HPC Server SP1: Burst to Azure with no programming

I just read through this blog post and it nicely displays how the HPC Server SP1 works with Windows Azure and how you can quickly use cloud platform to scale-out you computational jobs. The details include also a great whitepaper on the topic and a video presentations of 10 minutes (worth investing if this is…


Application Server Extensions for .NET 4 Installation

During the last days I was playing around with the Windows Server AppFabric on my local machine. Application Server Extensions for .NET include a couple of functionalities, such as distributed caching (previously known as Project Velocity), workflow management and service management. Along with the mentioned functionality you also get some additions to your IIS Management…


Windows AppFabric Beta 1 is available

If you want to play around with it, just go here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsserver/ee695849.aspx. For some quick info check my previous post. Link to Cloud AppFabric is here (just a funny word for .NET Services, so far ;)), but check November CTP anyway…


PDC Keynote: Dublin + Velocity = Windows Server AppFabric

Today, at PDC09 keynote a new functionality for Windows Server was announced: Windows Server AppFabric. It is basically two projects combined into a product: “Dublin” and “Velocity”. So you can expect advanced caching scenarios for applications, hosting and provisioning of applications and advanced management tools for your apps. Official website is here, you can expect…


What’s new in PHP engine 5.3?

If you are interested how the PHP engine is evolving for the Windows Server platform, I would recommend to look at this article. I must admit that there have been major improvements in the PHP engine and I do believe running PHP in IIS is the way to go. Just to copy some improvements listed:…


IIS SEO Toolkit now available

If you would like to optimize your sites’ relevance in search results I suggest you look at the IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit (Beta) that was just released and will help you address all of the SEO questions you might have…. Go check it out as a part of Microsoft Web Platform Beta 2 download.


Another European city reveals Microsoft technology: Dublin

Microsoft really focuses on Europe with it’s technology 🙂 since a lot of codenames are named after European cities. "Dublin" is the next city in line and it reveals technology for hosting and managing workflows and services. The basis for "Dublin" technology is the fact that services deployment and maintenance can be really hard sometimes….