Windows Mobile Developer Portal Refresh

The Windows Mobile Developer Portal (and team blog) has a fresh new design, brand new content, and a new attitude. Check it out and provide us some feedback!


Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 and Windows Mobile 6.1 Documentation Updated on MSDN

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 The April Quarterly Update for CE 6.0 R2 assists customers in implementing new features and using development tools for Windows Embedded CE.  The April Quarterly Update highlights the following areas: A scenario for implementing a wireless network projector based on Windows Embedded CE Improved layout and accuracy of content across…


Create Your Own Version of Windows Mobile Documentation!

How would you like to take portions of MSDN online documentation in your laptop without installing the entire library? Package This is a GUI tool written in C# for creating help files (.chm and .hxs) from the content obtained from the MSDN Library or the TechNet Library via the MSDN Content Service. You select the…


Job Opportunity on the Windows Mobile Documentation Team!

Ready to build a content publishing business in the fastest-growing group at Microsoft? The Windows Mobile Communications Core Content Publishing Team is looking for an experienced Content Publishing Manager to drive our commercialization content publishing efforts. Windows Mobile Commercialization team takes the Windows Mobile platform from a generic to a customized OEM and operator solution….


Windows Mobile Developer Experience Connect Site

Have a great idea for Windows Mobile!? We invite you to submit feature requests and suggestions to shape the future of the Windows Mobile developer experience. Here you can submit feature requests, share feedback, or vote on existing ones. By voting you have the opportunity to help determine which of these features may be implemented in current…


Job Opportunities on the Windows Mobile Documentation Team

Looking for an exciting challenge? Do you love to play with the latest mobile technologies? Are you reading this on your Pocket PC? The Mobile and Embedded Team has a job for you! We are looking for strong, versatile technical and programmer/writers to work on documentation and samples for Windows Mobile and Windows CE. The…


Give Us Feedback on Our New Beta Machine Translation Feature

Using innovative machine translation technology from Microsoft Research, content that was previously only in English, is now available in 7 languages in the MSDN Library (Beta). Please try it out and give us your feedback on the translation quality or any suggestions for improvement.


Hello World

I haven’t posted in ages (for many reasons), and I think it’s about time to quit that nonsense.


An Introduction to Developing with Windows Mobile 6

John put together this nice little 13 min. video that gives you an overview of how to get started developing for Windows Mobile 6. The video covers: What is Windows Mobile 6 Platform Editions Compatability Tools needed Emulators and Security Demo C++ and C# application


MusicID from Cingular

I recently switched to the Samsung BlackJack after a two year relationship with my Audiovox SMT 5600, which was subsequently given to my 6 yo for a photo/game device…and then immediately ran over by a car. <sniff> I loved that thing… One of the interesting applications that Cingular loaded onto the device was a little…