#VisualizeChange – Comments in Words

Recently a retweet from @olivier_matrat  came through my twitter feed and it struck a chord. It was the #VisualizeChange  challenge part of this year’s World Humanitarian Summit.  Submissions are due 8/31, so there’s still time for folks to work on it. Not sure if I’ll actually enter into the contest, but I did do enough work on it…


Visualizing London’s open data in Power BI

Today we’re visiting London, UK.  In previous posts, I’ve looked at data from Seattle and Chicago.  Now we’re headed across the pond to see data from the UK.  Specifically, the Greater London Authority has a myriad of data available at London Datastore.  The datasets are generally covered by the UK Open Government Licence (OGL) but some have…


Finding the Latest Date in Power BI Desktop

One common question I get is how to do date filtering in Power BI.  In a previous post, I showed how to make filters that show if a values occurred in the last 30 days, in the last month, in the last 12 months, or in the current year.  This post show how to show…


Don’t miss out – See Power BI in action at the Ignite Expo Hall

  Folks, Spread the word.  Dawn, our amazing event coordinator, has put together an ‘A’ list of quick demos to help you get up to speed on Power BI.  Here’s the list of presenters so far.  Please tweet, share, repeat, tell your friends, and be sure to stop by to see these great sessions.   …


Visualizing City of Chicago owned properties with Power BI Designer

Update 8.9.2015: Title updated with new product name   The week after next, I’ll be in Chicago to present at Microsoft’s Ignite conference.  I thought it would be fun to look at some data for the City of Chicago to see what I could do with it.   Revenue is important to any city.  Developing…


Power BI Dynamic Date Filtering

One question I get from time to time is how to filter to the last week’s worth of data automatically in Power BI.  You might want the last 7 days, this week, this month, etc.  You can make it fully dynamic by combining the technique Matt Masson describes here to create a date table and add…


Seattle Building Permits visualized in Power BI with Socrata OData and data.seattle.gov

  Living in Seattle, it’s quite fun to keep track of what’s happening through data.  The Open Data initiative from the City of Seattle is a treasure trove of information that you can explore here: http://data.seattle.gov.  This is all power by Socrata, as are many other open data initiatives for Cities and organizations.  I wanted…


Power BI Designer Preview February 2015 update now available

Power BI Designer Preview is a standalone tool for building reports for Power BI.  I’m using it myself whenever I can to build reports – it has all the new visualizations that the Power BI Preview service (www.powerbi.com) has, but in a streamlined client tool.  It includes all the Power Query capabilities that are available…


Year over Year in DAX – SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR needs a filter scope

This week I’m working to create a measure to count the total commits in a repository.  I thought it was working until I looked at the grand total and found something was off.    For the case of Grand Total, the value was mysterious. These were the measures I was using.  Total commits YoY% old:=DIVIDE([Total commits]-[Total Commits Same Period Last year],[Total…


Power BI and GitHub

Scott Hanselman has a great blog post showing how he got up and running with Power BI using the GitHub content pack.  Great example of how quickly folks can start getting insights on their data in the web or on mobile devices. http://www.hanselman.com/blog/TheNETCoreCLRIsNowOpenSourceSoIRanTheGitHubRepoThroughAzurePowerBI.aspx HTH, Lukasz