A missed opportunity…

So my wife forwards me an email that has all of the markings of a email spoof. It reads (in part):

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, February 8, 2007
  Cancer-causing Chemical Found in Children's Bath Products
  Women's Shampoos and Body Wash also Contaminated

I'm skeptical, so I go to my first stop for these things...www.snopes.com

Thing is...there's nothing there saying it's either true or false.

I do a general websearch...there are a bunch of sites quoting this same press release.

Our kids use the Johnson & Johnson No Tears (one of the products mentioned) so I figure..."I'll go to their site, they must have a comment on it one way or another."

I get there...and nothing. It's a static site. I can't find a mention of this issue anywhere.

If I'm J&J, I'm saying either "it's true and we've changed the formula," or "it's a hoax" or anything to address this issue.

A chance to build loyalty with customers...gone.

Things are being said about you all the time..personally and professionally. Best to confront them head-on and let your voice be heard.

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