An Introduction to Developing with Windows Mobile 6

John put together this nice little 13 min. video that gives you an overview of how to get started developing for Windows Mobile 6.

The video covers:

  • What is Windows Mobile 6

  • Platform Editions

  • Compatability

  • Tools needed

  • Emulators and Security

  • Demo C++ and C# application

Comments (2)
  1. Quang says:

    I am developing an application, this application can send SMS message to another phone number. My application consists of one textbox ( used to type in recipient’s phone number ) and textarea which used to type contents. And a button, if click on this button, it will send SMS message to the above phone number that we’ve just typed. Because I don’t have GSM modem, so I can’t test my application. Please help me in this situation. Here is my code for IM button:



          Contact contact = new Contact();

          contact.MobileTelephoneNumber = this.txtMsgTarget.Text;

          SmsMessage sms_message = new SmsMessage();

          sms_message.Body = this.txtMsg.Text.Trim();

          OutlookSession os = new OutlookSession();


          if( os.SmsAccount == null )


               throw new ArgumentException(" The account is not initialized ");



          MessageBox.Show(" Your SMS message will come soon ");


    catch( SmsException smsex )


          MessageBox.Show( smsex.Message );


    catch( Exception ex )




  2. Quang says:

    If so, could you give some instructions about my code? And how to test , send and receive SMS message through Windows Mobile 6? If you don’t mind, please instruct me clearly about this.

    I am sorry to disturb you too much

    Thank you very much


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