The Wizards of Buzz…

For those of you who were at the Seth Godin event, this article will ring very true

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  1. Joan M says:

    It’s food for thought, in that it demonstrates the power of social networking yet again.  I believe our old marketing adage was "it takes ten good customer comments to overcome the one bad one".

    But, I also think a lot of this engenders a fad mentality, and for those of us in small services businesses, that’s likely not what we need.  The trick is to harness some of the power to get your referrals directed toward the right people.  

    I am still a firm believer in the "marketing mix"– people listen differently, and hear differently.  It’s too easy to be one dimensional… this includes the latest tricks abounding on web marketing. Not to say that it might not be an integral part of getting your message out, but to abandon all your other activiites and concentrate on just this one aspect does not seem sound to me at this point in time.

    As Seth pointed out, our prospects have a multitude of places to garner their information and form opinions.  It’s a huge challenge for marketers!  Anyone know a good site with opinions on whch hair dye to use that will cover the gray?!

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