Advertising Direct Hit…

CCI10172007_00001 It's rare these days to see an ad that REALLY gets your attention, but this one certainly did for me.

If you are concerned about Identity Theft, this one is going to grab you. Whoever this guy is, he certainly believes in his product. Is he lying? I doubt it, because if anyone figures out that he is, his company is toast! 

Which makes you wonder what he knows that you don't that would make him feel comfortable putting his SSN in an ad.

Next step?

Call them, right?

Very impressive.

Now, what can you do to similarly elicit a response from your customers and clients?

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  1. Fredrik Nyman says:

    Indeed.  I saw the guy’s ads on TV (likewise impressive) and mentioned it to my wife.  Which is something that happens approximately never.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    and then I saw the same Ad on Facebook last night. This guy is coming out strong and fast.

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