Version Check again and again

Developers care about job security. They have to. In my conspiracy theories, the Y2K bug was an evil plan by a group of developers that saw their 401k’s take a nose dive and they wanted a backup plan for retirement. Without too much investment, that is. I came across the version check issue again today….


How to digitally sign binaries

If you need to sign your binary, you can find all you need about Authenticode signing here: As an ISV, you will need a 3rd party certificate. However for testing you can create your own certificate and tell your machine to trust it. From an elevated command prompt, you first need to create a…


TS RemoteApp and local Drives

Windows Server 2008 has a new feature called TS RemoteApps. It allows you to publish applications on the terminal server and access only that application from a client (as opposed to having a complete desktop). By default the sharing of local resources (such as disk drives) is enabled which makes applications that need to save…

Kernel debug with a Virtual Machine

It took me a while to figure this out (but then once I found it, I found it again and again). If you want to machine debug a virtual machine (vpc) with WinDBG, you need to: set up the VPC to be debugged (msconfig.exe; boot tab; advanced options) set up a COM port for a…