Friday Links: Podcasts

The big link that I saw come into the mac mojo blog this
week came from Xbox Live's Major Nelson. The Major is a friend of mine
and one of the things I noticed when I visited his office for
the first time was a sweet Power Mac G5 rig. If you've never visted
his blog before, it's pretty much everything you need to know about
what's going on with the Xbox 360. In addition to his blog, Major
Nelson does an extremely popular Xbox podcast. He has a background in commercial radio, so there's a really high
level of production quality to that podcast.

So what to link to this week? Podcasts! One of
the best ways I have of getting Mac information is to listen to some of
the great Mac podcasts that are out there. Here's a list of some of my
favorites. (Note that most of these are iTunes links, so they will open to the podcast's page in iTunes automatically.)

Of course, there are a ton more of these, just search for "Mac" in the iTunes store
and you'll find a whole slew of them.

I've been thinking about putting together a Mac Office podcast. It
would probably be a screencast of tips and info about Office for
Mac. I might also add some interviews with some of the people working
on the product. The other alternative might be to produce a bunch of one minute
tips for Office and make them available in a feed. Thoughts? Let
me know. Have a nice weekend!

Comments (7)

  1. Brian,

    Don’t forget my podcast, The Mac ReviewCast at We’ve been doing it for well over a year now. It looks at software, hardware and websites that make using the Mac special. It centers on the freeware of the week, but we have 3-4 guest reviewers each week. An informative and unique Mac based podcast.

    Thank you!

  2. Asam Bashir says:

    Just be carefull with selection of any background music, don’t try to use delta wave technology to try and mind control. I’d prefer if the background was drum and bass. No stupid Windows bleeps either, you’re welcome to use  Mac OS X built in voices, my fav’s are Zarvox and Vikki….

  3. phil says:

    Mac Office screencasts would be very cool!  Go for it.

  4. Thanks Tim. I’ll take a listen!

  5. Dr.T says:

    Xbox Podcast. Surprise surprise. Office for Mac is worth writing about it?

  6. Asam Bashir says:

    A suitable idea for a new blog post from MacBU,

    Any comments?

  7. Asam Bashir says:

    Hey can you add the funny VPC guy to the podcast as well..

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