Job Opportunities on BizTalk Server


I have received a number of inquiries on this post. Some have left comments with little contact information. For those of you interested in job opportunities on BizTalk Server, please send email to our recruiter, Kerry Van Voris, at or contact me directly through my blog.


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  1. Kiran Maddi says:


    I work  in sydney and trying to move to US as i got my family and friends over there.

    IT industry experience:-

    I have  five years of experience in the IT industry with proven expertise in analysis, design, development, implementation, and support of database driven internet/intranet and client/server technology based application solutions. Worked in Production as well as Support environment analyzing and understanding the requirements and providing optimal solutions. Experience on .NET platform, Multithreading, C#, Remoting, Reflection, delegation, Garbage collector, Windows MSI installer, Indexers, Object oriented application development, .NET Framework classes ASP.NET, User control, Application setup and deployment, OLAP Windows installer, configurations, tracing & debugging, Server controls, Win forms, ADO.NET, Security, VB.NET Forms & graphics development. Open XML, XML via HTTP, SQL Server,. COM.

    From past two years i have been working in biztalk(2002,2004,2006)technologies and looking forward to settle in US can some please help me find/ or guide in  finding a  job in US


    Kiran Maddi

  2. Ryan says:

    When i saw the post i immediately knew this is where i wanted to be … man i am stoked about BTS and integration type development in general. SOA and ESB, WCF and BTS etc. etc. I have over 12 years experience in the IT industry and have solid experience with BTS ever since version 2002.

    i emailed my CV to Kerry as requested … but never heard anything in response.

    i guess i am not suited.

    oh well.

    woe is me.


  3. idjobseeker says:

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