Troubleshooting Common Problems in a BizTalk Server 2004 Platform Installation

Installing BizTalk Server 2004 itself is not terribly difficult. In fact it's pretty fast and straightforward. The setup process takes roughly 25 minutes. What can be difficult is building the platform necessary to execute the BizTalk Server runtime. Check out this article which discusses the intricacies of integrating the software required to run BizTalk Server 2004 and how to troubleshoot the most common problems that crop up.


Comments (5)

  1. Kris says:

    I wish I had this document when I was going thru the hoops installing Biztalk! Thanks guys.

  2. Scott Allen says:

    My attempts at configuring BizTalk have been failing miserably. Thanks for these tips – I’ll give you all the credit if I get it to work on my next attempt.

  3. Luke Nyswonger says:

    Yeah, *most* configuration problems occur when the underlying platform isnt built properly. Hopefully this article will help address that. I do plan on writing up a troubleshooting guide for install and another for config. There really are 3 parts to the whole process. 1) Platform 2) Product Install 3) Product Config. Make sure to check out the quickstart guide for installing as well. Its a 2 page doc that steps you through each required piece.

  4. BizTalk Server 2004 インストール時の Troubleshooting 資料

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