How to Prove to Your CFO That Marketing Works

This just in...HT to Allison Dawson. Could be interesting...

11/15/07 10:00am PST  90 minutes online- FREE

Marketers face daunting challenges in their organizations. There is never enough time to do everything asked of them. The sales team often doesn’t believe that marketing-generated leads have any value. And the CFO makes marketing more difficult by cutting budgets, delaying approvals and avoiding all risk.

But you can help partners change all that. They can deliver leads of high quality on a continual basis. They can generate results at low cost and low risk and prove it to the CFO and the rest of the organization.

Partners will learn:

  • How to communicate your plans and results in a language the CFO will understand
  • A simple yardstick to determine and communicate the value of marketing
  • The value of lead management and qualification
  • How to develop an objectives-based marketing budget
  • How to turn your marketing into an asset instead of an expense
  • How to take advantage of Microsoft Ready-to-Go Campaigns, a simple, relevant and effective benefit of your Partner Program membership

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