You’re running out of excuses to not try Microsoft Windows Azure

That’s the title of the article written by James Staten for Forrester Research and it actually nicely summarizes all the features, benefits and directions for Windows Azure. I particularly like the following excerpts as they nicely summarize the holistic view: … Where Microsoft is differentiating itself centers around its integration with the on-premises world. The…


Visual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010

Source Code Control (SCC) is a necessity for almost any advanced software development project (meaning that there are more than 3 developers working on it) and it brings many, many benefits (old news, right). But in order to properly support your project with the ALM tools (that include SCC as one of the functionalities) such…


Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Virtual Machines available!

The Visual Studio product team has just announced that they have made Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Virtual Machines available for download. The images are pre-configured with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Beta 2, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2, and sample data that you can use to help learn the product and check…


Talmia Process Automation for Team Foundation Server

I just watched this video of a really great product by a VSIP partner GamCom called Talmia. It is a fascinating product, that really enhanced VSTS set of products. Here is a short description: Talmia is an innovative ALM process automation and reporting tool for Team Foundation Server. It uses Windows Workflow to automate and…


Test Case Migrator (Excel) Tool

A great new tool for VS 2010 Test Case Management environment was released on CodePlex portal. Here is a short description of functionality: “With Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, you get the End-to-End support for dealing with Test artifacts (test cases, test steps, test results etc) when they are stored in Test Case Management (TCM)/Team Foundation…


Visual Studio Team System for Oracle Developers

TeamFuze ( is working on a Visual Studio Team System 2010 add-in that will bring database manipulation and versioning capabilities for Oracle databases into the Visual Studio environment, of course, by leveraging Team Foundation Server. This is basically an add-in that enriches functionalities that were started by Team Edition for Database Professionals in Visual Studio…


Historical Debugging in Visual Studio 2010

The new Historical Debugger coming in Visual Studio Team System 2010 will definitely change the way you debug your managed applications (yes, unfortunately it is meant for .NET environment only). What it gives you is the ability to “step-back” through the execution trace while debugging and with that getting to the root of your problems…


Moving from Subversion, CVS or StarTeam to TFS

If you are thinking about implementation of Visual Studio Team System and you already have some other solution in your development environment, maybe the solution from Timely Migration is the right thing to check out. It looks promising …


Coded UI Tests in Visual Studio Team System 2010

If you are interested in functional UI testing of your desktop applications, I would suggest you invest 15 min’s of your time to check out this video on Channel 9. A short description of the content: “Coded UI tests can be created to automatically navigate through your application’s UI, which in turn can be used…


SDL Process Template for Visual Studio Team System available

I just came across the following process template for Visual Studio Team System that can include Security Development Lifecycle features into your VSTS project. It is a great template that really helps you integrate security concerns and checks into all of the stages of the development lifecycle and is based on the Microsoft’s internal experience….