The QuickStart Guide to Learning BizTalk Server 2004

Note: This guide was last updated on 5/19/06. Are you getting started with BizTalk Server 2004? If so, this QuickStart guide is a great place to start! OK, so nothing is really “Quick” with BizTalk Server, but it has little to do with the product. Most of it has to do with the complex business…


BizTalk Server 2004 PowerToys

Get your BizTalk PowerToys now! Erik Leaseburg, a consultant with Microsoft Premier Services for the past five years and an expert in BizTalk Server, has collected the best PowerToys on the Web! Here they are! Do you have a suggestion for a BizTalk Server PowerToy? Contact us! BizTalk Server 2004 PowerToys Webcast Development PowerToys Delimited…


How does MSMQT work in high availability scenarios?

BizTalk Message Queuing (also known as MSMQT) works the same as Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) from a network perspective. The main difference is that instead of sending messages to a queue, you send them to a receive location in BizTalk Message Queuing. The receive locations and send ports are accessible in the BizTalk Server Administration…


How to setup WMI Namespace Security for BizTalk Server 2004

The following steps describe how to allow members of the BizTalk Server Administrators group to access remote WMI. Click Start, click Run, type wmimgmt.msc in the Open box, and then click OK.  Right-click WMI Control, and then click Properties.  Click the Security tab. Click the Microsoft BizTalk Server namespace, and then click Security.  Click Add….

The OLAP service must run under a domain account that has access to the DTA DB in order to successfully process the cubes

Problem In Health and Activity Tracking for BizTalk Server 2004, the following errors may occur when you process the cubes: The DTA DB doesn’t have any data to process Log in failed for user <Domain>\<OLAPMachineName>$\ Cause This can occur in a multi machine configuration where the DTAAnalysisDB resides on one server and the DTA DB resides…

HttpAdapter sample: HTTP.NET Send fails with 0x8000FFFF

Problem In BizTalk Server 2004, the HTTP.NET Sample adapter fails when trying to send (one-way or two-way) via HTTP. The following will be logged in the event viewer: Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: BizTalk Server 2004Event ID: 5680Description:The Messaging Engine has suspended “1” message(s) due to outbound processing errors. Please use Health and Activity Tracking to determine the cause…

SDK SQL Adapter sample has problems with binary collation

In BizTalk Server 2004, the SDK SQL Adapter sample is not supported on SQL servers using binary collation. See all of our documentation issues we are blogging about:  

The ExplorerOM SDK samples fail on SQL binary collation

Problem The ExplorerOM SDK samples have a database name in the connection string with the incorrect case which causes it to fail on binary collation SQL. How do I fix it? Open the Delete Party ExplorerOM SDK sample found at <ProdDir>\SDK\Samples\Admin\ExplorerOM\DeleteParty. Locate the DeleteParty.cs file. Change Line 58 of the DeleteParty.cs file to: catalog.ConnectionString =…

The QuickStart Guide to Building Your First BizTalk Server 2004 Application

This guide walks you through the creation and deployment of a BizTalk Server 2004 application that copies a file from one folder and places it in another using the File Adapter. You will create an empty BizTalk Server project and then work with schemas, maps, functoids, and the built in File adapter. This should take…


New to BizTalk Server (Links & Resources)

  BizTalk Server 2004 Demo * Good 15min overview demonstration of BizTalk Server 2004 features using Macromedia Flash Understanding BizTalk Server 2004 by David Chappell (October 2003) * Great 30 pg whitepaper giving a technical overview of the features of the product New BizTalk Server 2004 MSDN Developer Webcasts: