AdventureWorks2012 Sample Databases on SQL Azure

Do you need sample databases in the cloud for testing purposes? Do you want to experience the power of the SQL Azure platform? Well, nothing can be easier now with the new release of the AdventureWorks sample databases! The new, updated addition of the AdventureWorks2012 Full database to CodePlex contains the full version of the…


SQL Azure Test Security Service Preview Available

An interesting feature has been released to the SQL Azure Labs website, called SQL Azure Test Security Service. What it enables is you to assess the security state of one or all of the databases on your SQL Azure server. The service scans databases for security vulnerabilities and provides you a report. You can use…


Database Sharding in the Cloud: SQL Azure Federations

I just had some time on my hands to try out the new Windows Azure feature called SQL Azure Federations. While it is not fully obvious from the name, SQL Azure Federation basically enables building elastic and scalable database tiers. Your application can now scale beyond a single SQL Azure database and use the capacity…


SQL Azure, OData on Windows Phone 7

Nice blog post, explaining step-by-step on how to get SQL Azure, OData, and Windows Phone 7 working together. It shows how to expose SQL Azure data using the OData protocol and consume that data on a Windows Mobile Phone 7 device. Soo simple, yet so powerful. Technorati Tags: SQL Azure,OData,Windows Phone


High-level Overview of SQL Azure Benefits

This video showcases the numerous benefits and usage scenarios of SQL Azure. It displays how SQL Azure services can be used to create and share cloud powered applications with lots of concrete examples. Definitely worth investing 5 minutes of you time …


7 Things about the SQL Azure Reporting

I just read thru this great blog post about the 7 things you have to know about SQL Reporting on the SQL Azure Team blog. Invest 5 minutes to see how we are moving our BI offerings to the cloud… expect more to follow! Technorati Tags: SQL Azure


Amazing Whitepaper about SQL Azure Architecture

Were you wondering how SQL Azure architecture actually looks like? If so then you have to check this whitepaper that explains every detail about the relational database that is part of Windows Azure Platform. Topics covered include the following: The Basics: What is SQL Azure, Subscriptions, … SQL Azure Architecture overview (logical and physical) Network…


Best Practices & Framework for SQL Azure Database Client Applications

I just read through the article posted by SQL CAT, that covers the topic of how to write efficient SQL Azure Client Applications. The content is focused on proper usage of database connections (and queries) and retries associated with them in order to get the best possible experience while using the on-premise client application (which…


Migrating Your Data Into the SQL Azure Database

Last week a new set of tools was released to support copying of the data to the SQL Azure databases. SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant) was updated to support Microsoft Access and MySQL Databases. To download the tools, visit the following sites: SSMA for Access v4.2 enables Access migration to SQL Azure SSMA for MySQL…


“Huston, we have a problem!” – Well not if you are on SQL Azure

Online SQL Azure database management tool has finally reached CTP stage, so you can check it out and see what it provides. The bits, formerly known as Project Huston, are officially described as: “Microsoft® Project Code-Named “Houston” is a lightweight and easy to use database management tool for SQL Azure databases. It is designed specifically…