How to build a Virtual Image with just a Win 2k8 setup disk ISO

I don’t have to do this often but when I do I occasionally forget the steps.  For those wanting to create a new virtual disk in VPC, Windows Virtualization, etc here are some steps that may help: Create a new virtual hard disk Capture the setup disk ISO file Start the VPC On the screen,…


Launch VPC without VPC Console via command line

Ever wanted to launch a VPC without going through the console?   You can through the command-line: “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual PC.exe” -pc <VPCNAME> -singlepc


Microsoft Remote Desktop Management Tool

Although this has been out for a while, I got reminded recently about a tool from Microsoft that manages multiple remote desktop settings.   If you find yourself swapping between multiple machine and dislike separate windows this may be the tool for you.   This tool is a MMC 2.0 snap-in .   The “Remote Desktops” add-in can…


Trouble with Virtual Server 2005 (R2) Standard Edition and Network Cards

I was having trouble with Virtual Server 2005 recognizing my host network cards.  After many tries of uninstall/reinstall, add/remove virtual network machines from NIC cards, and other various config changes I finally figured out my situation. Symptom Goto Virtual Server Admin website Goto Server Properties Goto Physical Computer Properties I could not see any network…