Reporting Services Webcasts

Andrew Watt, an MVP for InfoPath, has a great post on his blog that lists the SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services weblogs.  Check them out here:


Scripting Actions in Reporting Services (Also, copy my server to another server)

I am sometimes asked how to automate actions on the report server.  The answer is to use the rs.exe scripting utility.  The utility gives you a host to run VB based script files easily against the Report Server SOAP API.  The utility in SQL Server 2005, supports both the 2005 and 2000 endpoints.  These are…


How to click in a report to show/hide (toggle) multiple items

Many people want the user to be able to click an area of a report and have items in the report be shown based on this interaction. For example, I might want to toggle between a table view and a chart view of some data. The way to do this is to use a report…


SQL PASS 2005 musing and picture!

SQL PASS was held in Dallas, TX the week before last.  At the event I gave 3 talks – one end-to-end RS talk, an upgrade talk on both RS and NS, and an NS breakout drilling a little more into the inner workings of NS.  All the presentations went well and were well attended. All…


Using Active Directory Groups with Reporting Services

I have received several questions from customers, the latest in a conference call today, wondering how Reporting Services works with Active Directory groups The question goes along the lines – How do I configure Reporting Services to use Active Directory groups?, or Do I need to write a custom security extension to use Active Directory…


How to trigger a subscription in Reporting Services 2000

RS 2000 doees not support custom events.  What this means is you cannot, on the face of it, trigger a subscription on demand.  Luckly, we thought of this.  The method of doing this is not particularly pretty, but it does work. Eventing in Reporting Services is currently (2000 and 2005) limited to two events: SnapshotCreated…