Brexit – Economic Impact Simulation

The following simulation shows why the Brexit is such a terrible move! Assume you have several hundred projects across europe and a few experts in each country to deliver them. Assigning these experts to the projects follows complex optimization rules. It is quite interesting to see that adding new political constraints to this model changes…


Automated Tracing with BAT File

The following script can be used to start an extended event trace and start the workload at the same time.   (copy past to a workload.bat file) START cmd.exe /C sqlcmd -S.\SQL2016 -iscript1.sqlSTART /MIN /WAIT cmd.exe /C sqlcmd -S.\SQL2016 -itrace.sql START cmd.exe /C sqlcmd -S.\SQL2016 -iscript1.sqlSTART /MIN /WAIT cmd.exe /C sqlcmd -S.\SQL2016 -itrace.sql      …


SQL 2016 R Integration – Install Custom Packages – unable to access index for repository

To install custom packages like ggplot2 in the RTM Version of SQL Server 2016 as described in the R Script below you have to disable the following Outbound Firewall Rule on the SQL Server! “Block network access for R local users accounts in SQL Server instance SQL2016”   Create procedure [dbo].[get_iris_plot1] asbegin    — Demonstrate how…


Use Power BI to trace SQL Server RPC Calls and correlate them with Wait_info

  The following code creates an extended event session that correlates wait_info and stored procedure (RPC calls) and allows you to analyze the data using Power BI.   Make sure to configure your right logfile path (where the Extended Event file is written) Also enable xp_cmdshell to allow the script to cleanup the logfiles after…


Run T-SQL in parallel agents jobs and wait till all the jobs are done

The following script extends the work of John Huang and his excellent blog post about parallel SQL Execution using the SQL Agent: The extension is a wrapper to obfuscate the logic to wait for all the jobs to be done. This approach can significantly improve the duration of large database operations. E.g you can…


Neural Networks in T-SQL

  it might not be the fastest option to train a neural network but it seems to be a quite elegant approach to use T-SQL to implement the backpropagation algorithm. In order to learn and better understand the algorithm I decided to port the C# neural network example from Dr. James McCaffrey(MSR) to Sql Server….


Linear Regression Example with Python and theano

  In my last blog post I described how to install the theano library on windows. Now this is an example of what you can do with it. I`m currently going through the theano tutorials presented in this video by Alec Radford and adding some lines of code to make it easier to reproduce. This…


Use Power BI and Google Analytics to measure MSDN Blog performance

  Did you know that you can add the Google Analytics Tracking code to your msdn blog posts and use Power BI to measure your blog performance? Just add your tracking code from your Google Analytics Account to every blogpost and then connect to the Analytics Data Source using the free Microsoft Power BI Desktop…


Deep Learning – Simple installation guide for Theano on Windows

  Many tutorial videos for convolutional neural networks on youtube (e.g. require the theano python library. I spent an entire weekend figuring out how to install theano on a windows x64 machine and wanted to share the following quick installation steps: It`s really simple if you know how! (I found that the official documentation…