Showing the customer love…and vice versa

IMAGE_031 Went up to Hagerstown, MD today for an Open House with Innovative Incorporated, one of the leading Microsoft partners in that area. These guys really get the idea of the immersive customer experience.

IMAGE_028A festive atmosphere with rooms throughout the office dedicated to different technologies. [I hung out in the Microsoft room, of course, with an Xb0x 360 on a Hi-Def machine and a Vista machine showing through the same monitor.]

Also there were Cisco and HP, helping customers understand the full range of solutions the company provides.

IMAGE_025Scheduled for 12-5, they had 40-50 people by 1pm, asking questions, chowing down, having a good time and building relationships.

Giveaways and raffles added to the excitement as well.

This was just a good example of an event that didn't have to evangelize, just build relationship and reinforce the brand image...these guys get technology, are passionate about it, and know how to make it hum.

What customer wouldn't want that?


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  1. Jeremy – you nailed it!  We had a blast, and got to show our customers and prospects some neat stuff.  Thanks for your support!

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