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Today I saw a general session with Ben Stein (famous American character), his presentation was funny, critical and at some points, emotive, with almost nothing related to BI and in many aspect US centric. But since we're thinking out of the box, it was a valid session. After the presentation one thought that stroke me was: gosh, I can use BI to help solve many problems he stated. The technology is here, why we aren't using it for our own good? Think about that...

After the presentation we had a round table with employees from Accenture, Dell, HP, Hitachi and Profitbase, discussing many BI aspects. Some points that I like hearing were:


- We're ready to the amount of that that will need to get managed? Technology is evolving, but our data management and technical folks are following it?
- Even more we'll see social aspects integrated with BI.
- BI will be delivered to any device and at real time.
- More business visibility (we don't know what the analyst doesn't know). How to uncover new business information that we aren't noticing?

SKILLS AND GAPS (how the IT professionals can get ready?)

- Do not keep listen to old phrases about BI, like "BI projects are huge and very very expensive". We can make it an incremental project, prove it's value and keep evolving over time!
- There's emerging a new role - from data architect to information architect. A person even more knowledgeable about the business, systems and how they interact, not just a tool/modeling guy.
- Stop looking to BI as an extra, a hobby. It requires a specialized team, in sync with all the company, with a clear career path and a list of discrete projects, not a huge BI has-it-all project.


- Very disruptive model that raises many questions: intellectual property, security, what to use (processing or storage, or both)
- Roughly 75% of people doesn't have access to BI - the cloud is an enormous opportunity to reach those people
- Just because the technology is available and we can, does it mean that we should?

Some mine observations...

- I really hate using my cell phone to manage information, it's tiny and slows me back. How we can make it feasible for a regular end user (not a gadget addict).
- As expected, TI continues to do and later understand. We need to change the way things work and look out for new opportunities in this market. Geeks with people skills that understand the business need and how to address those gaps will have a high impact and probably, a high salary.
- We are learning how to use SQL Server Data Services and his ACE model, so soon we'll have a lot of data stored there from many companies (small and medium - my guess) working from different verticals. Why not having someone specialized in one specific area that knows how to speak the business language and transform the data in the cloud in valuable information?

Luciano Caixeta Moreira
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