Snow, Ice, and Unified Communications….

If today's snow day isn't an argument for Unified Communications (see schedule below), I don't know what is.

A story...

My wife works for a federal agency. There was a meeting scheduled for 10am this morning.

We awoke to ice, snow, and school closings. All we knew was that the Gov't was opening late-at 10am.

She didn't know if the meeting was still on or not. She didn't have the numbers of any of the meeting owners from the other agencies.

We were scrambling...looking up home phone numbers of colleagues online. Everyone dealing w/imperfect information.



What about a nice, centralized system where the meeting owner calls in to a server, leaves a voicemail that gets sent as an email AND voicemail and where each employee can call in, get a message and KNOW for sure?


That's unified communications...and that's what customers will see at the upcoming events.

Date City Venue


Columbia, MD

That’s Amore


Washington, DC

Spy Museum (Zola)


Reston, VA

Microsoft Office


Rockville, MD

Dave & Buster’s


Arlington, VA

Bailey’s Pub & Grille


VA Beach, VA

VA Aquarium

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