Instant Message, User Assistance, BizTalk Server. So it’s closing out on the end of the day and for whatever reason my brain activity kicks up a notch. This happens every day between 5-7 and good or bad, ideas happen. This one could bomb, but I am going to try it anyway. Show of hands to all those…


Job Opportunities on BizTalk Server

Hi, I have received a number of inquiries on this post. Some have left comments with little contact information. For those of you interested in job opportunities on BizTalk Server, please send email to our recruiter, Kerry Van Voris, at or contact me directly through my blog. Thanks,-luke


Update: Line of Business Adapter Sample Walkthroughs

We have published new Line of Business Adapter Walkthroughs. They are available on MSDN here:      Using an Oracle System      Executing an Oracle Sample Query      Using a PeopleSoft System      Executing a PeopleSoft Enterprise Sample Get      Using a JD Edwards OneWorld System      Executing a JD Edwards OneWorld Sample Query  


Want to work on BizTalk Server?

The Connected Systems Division and the BizTalk team are looking for great people to help build the next generation end-to-end application platform.  We have several open positions and many exciting job opportunities. If you or someone you know is interested in growing his/her career in Microsoft, please send email to our recruiter, Kerry Van Voris…