Manage calls more naturally with Gestures Beta. Try it out and give us feedback.

screenshotWith Gestures Beta you can control some of the functionality of your Lumia phone without touching the display. 

This beta release will enable you to control calls and silence your phone conveniently.  You can:

  • Answer a call by picking up your phone and putting it to you ear
  • Mute your mic during a call by placing the phone on a flat surface with the display facing down
  • Put the call on speaker by placing the phone on a flat surface with the display facing up
  • Silence incoming call ringer by flipping phone display down

Note: Lumia 630, Lumia 635, and Lumia 530 will have limited functionality.

Try it now


We welcome your feedback

We are looking forward to receive your feedback on how it works for you and for your phone.  Tell us what you think about the individual features and what kind of improvements you would like to see by posting to our feedback forum.

Comments (125)
  1. emir pajic says:

    Nokia 1020 is also limited )=

  2. Amrut says:

    Not working on my 1020

  3. dax says:

    On my 1520 is working.

  4. Alexandre Carvalho says:

    Good app, works fine.

    Please add the mod for passing his hand over the phone, it changes to the next song, or shake phone for next music player.

  5. Chrono32123 says:

    Any chance of this beta coming to HTC One M8 users?

  6. kingbobyjr says:

    It doesn't work on my Lumia 928 running 8.1 DP.  🙁

  7. rich says:

    1020 with dev preview. Does not work at all

  8. nik says:

    Not working answer Nokia Lumia 720

  9. Erik says:

    Lumia 1020 with dev preview and works perfectly!

  10. Samsung Ativ S says:

    Would like to see this for the Ativ S as well (I know it's lumia branded, but still, it is all Windows Phone)

  11. Meg says:

    Lumia Icon with developer's preview, doesn't work.

  12. Brian says:

    I 2nd not working on an Icon w/ DP. The normal flip to mute ringer option continues to work however.

  13. Nico says:

    Not working in my 1020 with DP.

  14. Nico says:

    Its working now on my 1020 DP, Just start the App and untick and tick every options.

  15. sergiu says:

    Lumia 925 – silence incoming calls an mut mic is not working with gesture beta and os 8.1 cyan

  16. rudik says:

    Lumia 730 not working

  17. mysticgeek says:

    Working well on Lumia 635 — is the reason for limited features due to the lack of certain internal sensors of the entry level phones?

  18. Alex says:

    Works great on my Lumia 525, everyphone should have always worked this way !

  19. Dinesh Mishra says:

    These features work perfectly fine on Lumia 520.

    MS team keep up excellent work.

  20. Samwize says:

    Works with Lumia 1520, but sometimes does not answer a call, when my third party flip cover is on the screen. Don't know how the answer-mechanic works so I cannot say if the cover is the problem.

  21. Yuli Li says:

    Not working on my Lumia 925

  22. Seetaram Wahule says:

    I got if download today working nicely and I am enjoying .Thank you Microsoft.for new Gestures app. I am using it for Lumia 730

  23. ajay kunar says:

    Not working on my Lumia 535

  24. justin levecque says:

    works great. I work for Rogers in Canada, used it with a customer and they thought it was the coolest thing. working on my 1520.

  25. Zsolt says:

    Lumia 735-ön idáig remekül működik! Perfect! 🙂

  26. Angelo says:

    On my Lumia 925 doesn't work if there is a cover book style

  27. konstantin says:

    All work fine on NL730

  28. Jose says:

    My Lumia's almost getting as versatile as my old Nokia N8 with this tool.

    There's a problem with the auto speaker activation; it doesn't work on my Lumia 1020.

  29. Milan says:

    Wow loving it. All gestures working fine on 720 Cyan.

  30. Kyle Roque says:

    Works fine on Nokia Lumia 1020 but placing the phone down to change to speaker phone sometimes does not work. The camera bump of the 1020 is interrupting it so I have to put it in an angle where the phone is completely flat on the surface. Please fix in future updates. Thanks.

  31. sahejad says:

    Not working in lumia 730

  32. eli says:

    Hand gestures plsss…

  33. Jimi says:

    Works with Lumia 920 8.1 Cyan

  34. Kita PC says:

    Not working in my 930

  35. andrey says:

    On my Lumia 928 doesn't work. On my Lumia 822 doesn't work

  36. ujay68 says:

    Works fine on a Lumia 930 (Cyan, fully updated). Very useful indeed. This should definitely make it into standard Windows Phone. Only wondering why it hasn't been there all along … 😉

  37. Paul says:

    Does not seem to be working on

    Lumia 822 on VZ with dev preview.

  38. Yakko Warner says:

    Most of these features aren't available on my 810 (with the Developer Preview and 8.1) — all I get is "Answer calls when I raise the phone to my ear" and "Toggle speakerphone…"

  39. Anthonie D'silva says:

    not working on my Lumia 928

  40. pallove sareen says:

    it is very good app its my life easy

  41. Jarko says:

    Working just fine. Great app.

  42. shariful islam says:

    Not work 920

  43. hridoy islam says:

    NT work 630

  44. Taron says:

    On my lumia 620 its dont working says that my phone need some update but my phone working with Cyan please HELP TO FIX IT!!

  45. Akhil says:

    Great idea, but drains my battery quickly

  46. fred says:

    Lumia 1020.  Alarm does not stop when putting phone face down to table.

  47. Kamil says:

    It doesn't work on my Lumia 928 running WP 8.1 PFD 🙁

  48. CH says:

    It does not work on Lumia 635.

    I see "Silence incoming call ringer by flipping phone display down" in Settingaudio but this feature is not working either.

  49. sohan says:

    Not working in Microsoft Lumia 535 ..plzz tell how it works

  50. Amir Torabi (Lumia 625) says:

    The first one did not work (silent),The second case is the best possible performance (responding to the calls),The third case is relatively weak .in the second section not work( speaker ),

    Implementation (microphone off) is very weak

  51. 徐玉文 says:


  52. harry says:

    It's work on my lumia 1520 but not perfect.

  53. mahendra says:

    It is awesome working great on my Lumia 720.

  54. Kiran Kumar says:

    It was amazing feeling when I use these special features in crowd… And I am proud to say I am windows user… I was fully satisfied about this app … Please try new more inventions like this……

  55. Przemek says:

    Not working Lumia 820

  56. kamal says:

    Not working in lumia730

  57. maharishi says:

    Not working on 1020

  58. russ becker says:

    Gestures does not work on Lumia icon. Are there plans to support this device?

  59. saurabh says:

    Working only once… Crashes there after.

  60. ara says:

    Good app, works fine.

  61. prasad says:

    It's not working in my Lumia 822, but it is good app for moving would great

  62. Akshay Patil says:

    Wow just exciting feature you have given that might jealous feel for Android mobile users

  63. Abdul says:

    There is some delay time for the phone to react to any of the actions. Silencing a ringing phone option did not work with me. Using the speak by placing the phone face up takes sometimes before it uses the speakers. Still needs tuning but nevertheless a good idea.

  64. ajju says:

    Not working well in Lumia 520 need more improvements to speed up

  65. Prakhyath Panchadara says:

    Its not working with my Lumia 730!

  66. Santosh says:

    Support my Lumia 520

  67. zakir hussain says:

    Ssssssssssoooooooooo gggggggggoooooooooddddd aaps

  68. mukhlis says:

    My Lumia 625 not working..why??

  69. salih mon says:

    Dos not work

  70. Andélson Marcelino says:

    Having problema. For some reason, microphone doesn't Works anymore when in voice mode, when listening Music on Bing, but Works fine in normal call. Vídeo records Works fine, but voice command not. Something mute mic when not on a call.

  71. harish says:

    Slowly. Working  in my L730

  72. Frederic Baule says:

    Ne fonctionne pas avec lumia 530 ??? Quelqu'un peut il m'aider ?

  73. liuk says:

    Why not let users access caller's info ( from address book) or have shortcut links to last text, emails, apt?

  74. liuk says:

    Unlock screen with swipe would be useful.

  75. trisna says:

    I dont know it work on my 520 or not …. But this application really good

  76. user says:

    It doesent work on 930

  77. ぜんぜん使えない says:

    このソフトはLUMIA 1520で使えません。詰まり、it doesn't work.

  78. jeet says:

    Very very good app by Microsoft

  79. Kazimustaqeem says:

    Not working perfect Lumia 730

  80. giuliano says:

    estaria bueno que para la reproduccion de temas se agitaria (una vez seria pausa) (dos veces se adelantaria el tema siguiente)

  81. mani says:

    Very brilliant work.

    Thank you very much.

  82. CWFlink says:

    Works perfectly on our two Lumia 928's, but on my son's 929 ICON, only the answer and speakerphone features are listed (only 2 check boxes, not 4, and neither feature seems to work.


  83. Abdul Aziz Khan says:

    Not working on Lumia 1320

  84. ankit hada says:

    Its cannot work on my Lumia 625…

  85. Abhijith says:

    The functionality was available in android a long time ago. But glad that Microsoft is catching up and stressing on the areas where it is behind any other Smartphone OS.

    Gestures is something which can be used regularly and is really helpful in situations where a person is multitasking. And though in BETA, the app performs splendidly. Kudos Microsoft!! and looking forward to many more apps.

  86. joe says:

    Working great on Lumua 930. When is it going to be final?

  87. juan says:

    Muy útil y practica,animo y seguid mejorandola

  88. arivu says:

    Its not working for Lumina 535

  89. mukesh says:

    Noki720 notwark

  90. rohit says:

    It's a wonderful apps…i m impressed

  91. tittu says:

    Not working in Lumia 1320 on wp 8.1

  92. nadim Hussein says:

    How to it work Lumia 535.

  93. arpit says:

    Not working in Lumia 925

  94. ameer says:

    Some times the calls automatically attended while mobile is in pockets.

  95. Rajnish says:

    Last month I installed GB on Lumia 620.but now its not responding.

  96. gopi says:


  97. irshad says:

    Lumia 1320 denim didn't work

  98. shyamal says:

    Not bad

  99. VIVEK T R says:

    Not working on my lumia1320

  100. Nayan Patel says:

    After denim update gesture beta isn't working on my Lumia 1020

  101. GR Leon says:

    I checked it twice but it doesn't work while battery saver is on. & sometimes auto answer doesn't work when raise to ear in my Lumia 535.

  102. shekharan dutta says:

    Suddenly it is not working on my lumia 520,after reset.

  103. hongmoile says:

    Lumia 1320

  104. Aditya says:

    I cant receive call when I raise phone near the ear. Also re installed several times

  105. Khawar says:

    Not working on 720

  106. MD.Aminur Rahman says:

    Not working Lumia 720(windows 8.1 Denim)

    So Please help me…

  107. MD.Aminur Rahman says:

    Not working answer Nokia Lumia 720(8.1 Denim)

  108. mitesh says:

    Not working in lumia 625

  109. arivazhagan says:

    It's not working my can I get this properly

  110. fjddj says:

    Not working in nokia Lumia 1320

  111. mehdinazari1364 says:


  112. javiluisi says:

    Me ha dejado de funcionar hace unos días

  113. prakash says:

    Its not work in my Lumia 520

    Need help

  114. vicky says:

    Not working properly in my Lumia 730

  115. prabhat kumar says:

    Working nice.very good application

  116. rajesh says:

    It is not working in my Lumia 525 after reset my phone

  117. Jordi says:

    Hay que moverlo excesivamente para que descuelgue y quite el altavoz.

  118. bassam says:

    On my Lumia 1520 one time it's work and another it's not  so please make it work correctly


  119. max says:

    Just installed the app….it doesn't work!?!?!

  120. ajmal says:

    It's not working in my Lumia 535

    Please help

  121. pendy says:

    Its not working on my Lumia me out.thanks.

  122. mohd zeeshan says:

    730 some funtion is work

  123. pushpendra Singh Chauhan says:

    Ye app kaise kam krta h btaye at kis kam ke liye h

  124. Carlos Ojeda! says:

    It doesn't work the self answer function when I raise my phone close to my ear. The other function, the speaker, it does work correctly when I place my phone on a surface.

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