Application Verifier Locks 0x201 Active Critical Section

Suppose you are trying to get your application Vista Certified or OEM Ready. You test your application with Application Verifier and you see this error in the log: “<avrf:logEntry Time=”2008-10-15 : 14:18:33″ LayerName=”Locks” StopCode=”0x201″ Severity=”Error”>   <avrf:message>Unloading DLL containing an active critical section.</avrf:message>     Now what? From the log, this is difficult to debug….


Debugging and Symbols

Anytime you want to do anything in a debugger, you need symbols. Best thing you can do is set up an environment variable, so you’re done. Here are public Microsoft symbols. Yves has created a little cmd that you can use which I politely copy here since it is handy: SetX.exe /M _NT_SYMBOL_PATH "SRV*C:\Symbols\Private*\\Symbols\Symbols;SRV*C:\Symbols\Public*" And…