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Have you found a problem with the documentation? Have comments or suggestions on new content? We are listening! On every page of our documentation we have a link to submit feedback. And guess what.......there are real live people (like me!) sitting on the other end waiting! We triage every request that comes through and respond within 24 hours (usually quicker)! As we move more towards a continuous publishing model, your feedback is incorporated and released much quicker! 

Wanna see how easy it is to provide feedback? Read Young's posting or watch this video...

Video Walkthrough
How to submit documentation feedback

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  1. Kris says:

    I am going through the Biztalk documentation pretty much everyday. The PDF is helpful, but poorly formatted. What I find lacking is continuous flow in the material. It would nice to have to have few links and make the material more cohesive. Too many links are distracting and invariably you get lost. With regard to content – Can you throw more light on publishing webservices. The turorial 2/3 was not of much help because you run a batch file and it creates all the virtual directory set up for you. It would be nice to do a proper walkthrough as to how to set up webservices on a machine different from BTS Server and pass the messages to the BTS server application. Anyway my 2c….

  2. Hi Kris, yup..the PDF files were a direct response in pushing out (quickly) a printer friendly version of the documentation. Being that it is based on the .chm file there are some poor presentation issues that come with it. You’ll be happy to know we are actively working on pursuing a long term solution that fits in our publishing pipeline. With regards to the web services. Can you let me know which "tutorial" or topic you are referencing? Contact me directly through the e-mail link on here and I can work with you on this.

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