NetCFSvcUtil QFE

It was brought to our notice that the NetCFSvcUtil.exe crashes while running on Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7 RC operating systems. Today we are releasing a QFE for NetCFSvcUtil.exe which fixes this problem. This QFE can be downloaded here. Download this QFE if you need to run this utility on the above operating systems.  


.NET Framework 3.5 Namespace poster updated for .Net Compact Framework Types

Sometime back some of our MVPs pointed out that the .NET Framework 3.5 Namespace poster had several types which were available in .Net Compact Framework but not marked with “CF” in the poster. We have updated the poster to reflect all types available in .NET Compact Framework. You can get the updated poster in PDF format here….


.NET CF Hotfix – CF failed to call some HTTPS web servers when encrytpion is enabled

Many customers were facing issues with a bug in .NET compact framework where CF failed to call some HTTPS web servers when encrytpion is enabled. The core issue here was that SSL decryption breaks and NetCF resets connection if an empty encryption packet is sent. This is had been described in detail by Andrew Arnott…


GZip message encoding for WCF applications written using .Net Compact Framework

WCF technology samples released by Microsoft contain a sample (Custom Message Encoder: Compression Encoder) which shows how to write your own custom message encoder (GZip) for desktop WCF applications. In the past there have been a lot of questions regarding how this can be achieved for device applications using .Net Compact Framework. Microsoft has also…