Cobol in the Azure Clouds?

Ha, I just came across this article in the CIO magazine that describes the functionality of the new Visual Cobol R3 by Microfocus and it looks like they are expanding the lifetime of the Cobol programing language (go figure, right? – I thought we had enough issues around year 2000 searching drastically for all those…

Connecting Windows Phone 7 With Windows Azure

A couple of days ago Microsoft Research has posted Windows Phone 7 + Cloud Services SDK, that enables the creation of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) applications that leverage research services not yet available to the general public. The primary goal of this SDK is to support the efforts of Project Hawaii (which building blocks are…

Real World Windows Azure with Kompas Xnet

It is always great to see some success from your native country, soooo I was so pleasantly surprised to see this interview posted on the Windows Azure blog. Kompas Xnet team explains how they used Windows Azure to support biggest local Microsoft event! Great work guys! Keep it up!

Microsoft Touch Mouse

Interesting concept, have to get one of these when available …. Taking it even further then the “white hardware company” .

Wordle View of My Blog in 2010

Looks like, that I was pretty consistent in the topic I was covering on my Blog in 2010 …. :