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Today we released update 11.3.0 for Office 2004 for Mac. You can get this update through Microsoft AutoUpdate or you can download it from the Mactopia site. You can trigger the update yourself by clicking Check for Update from the Help menu of your favorite Office 2004 for Mac application. In addtion we updated Microsoft Office v. X for Mac to version 10.1.8.

Here are the links to the download pages for these updates if you want to pick them up manually:

Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.0 Update
This update contains several updates to enhance security and stability, including fixes for vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer's memory with malicious code. In addition, this update includes all of the improvements released in all previous Office 2004 updates. (If you're an Exchange user, check out this page for some additional information about the Entourage update.)

Mactopia: Microsoft Office v. X for Mac 10.1.8 Update
This update contains several updates to enhance security and stability, including fixes for vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer's memory with malicious code. In addition, this update includes all of the improvements released in all previous Office v. X updates.

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  1. David Zatz says:

    I think it’s great that Office v.X is still updated (as well as 2004) and that this update doesn’t require interim updates first – but can we expect a file converter for Office 12 files, given that the Mac version is so far away?

  2. Can we get some PackageMaker-based installers/updaters!

    I simply dread trying to reverse-engineer Vise installers in order to push out the update to a few hundred mac users at the same time 🙁


  3. Fil.Tro says:

    Is it possible know if the office update is compiled with Xcode or CodeWarrior?

  4. Gonzie says:

    thanks for still supporting v.X guys, how long will you be supporting it for?

  5. MOR says:

    It’s great that there are still updates to Office.

    And thanks for all your hard work.  I mean that.  If you can make Word as great as Pages, I’ll be in heaven.

    However,  I have to ask: is this a joke?

    From the “Installation instructions”:

    “If you are using Internet Explorer, the Download Manager saves the file to the desktop unless you specified a different folder in the Preferences dialog box of Internet Explorer. To check your preferences, on the  Explorer menu, click Preferences, and then click Download Options in the left pane.”

    Who in the world is using IE to download anything to a Mac?  And, even MS says on the IE for Mac page:

    “In June 2003, the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit announced that Internet Explorer for Mac would undergo no further development, and support would cease in 2005. In accordance with published support lifecycle policies, Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer for Mac on December 31st, 2005, and is not providing any further security or performance updates.

    Accordingly, as of January 31st, 2006, Internet Explorer for the Mac is no longer available for download from Microsoft. It is recommended that Macintosh users migrate to more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple’s Safari.”

    So, What in the world would lead anyone in their right mind to write installation instructions that suggest using IE?

    I hate to say it, but this strikes me as a perfect example of Microsoftism.  Referring the user to a technology that is no longer supported.

    Please tell me it was just a cut-and-paste from a really old set of instructions?

  6. Schwieb says:

    David — File converters are in the works.  We don’t have any public ETA for them yet, but we are working on them.

    Jeremy — We don’t have any packages for Office X or 2004 updates.  There’s been some talk about switching to them, but not yet.

    Fil.Tro — Office X and 2004 are still built using CodeWarrior.  Office 12 is build with Xcode.

    Gonzie — Office X support ends as of Jan 9, 2007.  See this page:

    MOR — that was probably a copy-and-paste mistake.  Sorry for the confusion!

  7. Schwieb says:

    For more information on the support dates for all Microsoft products, go to this page:

  8. Mike C. says:

    I’m happy that everything is getting updated but it would be nice to have a Security link on the Mactopia page to list bulletin updates for the Mac.  

    I understand that these bulletins are included in the Windows security releases, but the average Mac user probably doesn’t want or need to follow Windows security woes.  With 65 windows security fixes through October, the Mac stuff easily gets lost in the shuffle.

    A separate Mac mailing list might be an idea too, since our MS TAM doesn’t really follow the Mac stuff too much (though he is great with Windows)

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Mike C says:

    Can you post the number of hits MacTopia gets from IE for the Mac?  I too find it funny that IE instructions are listed.  I guess I can understand why there isn’t Firefox instructions though.

  10. Gonzie says:

    cheers for that, do you have a rough estimate for office 12? i’m not planning on updating again until then unless you do a “buy office 2004 get 12 when we release it” sometime next year. is that something that could happen?

  11. David Zatz says:

    Now I’m REALLY impressed. Thank you. I very much look forward to them as I have clients who are already on Office 12!

  12. In “Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-058”, the links on “Download the update (KB924999)” and on “Download the update (KB924998)” only lead to But offers no links to the patch pages.

    Could you use direct links in,  and also add them in, please?

    Thank you in advance.

    Claude Almansi

  13. Just let me know who to talk to about switching to PackageMaker-based installations…I can twist a few arms 🙂

    I’m actually interested in how the MacBU upgrades MS Office 2004 on a hundred macs simultaneously…I’m sure there’s a certain amount of reverse-engineering from the Update logs, eh? GUI scripting?

    Seriously, the mac admins out there (like me) would be VERY happy if this were done…a REAL time-saver.



  14. Isaac says:

    These update installers always ask you to quit the Office apps.  The one troublesome app to quit is Microsoft Database Daemon.  Do the installers quit this app for us or should we really go through all of the trouble to do it ourselves?  It would make me much more comfortable to know that the installer will do it (i.e. it should tell me that it is going to quit it).

  15. Hans says:

    I was ready to download this update, wait an interminable amount of time while the update was “looking for programs to update,” and then come here and complain that the office update should ask me where the stuff it’s looking for is…

    But this is the first update that actually installs.

    Good work.

  16. MOR says:

    Hey, Thanks for replying.

    Since you’re in the replying mode…and this is about an Office update…

    I wonder, has this problem been solved yet?  I run Macs in a University Lab and I get this issue occasionally…

    "In OS X 10.4.x (Tiger), when you launch Word 2004, you get multiple errors saying something like “(name of font) is corrupt and should be removed.”  This happens for many, if not all, your fonts and without any apparent cause (although more likely when installing Office 2004 in Tiger or just after upgrading to Tiger).  You click out of the error dialogs, check your fonts only to find out that they are not corrupt, and then everything is fine until you quit and relaunch Word, whereupon the entire mess repeats."

  17. Sheamus says:

    Greetings from Canada!

    Good show on your blog, checking it daily now. Your mention of the update for Office X was very helpful. Immediately got it downloaded and installed. BTW I like the visual appearance of the Installer.

  18. Chris Nolte says:

    Unfortunately the update does not fix our biggest problem. We have already tried to explain the problem to the customer support, but it is difficult to describe, therefore we have posted a screenshot under:

    The problem is about screen artifacts when having selected a box or similar.

    Thanks for any help or fixing this in the next upgrade.


  19. Aaron Kay says:

    Package-Maker based updates are a must. Everytime an updat comes out I have to spend weeks chasing down all my laptop toting mac users and do the updates by hand. Very frustrating and bothers my users quite a bit. I’m not moving to Radmind just to get push ability with your updates. Package-Maker please!

  20. Richard says:

    Can I put in a request for two really annoying problems to be fixed. The first I was keeping my fingers crossed for a fix in the latest patch, the second I know has been around for a while.

    Firstly, I switched to Office 2004 relatively late, and whilst Office X was fine in this respect, Word 2004 keeps defaulting to US Letter paper – and the Mac Word MVP suggestion of hacking the print driver doesn’t exactly seem like a sensible route. Everything else on the Mac is set to A4, indeed this is the default in the print settings. I’ve tried setting it in the normal template, but that doesn’t seem to work either. What is really annoying is that on occasions it seems to change the paper size on PC produced documents I get in – look at them on a PC and they are correctly on A4 paper, on the Mac they are reformatted into US Letter.

    The second problem I know has been around for a while, and I know is an interaction between Word and MacOS X, but I was wondering if some way could be found to get PDF’s produced from Word 2004 to be able to cope with changes from portrait to landscape. One document I have to deal with regularly has a landscape format task list in it, and it always has to be sent over to a PC owner to produce the PDF because of the way Word divides the changes into multiple print jobs, producing multiple PDF’s – or more often as not one PDF containing just the last section of the print run!

  21. don montalvo says:

    entourage not updated (still at 11.2.5)…when will a patch be released that addresses the rampant “spinning beachball” issue.

    clients are getting spinning beachball at various times…entourage is entirely unresponsive during that time (frequency is every few minutes; amount of time entourage is unresponsive is from seconds to minutes).

    shocked to see office 11.3 did not address this long standing issue…help!


    don montalvo, nyc

    curmudgeon at large

  22. Garry Kitchen says:

    I agree with Don’s comment.  Entourage has a fatal problem on the Mac that causes the Database Daemon to hang right in the middle of work, usually for anywhere from 5-10 minutes.  During this time Entourage is completely unresponsive.  If you’re patient it always comes back but who wants to deal with that.

    My theory is that the Database Daemon has decided it’s time to do some clean up or packing (my database is fairly large).  Some sites have suggested doing a rebuild to fix it but that doesn’t have an effect, at least for me.

    What’s up and when will it be fixed?



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