How to create a hyperlink in Reporting Services that opens in a new window

I was at a client and the question came up "Can I jump to another web based tool from my report?".   The answer seemed obvious ... YES.   What was not straightfoward was how to open the other web based tool in another window.   Here is a solution a found (someone else's idea) that helped.

When designing the report:

  • Open up a text box properties window

  • Go to Navigation

  • Enable Jump to URL

  • In the URL enter javascript:void( '', '_blank') 

Please note that you should replace the with the URL you would like to launch.   Also note, that the second parameter of '_blank' is the standard target meaning a new window.

Comments (4)

  1. I’ve search my second blog for a trick I did a long time a go: popup / drilltrough for RS2000, well Id

  2. Juan Carlos says:

    How disable hyperlink in the excel, exported for reporting service

  3. Meryl Birn says:

    The Javascript doesn’t work when the report is delivered as an email via a subscription.  Is there a way to tell whether the report is being viewed on the web or in an email message?  Then I could present two different links, one using Javascript and one not.

  4. ksuresh99 says:

    After exporting to excel, clicking hyperlink in the excel (with javascript) IE new window open but prompt error "Unspecified error"? Do we have any workaround for this?

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