chatting. I did not have this problem with version 5.1 Hoever, that old version doesn’t want to work anymore, because Messanger insists that I must load version 6.0.1 in order to continue using it. I find it VERY frustrating.

  24. Pixel Pusher says:

    Still can’t sign in to MSN messenger 6.0.1 Never had a problem signing in until the update… I’ve tried deleting ALL of the prefs and reinstalling but still no luck. My issue is that it freezes when logging in, ( i get no error message) wtf were they thinking disabling messenger5 when 6 obviously has so many bugs?

    If anyone knows a fix please post!

  25. Josh Dimmack says:

    6.0.1 worked fine on my g4 mac mini.

    6.0.1 gives me the sign in error from my iBook g4. I tried deleteing allt he old files and reinstalling. Still nothing.

  26. Isabelle Brown says:

    I have the exact same problem as Nina Vajagic (11/10/06): I can sign in ok with messenger 6.0.1, but as soon as I try to chat the application quits. As it is impossible to go back to messenger 5.1 (which worked perfectly well), what am I supposed to do????

  27. J P says:

    yeah 6.0.1 says no ID or wrong password error.  I can access hotmail and everything else fine.. just the damn microsoft messenger won’t work..

  28. Robyn says:

    I downloaded 6.0.1 and now I can’t sign in. 6.0 was working fine. It says "password incorrect or sign-in name doesn’t exist". I’ve re-entered my log and pass a gazillion times, re-installed 6.0.1 and restarted my computer several times. I’m running OS 10.4.8 on a G4.

  29. Andy Simmons says:

    Upgraded to Messenger 6.0.1 on my desk top and 17" powerbook and the wife’s 12 Powerbook…. The desk top works ok as well as the wife’s powerbook….However the 17" does not let me sign in. I have been working on this for the passed 6 hours, and have given up… The part that pisses me off is that I had to do the upgrade to use my Messenger…Any suggestions?

  30. Schwieb says:

    I’ve forwarded this list of trouble tickets to our Messenger team.  We’ll be taking a look.

  31. Jens Öberg says:

    I can’t even download the 6.0.1, and I can’t use the one I have installed, because it says I need the new one. When I try downloading it says something like: "unable to find the server".

    Anyone know something about this? I would be forever grateful!


  32. Yesim Bilgic says:

    My internet speed is 24 mb/s which is quite good but the new messenger won’t allow me or my fellow opponents to share files.

    I downloaded the 5.1.1 version again to be able to do so and it worked immediately but recently a forced download of the new version occured when trying to log in on 5.1.1. Now I can’t sign in via 5.1.1 but must download 6.0.1 inspite this bug and use it even though it doesn’t work for the purposes it was meant for in my case.

    Please fix this bug! I need my msn to work thoroughly.

  33. Christina says:

    HI, I was just wondering if the latest versions of msn were availible for macs?  Im having trouble receiving icons and pictures from my friends.


  34. wallgyer says:

    Unbelievable. My whole family uses Messenger to communicate worldwide…and we use Macs. Suddenly some genius decides we all must do a mandatory upgrade to 6.0.1 and IT DOESN’T WORK!….AT ALL!! No one can send messages, receive messages…we can see each other but we can’t chat, we can’t send files, we can’t do anything. So let’s move back one rev right? NOOOOO the (same?) genius decides to disable the Messenger servers for that version without testing the new one first.

    WHAT reputable software company would do such a thing?

    Is Microsoft trying to live up the the Apple commercials.

    Glad we have Skype.

  35. Nicola says:

    I’ve just upgraded to Messnger 6.0.1 and it’s possessed my machine – it won’t quit (even if I try to force quit) and won’t sign in. I had version 5.0 and that worked just fine. I’ve tried uninstalling the files and reinstalling but no joy. I have an iBook G4 and OSX 10.3.9. Help!!

  36. MacManX says:

    I’m also having trouble with the 6.0.1 version. 6.0 worked just fine, but after upgrading I get the "incorrect username or password" error every FIRST time I try to log in. Second try works just fine! It’s a bit annoying…

  37. nadyne says:

    If you’ve upgraded to Messenger 6.0.1 and are still having trouble signing in, please post more details to the Messenger:Mac public newsgroup.  It is: news://microsoft.public.mac.messenger

    Make sure that you include the version of Messenger that you’re using, the OS version that you’re using, your hardware, and any other details that you think are relevant.  

  38. Carl says:

    I also have login problems with the new messenger 6.0.1. I takes a long time to login. I didn´t have this problem before!

  39. littlelady says:

    i haven’t been able to sign in unless i’m at a a wi-fi hotspot. i use dial up at home but when i’m at a hotspot it’s weird

  40. Luis says:

    I cannot chat or else!! It logs in but if I dare click any option, the prgram quits!!!

  41. Ruchan Ziya says:

    Using 6.0.1 on 10.4.8 PPC Messenger does not automatically logon. I need to hit retry al least twice. Then it does. 6.0.1 also can not save message history. When I hit save after closing a chat I am presented with a dialog telling me the history could not be saved but if i would like to close anyhow. Maybe two problems are related?

    BTW; These do nnot exist on my MacBook Pro 10.4.8 (Intel)


  42. sam says:

    same problem

    6.01 doesn’t sign in automatically the first time, window pops up to try again… Second time works…

    Msn is an annoying piece of crap

  43. val says:

    Well i have downloaded the new 6.0.1 and have been using it since october. but suddenly there is a problem logging on. I dont know if it could be the same issue or what but it sure is frustrating

  44. Reno says:

    Yeah, everyone sitting here saying "Yeah i have the same problem" isn’t going to help. Find some answers/help instead of repeating hat others have said…….

  45. José says:

    as the title

  46. Shad says:

    the perfect solution would be if Skype or iChat let you add MSN users as contacts. that way we don’t have to use an inferior product but can IM people who do…

  47. Alex says:

    same thing here, i just updated my msn to 6.0.1. it worked fine for the first two or three days, then i just can’t sign in anymore, this is getting very annoying. I am very dissappointed, and that i shdn’t have change to a mac.

  48. Aaron says:

    Downloaded Messenger 6.0.1 and can’t log in now, it just hangs there and I have to force quit. I’m using OSX 10.4.8 on a G5 iMac. It’s a joke if you ask me!!!!!

  49. Christopher says:

    I downloaded 6.0.1 on my G5 and I still have the same problems trying to sign-in as I did with 6.0. It fails the first time every time. So much for the patch working on my machine (and it’s one that usually is pretty trouble-free!).

  50. svenson says:

    what…..still no answer? its been a month now with no solutions. I started using skype …slowly weened over my clients…still a few to go…another month of this and I won’t need msn messenger anymore!. Its like losing weight and getting rid of those fat pants for good! Its my new years resolution "no more mac messenger". Ill leave messenger for the PC geeks wanting to find cracks for flight simulators…

  51. nadyne says:

    Hi Svenson —

    We’d appreciate your help tracking down this issue (as well as anyone else who’s having trouble signing in with Messenger 6.0.1).  Please post more details to the Messenger:Mac public newsgroup.  It is: news://microsoft.public.mac.messenger

    That’s a much more interactive forum than comments on a blog post, and the Messenger team is actively monitoring that newsgroup and working with people who are having trouble.

    In your post to that forum, please make sure that you include the version of Messenger that you’re using, the OS version that you’re using, your hardware, and any other details that you think are relevant.  

  52. Robyn says:

    I put news://microsoft.public.mac.messenger in my address bar and get nothing. What kind of address it that?

    Does Microshaft not know there are major problems with Messenger? Why is nothing being done? I find nothing on Microshaft’s website that mentions they are trying to solve the problems or even acknowleges there is a problem. Yet another reason why I’m proud to be a Mac user!

  53. Jess says:

    Yes, not only does my MSN not work, but the website doesn’t seem to either.  I’m having more problems than just taking at least two tries to log in.  I can’t unblock people that I’ve previously blocked, messages that are sent don’t scroll up and the entire thing freezes every five minutes or so.  Although it seems that I should be grateful that I’m even able to send messages at all.

  54. Axel says:

    Still won’t sign in 1st time with 6.0.1.  It reliably says password wrong etc on the 1st sign in attempt.

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