What is Microsoft’s Web 2.0 Strategy?

Last week I introduced the Marketing Challenge: Microsoft in Web 2.0? for a conference on Nov. 1.

Now we've launched a wiki for customers to help us figure it out.... If You Were Steve Ballmer....

The strategy for the event itself is still developing, but I firmly believe that somehow we have to get the attendees of the conference involved with the software that Microsoft has.

More importantly,to change the way they (potentially) view Microsoft as a "Web 2.0 Player." If they are involved with the thought process, it is possible that they may look at the situation with different eyes.

Besides, if it is really good, we just might have to send it to SteveB himself!

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  1. No doubts, real code reusability and heterogeneous platform integration through web services.

    But security will be your next nightmare where sysadmins will not be able to protect systems.

  2. Our game plan for the Web 2.0 for business is coming along . Perfect? No. Disaster? I don’t think so.

  3. There are two sides to the ROI equation for today’s conference. On the one hand, we generate positive,

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