So I just got a T-mobile Dash phone and  it is SWEET.

It's got Windows Mobile 5 on it, direct email (a la Blackberry) with a full keyboard, ability to see Word, Excel, Powerpoint, camera, video, music, etc. Heck, you can even watch recorded TV shows.  

It's got built in Wi-fi, so I can surf the Net from the phone using any wireless connection (like the one in my house...or Starbucks...or your house).


But here's where it gets AWESOME.

I downloaded and installed Skype for Windows Mobile.

I signed into Skype...and using the wireless connection, made a Skype call on my phone.

Now, I can call anyone, anywhere in the world (who has Skype) from my mobile phone...with no extra charges (I have an unlimited $19.99/month data plan).

TREMENDOUS! I live for this stuff 😉

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