How to upload a file to Windows Azure Blob Storage with C# .Net described in a single Picture.

UploadFilesToAzure With C# in One Picture

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  1. vipul sachan says:

    To upload an image to the blob storage for further use, we will call a WCF service method by an Ajax call that returns the unique blob name as result. After that we will render the image into an html control for checking.

    For more detail, check the below link –…/azure-blob-storage-handling-using-c.html

  2. Victor F. Rodriguez says:

    Can you be more specific? Can you explain that starting with a step by step and considering that the audience, like me, is a first time user of Windows Azure. I want to upload an .exe application and need to know how to open it after uploading. Both information are very important for me at this point. Your answer will help a lot of persons like me. Thanks in advance.

  3. LukasSteindl says:

    hi, the idea was to keep the description as short as possible.there is a more detailed guide in the azure help section.  

    however to upload an application exe to azure you could use the same method as described in the picture.

    1) go to the azure portal and create an azure storage account and a container. take note of the storage account name, as well as the credentials and the container name.

    2) import the azure storage nugget package in visual studio

    3) follow the code sample in the picture

    hope this helps.

  4. kobosh says:

    thanks lukas but I am getting error the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process have you encountered this error?

  5. Adam Pedley says:

    Thanks, I love quick bare minimum guides, when you already know the basics of everything. A quick copy and paste snippet would be great in any future short posts like these.

  6. Abdul says:

    Thanks Lucas. Even though I am new to Azure programming, I got your program understood easily and executed successfully. Thanks again Lucas. I will visit your other blogs soon

  7. retupmoc1 says:

    Beautiful, Lucas. All I wanted was a quick start, not a convoluted tutorial like most from MS. Have you considered running for President in 2016?

  8. LukasSteindl says:

    @ kobosh the reason you see this error is because some other application holds a lock on the file you are trying to upload. I would recommend to copy the file first or stop any other process that could access the file and try the upload again.

    @retupmoc1 haha! Its interesting the number of clicks on this tiny 2 minute blogpost is more than the sum of all my other posts. 😉

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