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My research last year shows that for salesreps, the average partner exec invests approx 10-15 hours and the company will spend $20k in the search process.

On top of that, only 50% of sales hires stay more than 1 year.

I've seen a lot of fits and starts over the years from Microsoft in terms of helping our partners find solid people to hire (both technical and biz dev).

Got an email from CNS yesterday:

CNS is looking for a super star salesrep to sell Microsoft solutions and a super star MCSE to install Microsoft solutions.  Where do you think are some good places to post these openings other than Craig’s List and our web site?  I want to hook into the Microsoft community.

The problem?

Microsoft doesn't really have a formal way of doing this...unless we want to become a job board..not sure we want to, but this is an area where, if we are committed to partners (and I believe we are), we need to do something.

I'm open to ideas?

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  1. Chris Byrne says:

    I get requests from my customers all the time for help with their .NET projects. I find it very hard to point them somewhere consistently to find the talent they need.

    Recruitment sites etc are not an option as they require more transparency and a recommender network.

    My Irish partner manager, Ciara, just pointed me to for Ireland which is fine

    but if MS can do something on this it would be a very big help.

    My C# guys are overloaded so I cannot spare them!

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