The Customer Experience…

The average American has over 3000 customer experiences daily.

And Joey Coleman of Design Symphony understands what it takes to make a customer feel good about you.

In an era where "everyone competes on speed (thanks to ups, fedex) and price (china, walmart)," customers look at you through the lens of

  • physical performance
  • senses stimulated
  • emotions evoked

Every single interaction (your lobby, business card, email, voice mail, how you dress) either shapes a good or poor experience.

How can you impact the situation so that a customer is WOWed by working with you or your company?

Joey spent lunchtime with a number of partners in the Microsoft DC office talking about this very issue.

First, he asked us to list our bad customer experiences.

Then, he asked us to list our good customer experiences.

He then worked us all through an exercise to reconfigure how we look at the experience we are giving our customers?

  1. is your website bland or boring?
  2. when you give your elevator pitch, do you say trite phrases like "Microsoft partner," "trusted advisor," and "outsourced IT?" or do you say, "I save the world by installing Exchange Server!!"  Ok, slight hyperbole, but you get the point.

I met Joey at the Seth Godin event at U of MD and he astounded me with his, yes, business card. It is the ONLY card I have kept in the last year!

The guy just gets it.

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  1. I attended this event today and was very impressed with Joey’s presentation. He points out how doing the little things can set you apart from your competition. For instance, when is the last time you received a hand written thank you card? He tells us to go beyond that and put a little more thought into it to create that powerful connection/relationship.  Adding a simple gift (though it must connect with the recipient) with the hand written note will have that prospect/client remembering you. It’s that type of relationship that gets you business and sets you apart from your competition.

    Joey really knows his stuff.  I hope he come by again.

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  6. How many business cards have you received? How many of them do you keep? How many of them make an impact?

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  9. Remember Joey Coleman? It was because of his business card alone that I introduced him to a number of

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