C# Language and Compiler Chat – Monday May 7th, 11AM PST

Thought I'd spread the word that we've got a C# language and compiler chat coming up on Monday morning.  Stop by the chat to ask questions, give feedback, or just hang out and discuss any C# language or compiler topics you are interested in.  See you there!

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C# Compiler and Language Chat
C# Language Chat. Want to know more about anonymous delegates in C# 2.0, or our design rationale for them? Have some questions about our current thinking on C# 3.0 and LINQ? Perhaps you'd like to share your ideas with other C# users or the C# language team. Join the C# team for all that and more!

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May 7, 2007
11:00 A.M. Pacific Time
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  2. mstrobel says:

    I regret having missed the chat, but I was able to review the transcript, and all of my questions were answered except one.  Is there any chance of seeing named parameterful properties in C#?  For example:

    public object MyProperty[int index]


       get { … }

       set { … }


    At the moment, VB.NET and C++/CLI have this functionality, but C# only supports default parameterful properties (indexers).  Aside from being useful in its own right, adding this support to C# would increase homogenity among the most popular .NET languages.

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