So what is the BizTalk Server Documentation team up to now??

So now that BizTalk Server 2006 has shipped, some may be wondering what’s coming next out of the doc house! Prior to locking down our documentation for the RTM of BizTalk Server in March, we were already planning deliverables for our next cycle. As we move more towards a continuous publishing model, we are building up the pipeline of written goodies and want to ensure that you always have fresh content!! Here is a sampling of things we are working on for our Release To Web (RTW) release in June:

  • Code Samples
  • FAQ on Orchestrations
  • Transactional Adapter Walkthrough
  • Clustering Whitepaper
  • Comparative Adapter Case Study
  • Disaster Recovery Whitepaper
  • Understand MSMQT Whitepaper
  • Using SAP Whitepaper
  • Documentation around the rules and messages for the BizTalk Best Practice Analyzer (BPA)
  • Releasing a new standalone .chm version of the core online help
  • Webcast: Installing BizTalk Server 2006 on Windows Server 2003 x64
  • Updated content for the MSDN Dev Center and Tech Center

And again....PLEASE send any and all feedback on the documentation we shipped for BizTalk Server 2006! We look at every comment that comes in and work to drive your feedback back into the documentation for an RTW refresh.

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  1. Kris says:

    I am currently working on BTS 2006 project. One of the difficulties I find with regard to the documentation is the format. I would like to print the documentation and take it home to read but printing from the MSDN site is a pain because the documentation is split across thousands of pages and some pages are just a few lines with links to other pages. It will be nice to have it chapter by chapter rather than information spread across so many pages. May be it makes it easy for your search engine process but it is not a pleasure to go through so many clicks to access something you want. And a chapter by chapter format for standalone documentation is good. Standalone CHM is welcome but a PDF or DOC format in a chapter format would be excellent as it would be easy to print. Just my 2c….

  2. Totally agree, our print story is pretty weak from the core docs, and printing online can be a bad experience. Let me look into getting some doc and/or PDF builds. In the meantime, another option might be looking at the MSDN docs using IE7 Beta 2. The print story from the new browser is amazing. Check it out sometime!

  3. Stan says:

    So it’s June – did we skip the May release?  I’m especially interested in:

    Clustering Whitepaper

    Disaster Recovery Whitepaper

    Documentation around the rules and messages for the BizTalk Best Practice Analyzer (BPA)

  4. Oops, my bad! That should have said "…Release To Web (RTW) release in June"  *not* May! I’ll fix that..All of the rest is on track for our release at the end of the month, in fact the BPA has released and is available here:

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