Marketing Blocking and Tackling

Strategy is sexy. “Envisioning” is fun. Too often, though, marketers (hey, I’m guilty like everyone else) forget or downplay the critical element of tactical execution. Was talking with Drew yesterday about football (I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember–as a ‘Skins fan, this week has been rough). The more I watch…


Book Review: Bit Literacy

  I didn’t get a whole lot from Bit Literacy, but after 20 pages, I quickly realized why. It’s not written for me. It’s written for you. How do I know? When you shut down your computer at night, how many emails do you have in your inbox? I have zero. Mark Hurst is one…


Blogging ROI

Nice post from Avinash on how bloggers can measure the ROI of their activities. For people new to the blogging world, it’s a tough idea. I’ve touched on anecdotes in the past, but this is a good metric-based approach.


Book Review: Linked

Originally, I thought Linked would be more thoughts along the lines of Never Eat Alone and the value of networking, but boy, was I wrong! It was that and MUCH more. An in-depth investigation into network theory running the gamut of subjects from physics to cell biology to terrorism to the Internet. A fascinating read that, if…


Misogyny, Misanthropy, Both, or Neither?

  I saw this ad and thought, “how offensive to women, it implies they can be bought.” (For more on my perspetive, see the end of misogyny in advertising) My wife’s reaction: “the only way a man can become valued to a woman is through the purchase of a diamond. How shallow.” Either way, another…


Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, and Brand Passion

A few years ago, I went to Daytona Bike Week. The first time I saw it, I did a double-take. A guy had the word “Harley” tattooed on one arm and “Davidson” on the other. Talk about brand loyalty.  Harley doesn’t send letters to bikers with guidelines about proper “context” for their logo. They are thrilled to have…


What role a portal?

One of the assets we have is the Microsoft Public Sector Partner Portal. My inclination is to make this the resource for static information and one-way communication, moving the live events to a more two-way format. The question, however, is how to add value without overwhelming the partner experience? We’ll need to limit ourselves to only…


Revolutionizing the Newsletter…

Most newsletters are boring, aren’t they? As Mike Guzzo (on my team) says, “they are so 90’s.” Yet, MSFT continues to inundate our customers and partners with them. They are, frequently, multi-page long compilations of the interests of many different groups. As a result, they don’t add much value. To give you some data on…


Book Review: Secrets of Consulting

I’m of the opinion that pretty much everyone in the “knowledge economy” is a consultant. What Secrets of Consulting does -pretty well-is boil down a lot of the truths about working with people (his first rule is, “no matter what, it’s ALWAYS a people problem”) into simple little proverbs (hey, like the one I just cited!)…


Marketing in a Nutshell..

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that marketing’s job is to only deliver “qualified leads.” That’s ridiculous. Drucker says it better than anyone and a call out to Brand Autopsy for the inspiration today.