Windows Mobile Developer Experience Connect Site

Have a great idea for Windows Mobile!? We invite you to submit feature requests and suggestions to shape the future of the Windows Mobile developer experience. Here you can submit feature requests, share feedback, or vote on existing ones. By voting you have the opportunity to help determine which of these features may be implemented in current…


An Introduction to Developing with Windows Mobile 6

John put together this nice little 13 min. video that gives you an overview of how to get started developing for Windows Mobile 6. The video covers: What is Windows Mobile 6 Platform Editions Compatability Tools needed Emulators and Security Demo C++ and C# application


MusicID from Cingular

I recently switched to the Samsung BlackJack after a two year relationship with my Audiovox SMT 5600, which was subsequently given to my 6 yo for a photo/game device…and then immediately ran over by a car. <sniff> I loved that thing… One of the interesting applications that Cingular loaded onto the device was a little…


The BizTalk Adieu

All good things must come to an end, and my time on the BizTalk Server team has expired (self-inflicted of course). One of the best parts about being employed at Microsoft is the endless opportunities that can arise throughout your career. To that end, I have taken on a role managing the SDK writers for…