Nokia Camera Beta trial concluded. Please uninstall beta and use Lumia Camera from Store.

Nokia Camera Beta

Dear Beta Tester,

Thanks for your participation in the Nokia Camera Beta testing. Your collaboration has helped to shape the camera experience for every Lumia owner, and we greatly appreciate your feedback.

Whilst we still value your input, we wanted to let you know that the beta testing for Nokia Camera is going to be put on hold for now, whilst we change from Nokia Camera, to the rebranded Lumia Camera.

To ensure you enjoy the best camera experience, we recommend you to uninstall the Nokia Camera Beta and use the official Lumia Camera (available via Store). All the features introduced via this beta program are now also available in the official application, thanks to you! Future improvements will also be included in the Lumia Camera updates via store.

Once again thank you for your great feedback and for helping us in making a better product together.

More information about the changes in our imaging apps, please see the post in Conversations.

Kindest regards,
Lumia Camera Team

Comments (8)

  1. k says:

    The launch time of the official app is still a bit slower than the beta. Will it be improved?

  2. markow76 says:

    Lumia Camera in Store is now at version, which makes it an update the earlier beta version (renaming + bug fixes).  So it should perform at least at the same level as the beta.

  3. NokRock says:

    But you have renamed it as "Lumia camera classic" and Lumia Camera is not available for Lumia 830, Lumia 930, Lumia 1520, Lumia Icon in the store, why?

  4. markow76 says:


    If you have Lumia 830, Lumia 930, Lumia 1520, or Lumia Icon then you will continue to have Nokia Camera until the Lumia Denim update rolls out with the updated Lumia Camera.

    You're right, the Nokia Camera Beta app was renamed to Lumia Camera Classic (for those four devices only) so that you have the option to use the familiar feature set when the updated Lumia Camera becomes available.

  5. bodypierced says:

    So, Nokia lumia clasic (old nokia camera beta) is just available for 930, 830, 1520 and icon. Me I've a 1020. Do I must désinstall nokia camera beta for lumia camera? And So, I will cannot never instal lumia camera classic? same with my 1020 unlocked for .XAP applications?

  6. markow76 says:

    @bodypierced Right. In your case we recommend uninstalling Nokia Camera Beta and use the official Lumia Camera. Lumia Camera Classic (same features) is for the 830, 930, 1520, and Icon only as an option to the updated Lumia Camera (new features) that will come with the Lumia Denim update.

  7. Aziz says:

    I have Lumia 830 with Denim software. When I download Lumia Camera, it says that I have to update the phone to denim. I am from Turkey. what should I do?

  8. yog says:

    Lumia camera is much slower in opening and after taking a picture its processing is slow..and one main disadvantage is we should have to tap only the specified camera position on screen to take the pic.but were as in older one we can simple tap on any were on the screen to take the pic.kindly please you imagine that if your having a more than 4.5 inch display and always you have to keep your figure near to the clicking area is it possible with that…so please take a not of it

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